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POSTED 3.2.2019
A friend of mine from Ayer's Cliff, Merle Desruisseaux, sent me your e-mail address so that I might ask you a question about genealogy researching in Stanstead. Was there a Stanstead newspaper published around 1855- 62 and, if so, would there be any copies on file today that I could have researched? I would also need to know how to go about contacting someone to do the research on the family information that I'm seeking. I live outside of Toronto so I wouldn't be able to go to an archive in person. Any help you can give me would be most appreciated and I thank you most sincerely for considering my request.

This family is a mystery to me as I can find nothing on them. I would be looking in the newspaper for an engagement or wedding announcement between Jeremiah (Jerry) POPE and Cynthia (?) sometime around 1856. I believe her surname name is HEATH but I can't prove it. They lived around Kingscroft with their sons, Edwin Bennett POPE ( born Feb. 6, 1861) and Frederick W. POPE ( born Aug. 1863 or Mar. 1864). Jeremiah's parents are Marshall POPE and Philura PAUL of Barnston and Hatley. They are my 2X great-grandparents through their son, Alonzo Brave POPE, who is my great grandfather.

I can trace all the family members except Jeremiah. He died on Dec. 27th,1862 and I'm wondering if there was a newspaper notice of his death. Also he had a son, Marshall A. POPE who died June 2, 1859 at 2 years and 1 month. This information is on the gravestone in Gould Cemetery.

After Jeremiah's death Cynthia married Walter S. PUTNEY on Aug. 12,1867 in Barnston Baptist Church. Through Ancestry I've had no luck in finding any information about Jeremiah and Cynthia's wedding or about Marshall A., that's why I'm hoping that there might be newspaper write-ups on their marriage or deaths. Again, thank you for any leads you can give me.

Valerie Tait

Valerie, The Stanstead Journal recorded the death of Marshal Alman Pope, June 22, 1859, i that he was then the only child of Jerry and Cynthia Pope and that the child was 2 years 1 month and 2 days old.

It recorded the death of Jeremiah Pope who died on Saturday, December 27, 1862 in Barnston of inflammation of the bowels; he was 26 years old. He was buried in the Gould Cemetery as was his son Marshal Alman Pope.

His wife was indeed Cynthia Heath. The proof you were searching for is on the monument for her with second husband Samuel Walter Putney married August 12, 1867. He died September 28, 1903 and is buried in the Hatley United Church cemetery. Cynthia died February 19, 1924,aged 87.

Our county history known as Forest and Clearings the History of Stanstead County, has a paragraph about the family of James Paul when they settled here and their children are mentioned. Mr. Paul's wife was Mary, daughter of Jedediah Lee. Their daughter Philura married Marshall Pope. Page 167, '68. Mrs. Cynthia Putney Searles d. Feb.18, 1924 at the home of her son Mr. Fred Pope. For over 30 years she was county president of the W.C.T.U., Women's Christian Temperance Union. There is a days difference in her death date on the monument and the notice in the Journal. And it appears she married for a third time.

There are two Pope family books available from Higginson Book Company in Salem, MA. (a history and a genealogy) There may be others as their list continues to grow. You can look them up online.

Sometimes couples went to the USA to be married so a record does not exist on this side of the border. Some were married before coming to live in Canada. Is the Alonzo you mention the one married twice (?) to Mary Williams then Betsey Ann Robinson?

Hope this is of some help.

From Pope, Alonzo, d. 5 Aug 1893, age: 70y 1m 18d
Pope, George Porter, b. 1860, d. 1928
Pope, Jerry, b. 20 Jun 1836, d. 27 Dec 1862
Pope, Marshal, d. Jun 1852, age: 2yrs, son of Jerry Pope
Putney, S.W., d. 28 Sep 1903, age: 75yrs
Heath, Cynthia, d. 19 Feb 1924, age: 87yrs, wife of S.W. Putney

* * *

POSTED 8.2.18
I just found your site and have been reading through it. I am hoping you can point me in the right direction in regards to my 4th great grandfather, Lorenzo BUTTERFIELD. I have been looking for his parents for over 10 years but haven't been able to find them.

