Posted 3.10.22

SHAWVILLE, QC | We see reports of unprecedented protest within Russia against the assault upon Ukraine, and our commentators tell us this protest must be having an effect on Putin. He, of all people, would know the dangers of a fifth column behind the lines. Russia's recent history of meddling in other nations' affairs via disinformation and digital attacks has floéwered under Putin. He understands the value and future of digital warfare. But protest in Russia is so rare, we are assured, that Putin must be mumbling about the "traitors" in Russia's streets demanding the troops come home. Bad news for the tyrant, we're told.

But wouldn't Putin also be smiling (if he ever does smile) over last weekend's big rally in Orlando, Florida. The America First Political Action Committee (of the Republican Party) hosted this event which concluded with ten minutes of chanting, "Putin! ...Putin! ..." . "Even America supports me," Mr Putin must have told himself.

However, the Orlando rally is not really news.

In 2004, Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke told a rally that Russia is "the key to white survival" -- the only key! Duke ran for the Senate later. In 2017, right-winger Ann Coulter (she who was run out of Ottawa by OU students a few years ago), announced to the media, "In 20 years Russia will be the only recognizably European nation" (meaning "white nation"). For years, US militia groups have studied the Russian fascist, Alex Dugin, with his version of Christian nationalism.

"Who would ever support Putin?", we may have been asking, since we've been told by our own media that not a soul supports the tyrant anymore. But these American incidents point to a rather large movement in the US (and Canada, sorry,) of people who support Putin's traditional Christianity, his attacks on Russia's LGBTQ+ community, and his willingness to use heavy arms to settle disputes within Russian and, notably, Syria. Some folks admire Putin's bare-chested manliness, but that's more an image-builder for a Russian John Wayne. And now the US militia movement announces its vision of the Ukraine as a test ground for the coming US Civil War, #2. Only a civil war will solve America's internal problems, they believe. And a civil war needs leaders like Putin.

On top of this, the Yanks have their leaders, Trump, Steve Bannon, Erik Prince (Blackwater mercenaries) and FOX News' resident fascist, Tucker Carlson, dishing out distorted messaging day after day .... we were surprised to hear Putin has supporters within the US? Why were we surprised?

In fact, even without these home-grown right-wing, anti-semitic & anti-poor people demagogues, look at the image Putin has always projected. Who wouldn't be attracted to this image: a man of action and few words, who sticks to his decisions, and who exercises whatever force is needed, a leader accomplishing his goals without niceties and legalities (from poison to radioactive isotopes), a man who can negotiate, but not for long, and most of all, a man who will use fire and flame to cleanse his nation (and those nearby), a man who respects the original Christianity (Whites' religion) and respects tradition ... etc. ... etc.? Most important is Putin's image, holding aloft the flaming sword, striking down the enemies of a god who is clearly White. A Nuclear Crusader ... Apocalyptical.

Putin, Trump's all-time most effective supporter, the ally of the enemies of Hilary and of immigrants everywhere .... these are the folks, old fashioned Fascists really, who want a strong man, who distain the debate and compromise of democracy ... the man who, if Trump does not run again, could day-dream of being the next candidate, himself, for President of those Disunited States of America.

America supports many surreptitious allies of Mr Putin, of a strong man, and since America has Canada in such deep embrace, Mr Putin's fleas are surely active here among us, too.

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