Happy Birthday to all Geminis!

Posted 6.18.18

SHAWVILLE, QUEBEC | Happy birthday to us

What a birthday gift
to be born in this time of year,
sharing the end of spring
with the white-chested flycatcher & the crow,
with robins and geese, still overhead, with the iris, most subtle,
with lilacs and lilies of the valley, all
leaving for another year.

Our gifts -- trees in new leaves, maples
throwing their wings at our feet and
spruces’ rain of skinny cones,
mountain ash, poplar, and those elm
that remain. We thank them all,
such gifts these are.

We thank the mosquito and hornet,
June bugs bumping through their
three-day life, we thank the first
butterfly, moths at night
with their moon.

Thank you all, our family & our friends.
thank you for your songs, your advice,
– and the advice of crows
thank you for the sweet rustle
of breeze through the trees
that surround and support us.

We are humbled - - we are humbled - - what instructors, what lovers
what lovers of all things are around us, thank you,
we am humbled with these magnificent gifts on this birthday in Spring.


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