Lorenzo was born about 1832. According to Civil War records, he was born in Stanstead, Quebec, although there are various census and vital records for his children which indicate he was born in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. I tend to think Stanstead is probably accurate since it's given in his Civil War records and it's the most specific place listed.

Lorenzo settled in Franklin County, New York, but may have lived in Vermont or New Hampshire briefly before settling on that area of New York, marrying Mary Fountain, who was born in Westville, NY. His first child was born in New York in 1855.

I don't believe the BUTTERFIELD were Catholic, based on the records of his children that I have found. Can you point me in a direction that I can research to find his parents? I have seen some on-line trees showing his parents as Robert Montgomery BUTTERFIELD and Polly Merrill but I don't think this is accurate as Polly would have been too old by the time of Lorenzo's date of birth.

Craig LaPine --

POSTED 3.3.18
I am looking for my Great-Great-Grandfather Guy John Adams HOLDEN, (may be Holding, he was also listed as Guy I.A. Holden). He was born circa 1787 in Charlestown, Sullivan County, New Hampshire, USA. I am told his death was before 1866 in Stanstead, Lower Canada.

Father: Richard HOLDEN
Mother: Ruth GLIDDEN
Spouse:Clarissa JONES
Do you happen to have any records on him? Norman J. Bidwell

I have not found your ancestor here in Stanstead, yet. Stanstead could refer to the County, the Township or the Village. The following list is what I have searched.

No Holdens appear in our county History book known as Forest and Clearings<./i>. On page 35 however under a description of the Rock Island part of Stanstead there is a Holton.

From 1840 to1850, there were few changes. The limits of the village were gradually extended to the north, and across the river, taking in an area of nearly a square mile. A few enterprising traders and mechanics begun during this time -- among whom were L. A. Barry, David White, Stilman Ray, E. Eastman, David Libbee, W. Morrill, and C.W. Drew.

The Stanstead Journal, a weekly, which was started by L. R. Robinson in 1846, has been continued to the present time. In later years George James bought the stand occupied by Benjamin Wyman, and carried on an extensive business in tanning and making boots and shoes. He afterwards sold out to Ozro Morrill, and the business has since been continued by Morrill & Judd. Among the latest business men have been A. W. Ovitt, T. & H. A. Pierce, L. C. Bates, J. H. Holton, and Carpenter Brothers.

There were no Holden Protestant marriages in the years 1815 -1879 for Stanstead County. There were no Holden births or deaths recorded during the same years. All birth, marriage and deaths were recorded by the clergy. If families were not religious their events may not have been recorded. Some went back to the USA to marry and baptize children. Sadly, those records are usually not found here.

The Stanstead Journal is still being printed, since 1845. It is a great resource. There was no mention of Mr. Holden during the years 1845 to 1875.

During the years 1804 to 1879 there were 32 Holden marriages in the neighbouring Brome County. Part of Brome Co. was taken from Stanstead Co. in the early 1850s so, b. d. and m. done before that date in the townships of Bolton and Potton would have been considered in Stanstead Co. I did not find a Holden with the same first names in those marriages. As a point of interest there were several Glidden marriages in Brome County, too.

There were 3 Holden burials I could find in Stanstead Co. but all much later than that for your Holden ancestor. Elizabeth Holden Mathews is buried in Hatley. She died Aug. 30, 1894 aged 87, wife of Richard Mathews.

Perch Willard Holden d. Dec.21, 1941, aged 54. Crystal Lake Cem. here in Stanstead and in the same cemetery is Jessie Marion Barber Holden his wife who d. Nov. 10, 1950. Both from Brome county.

The name Holden does not appear on the 1825 census for Stanstead.

It does not appear in the lists of letters remaining in the post offices in Stanstead, Quebec and Derby Line, Vermont from Jan. 5, 1846 to Sept. 22, 1862. These are long lists for the most part and it would seem it was before residential mail delivery and no way to let customers know they had mail other than the ads.

Land grants for the Townships of Potton and Bolton. No Holdens found.

