Log Cabin Chronicles

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Before the grand flag entry to the magic circle, Tom 'Blackhawk' Caffrey of Mount Blue, Maine performs the ceremonial Smudging purification.

Gordon Alexander
Posted 08.09.17

NORTHERN VERMONT | The Clan of the Hawk recently hosted its 28th Intertribal Powwow here on tribal grounds on Route 58 in Evansville.

The opening ceremonies ritual Smudging, the grand parade and ceremonial dances took place, despite threats of rain.

There was a chicken barbecue on Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m. and a fish fry on Sunday. All weekend there were native dancers, drumming by 'The First Light Drummers' and from 'The Clan of the Hawk,' Native lore story telling by E. George 'Peskunck' Larrabee, of Woodbury, Vt. flute playing by Justin Thundercloud of Waterford, Vt. basket making class by Kay Healey, dream catchers, hand crafted jewelry and wooden crafts all available throughout various venues and the museum was open all day. The Pet parade took place at 2:30 on Sunday. Opening 'Lakota' blessings were given by Bishop Lazarus a Greek Orthodox missionary from Richford, Vt


"Smudging," Caffrey explains, "is the ritual of burning herbs and plant resins in a bowl while prayers of gratitude and wellbeing are said aloud. The smoke is fanned using the hand and/or a feather over a person . The purpose is to wash away impurities, sadness, anxieties, dark thoughts and any unwanted energies or emotions."


The Clan of the Hawk's 87-year-old Abenaki Chief Spiritwater (Ralph Swett ) announced that he will step this year as chief due to ill health. &qukot;I have enjoyed my duties as chief and all my friends and associates, but it is time for me to retire," he said. A new chief, he said, will be chosen at a later date.

"The energy level here is very high and visitors tell us that the Grounds peaceful and relaxing, meditative and rejuvenating," Chief Spiritwater said.


"Over the years we have had many spiritual ceremonies here including naming ceremonies and weddings. We have had frequent pot luck suppers and simple friend gatherings. We hope that you all enjoyed your time here and that the peacefulness of our grounds and love of our people will lighten and brighten your summer," The chief added.