Fellas, it's Mother Day

Although male readers are a small portion of the Post's audience, but given that we are celebrating Mother's Day this weekend, and under the strictures of the pandemic, allow me to limit my comments here to those males who are the partners of mothers. All mothers. To mothers themselves I have little to say, apart from what a profound and most sincere bow would express.

The pandemic, no matter how close or distant it seems to any of us, is affecting us all, and, the most social amongst us, women -- largely, women -- appear to feel the lockdown's limitations most profoundly. What can be done to help? Certainly not demanding that the isolation rules be dropped. But how can we help our partners? How can we ease their anxieties, as well as our own, with so much isolation?

This is for Mother's Day.

So this is the proposal, that we men be more helpful -- and that Mother's Day seems an appropriate date to really get into gear. We don't want this pandemic to cause more distress.

What we can do is this, treat our partners as the mothers they are with a profundity that motherhood deserves. Treat women as special beings, and not merely as, somehow, as doubles to the masculine.

Women bear their femininity in a most magnificent way -- they create new beings, new lives, and they, largely them, cultivate and nurture these new beings, mothering them into mature and well-developed people, fellow citizens, family members. This mothering is exercised by women with children and without.

There is a lot of guff around selling a goddess notion to women. It is guff because it is selling. But the goddess notion is actually a near-biological reality, and it is so with most women. You, friend, have touched her face, her neck, you have smoothed her skin -- the first of goddess characteristics. When you slip under the covers with your partner each night, your hand lingers in the small of her back, on her hip, and that touch is goddess-like, is it not? You, we, are touching the Feminine of the world.

Listen to her voice. Not what exactly, more the voice she is using to express herself. Listen for the subtle melodies which women (poets, too) utilize in expressing themselves. Thunderstorms and cyclones, too -- but listen for the melodies.

Watch her move, each motion. Notice how she swings her arm, her hand pointing or handing, catch the grace in each motion, each gesture. These are subtle, small and hardly noticeable things, but once we look for them and bring them into focus, we see the reality, the obvious reality, of these goddess beings around us, really, not unlike the classic Greek goddess sculptures! There are plenty of other things, notice them all as we help our partners through these days of isolation, tough on everyone.

In this way, we are also helping ourselves.

We ask, how much more valuable is a life spent in the company of a goddess-like being? How much is the stroke of her hand, her fragrance, how much more these things bring to all of our lives. We sleep all night with a goddess of one sort or another, but a goddess nevertheless. Imagine it. We see a goddess as our first vision for the day. And visions these are. Good, positive, strong self-images, self-valuing, images of appreciation and gratitude -- all rather than anxieties over this pandemic which is dusting the world with these tiny crowns, coronas.

She, her sleeping beside you, deserves a real crown, and because you do present it to her, in one form or another, you also wear a crown. And what a good way to celebrate Mothers Day, a positive way to triumph over today's great but temporary scourge.


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