* * *

POSTED 11.14.17
In response to many requests for proof of marriage, births, and deaths we have received we offer the following Marriage Law copied from The Stanstead Journal of March 9, 1899. The practice of using unauthorized clergy to perform marriages, and record births and deaths was already a problem prior to 1899 when this was first brought to the Journal's readers attention.


According to some of our Township exchanges a good deal of discussion has lately taken place on the frontier in regard to the custom which is prevalent, to a greater or less extent, of people in this province, living along the border, calling in clergymen from the United States to perform acts of civil status, marriages, baptisms and burials. One of the serious results of the practice is that the American clergyman cannot register these acts, thus making our own registry of vital statistics incomplete. In the cases of marriages the parties usually cross the line into the States and have the ceremony performed there, sometimes by a magistrate. These parties do not realize how they may lose their own civil status by such methods of getting the knot tied.

The Canadian laws do not recognize all such marriages, and where this is the case the wife loses her rights of dower(*) and the children, if any, their rights of inheritance. Thus they are placed under a very grave disadvantage. Canadians would do well to call in the services of their own country and such as the laws of Canada give authority to for the performance of marriages, baptisms and burials.

These clergymen are compelled by law to keep a register wherein every such act is properly registered. These registers are deposited each year in the office of the prothonotary of the judicial district wherein they reside. It is thus always possible to obtain definite and conclusive proof of these particulars.

Somewhat of a scandal has been created in many places along the Vermont border by the freedom with which American clergymen come into Canada for the purpose mentioned. A Baptist minister of Richford, Vermont, is one of the offenders in this respect. Recently a minister of Sutton becoming alarmed for the welfare of his neighbours, wrote a courteous letter to the Richford brother enquiring of him if he was legally qualified according to the Canadian laws for officiating. The latter answered very diplomatically, requesting the writer not to alarm himself but refraining from giving an explicit answer to the enquiry. An investigation is about to be made into the Baptist minister's authority to perform marriages, etc., in this province.

*Dower - a widow's share of her husband's estate.

Registration of b., m. and d. was the official function of the clergy in Quebec until relatively recent times. If the people you are searching for did not practise an organized or recognized religion, were agnostics, or could not reach a minister of their faith to preform the rites required, the event may not have been recorded. And it has been suggested that some folks did not feel the government or the clergy should be meddling in their lives so they did not register. Along with the many different spellings of the same surnames, these problems still plague the Vermont/Quebec border area genealogical researcher today.

* * *

POSTED 3.13.17
My interest is in my CHURCH family beginnings in the Northeast Kingdom and particularly focused on my 3g grandfather, Thomas CHURCH. Thomas was born between 1780 and 1784 in Putney, Windham, Vermont. I would like to have any information on his life and his ancestors and most especially the family's immigration to either the U. S. or to Canada.

Thomas was married to Susannah (or Susan) Fuller who was born in 1786. Born to Thomas and Susannah were Calvin 1797-1861, Nancy CHURCH(Pierce) b. 1812 d. 10 Oct 1877. Also, my 2g grandfather Joshua CHURCH 1820-1863.

Thomas lived in: Putney in 1797,
Windsor in 1810,
Orleans in 1840

p.s. After talking to Scott Wheeler some months ago I found that he (Scott) is in this line of Churches and is related to Sullivan Church whose father was Calvin and grandson of Thomas. I have taken the liberty of sending a copy of this to Scott in the event that he would like any more information I may find.
Michael Elbridge Church (Mike) Suffolk, VA

At first glance there seems to be only two Church families in Putney on the USA first census in1790; the families of Nath and that of Titus. There were 9 other Church families in Windham Co. at that time. There are no records for Orleans County on the 1790 census. Higginson Books of Salem, MA has 5 Church family histories/genealogies still available. I checked today and was assured they were still available even if not mentioned on the new website. Your library may have them or they can borrow them through inter-library loan.

Just above the Vermont/Quebec border in the Judicial District of Bedford, there are 32 Church marriages recorded in the index. That includes one for a Sylvester Church who marries Charlotte Meisiner in 1822. The neighbouring District of St-Francis has ten Church marriages the earliest one being in 1823 for James Church.

Our county history known as Forest and Clearings mentions the Church family marrying into the Davis family on page 203. The book is available online at .

I find a Nancy Church marrying a Charles F. Pierce.

* * *

RE-POSTED 11.25.16
My mother is Mary Jane PARRISH and her date of birth was June 19, 1923. She took violin lessons at Stanstead College. She fondly remembers Miss Hilda Peck, Miss Mongueau, Miss Wallbridge, Mr Amaron, and Elaine Lemoine. I am not sure of the spelling of these names. I have two photographs of my mother with her parents, sister and three teachers.

Her parents were Cecil and Ethel PARRISH who lived on a farm somewhere west of town near Ruiters Corners. I still need to find their farm. If you discover any information regarding their residence please let me know. In a farming community neighbours can be very distant but one of their neighbours was the JENKINS family. If it is any help her siblings were Peter David PARRISH born December 23, 1919, John Cecil PARRISH born April 22, 1921, Peggy Anne Palmer PARRISH born January 14, 1926 and Roger Taylor PARRISH born September 3, 1933.

Heather Robinson
5160 Bay Road Sechelt, B.C.

* * *

POSTED 10.05.16
Fabian Will, Executive Director of Eastern Townships Resource Centre, has announced the departure of ETRC archivist Jody Robinson, effective November 4th, 2016. Jody has accepted a position as Senior Archives Assistant at Concordia University.

Over the last 10 years, Jody has been exemplary in her professional role as an archivist. We thank her for all the outstanding achievements in preserving our region's rich history and we thank her for the unconditional commitment and dedication throughout the years. I am sure you regret her leaving as much as we at the ETRC do. It is with warmest personal regards that we wish Jody success as she assumes her new position. (Fabian Will)

Jody has been great at her job and most helpful to so many people doing genealogical and historical research in the Townships. I, too, wish her all the best at Concordia and want to tell Concordia they have hired treasure. I often receive e-mails that say how helpful Jody has been. I think I hear the grumbling already from all those family historians and genealogists upon hearing this sad news. Jody, I hope you have nothing but the most interesting projects in your new work. (Dave Lepitre)

* * *

POSTED 09.26.16
1. Hi, my name is david m. Vezina, my great, great, grandfather was lewis SORRELL, i was looking for some information on his family, marshall SORELL was his father. Also on levine RUELL, his wife.I believe they were both born in stalford, pq.

david vezina at

I am at a loss without some dates to work with. Also I have not found the town of Stalford on my database of place names for Quebec. I'll keep looking. Here is a site of all the Sorrells, living in Quebec as of 1901.

2. Maybe it is stanford, it the town that splits with derby vermont on the US border -- Lewis was born in 1864.

That would be Stanstead, Quebec.

Wesleyan Methodist Church records of Sherbrooke, Quebec suggest that a Louis Honnore Sorell died April 18, 1879 and was buried on the19th, April 1879. The witnesses were J. Geppon and S. Gautraud.

From the date of birth you suggested of 1864, this Louis would only be 15.

There was a Victoria Sorel 16 years old, living with Jacob Bachelder and his wife Mehitable in Stanstead. The Bachelders were born in the USA.

In Stanstead Co., there appears on the 1871 census, the following:
Joseph Sorel, 30 years old, of French origins, Judge
Joseph Sorel, 50 years old, of Irish origins, farmer
Paul Sorel, 54 years old, of French origins, laborer
Delia Sorrell, 22 years old, of French origins, servant

Also in Sherbrooke or close by there are the following Sorel deaths.

1879 - Sherbrooke, QC - Louis-Honnore Sorell - M
1882 - Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, QC - Joseph Sorel - M
1882 - Sherbrooke, QC - M.Rosianna-Lily Sorel - F
1882 - Sherbrooke, QC - J.Edm.Wilfred Sorel - M
1882 - Sherbrooke, QC - Emma Sorel - F
1884 - Coaticook, QC - Paul Sorel

There were four Sorel marriages in the RC parishes of Stanstead Co. between the years 1881 and 1915 but none for the names you have mentioned.

There is one Protestant Sorell marriage recorded between 1815 and 1879 for the county, that of Delia Sorell who marries John Hunter, Dec. 13, 1871.
Hopefully our readers can be of more help.

* * *
POSTED 07.19.16
I am researching my family history, which has led me to Hatley, Quebec. It seems my great grandmother, Sarah Adella HITCHCOCK, was born in Hatley, PQ in 1864.

Her parents are listed on her wedding certificate (m. Joseph M CHENEY, 1857, of New Hampshire) as Ryley HITCHCOCK and Nellie J ROLLINS and on her death certificate (1898, Nashua, NH) as William R HITCHCOCK of Canada and Nellie ROLLINS of Vermont.

In a book about HITCHCOCKs, I found a reference to a "Ryley" HITCHCOCK, who married "Elvira" ROLLINS from Hatley. Her father was listed as Asa ROLLINS.

Is the Ryley HITCHCOCK from Hatley the same person as William R HITCHCOCK? Is "Elvira" from Hatley the same person as "Nellie" from Vermont? That seems unlikely, but there are so many similarities that it makes me wonder.

Is there any light that you can shed on the subject?


John Richard (Cheney-Gagne) Wilson Raleigh, NC

John, There is a marriage of a Riley Hitchcock of the town of Hatley who marries, Elmira J. Ralbins, recorded in the books of the Free Will Baptists of Stanstead, July 1, 1857. The handwriting may have been difficult to read for the people that created the index I use to find that information. Miss Ralbins was also listed as residing in Hatley. Forest & Clearings, the History of Stanstead County has Hitchcock family information on pages 257 & 258. The book can be read here The information may become significant later in your search.

There was an Asa Rollins here. I found mention of him when his widow, Maria C, Rollins, marries Alonzo Woodward of Walden, VT, Mar. 6, 1865. Asa was married to Maria Robinson Jan. 12, 1857, Free Will Baptist Church of Stanstead records. There is a record of an Asa Rollins jr's death, Aug. 16, 1864 at the age of 28 recorded in the Free Will Baptist Church of Hatley Township. Probably a good bet that they are the same person.

One note about William R. Hitchcock was found in the Stanstead Journal. He had a notice put in the paper that he had given his son Charles the remainder of his minority. Dated, Hatley, April 18, 1876.

This maybe of interest : a saw mill accident in Magog, took the life of 14 year old Edward Hitchcock, son of Riley Hitchcock, in July of 1870. Stanstead Journal.

* * *

POSTED 011.24.15
I am well satisfied with the opportunity presented by way of the local history website.

I wish to make a recommendation for all who may make use of the 4 volumes of dedicated history known as"Genealogical and family history of the state of New Hampshire: a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation" by Edward S Stearns, etc. available as a free download at Internet Archive: genealogicalfami01stea

In one of these volumes I located some history of the PUTNEY family of Dunbarton and Merrimack. I am a descendant of Henry PUTNEY and Dorothy 'Dolly' JEWETT of the New Hampshire Branch of Putney. Albert Charles PUTNEY and Lydia TYLER are descendants, my great-great grandparents from Beebe Village, Quebec.

I am keen to learn some local history here, such as the the full name etc. of the Anglican priest Rev. E. C. RUSSELL of the church at Stanstead & Beebe,Quebec c.1922?
Marcus Millet


The booklet produced for Christ Church Stanstead 100th anniversary lists the priests. The Rev. E.C. Russell is listed only by his initials. He was the Rector from 1920 to 1924 when he was replaced by the Rev. E. Bull. Very few first names have been spelled out in this booklet. I am sure one of our readers will be able to help.

Mrs. Albert C. Putney (nee Lydia Tyler) died at her home in Beebe Plain, Vermont, Feb. 11, 1924. She was the daughter of Darius and Mary (Smith) Tyler, of Barnston. When Albert C. Putney died at Griffin Aug. 24, 1917 at the age of 66. The Stanstead Journal carried an obituary for him. A copy can be had from the Stanstead Historical Society, by contacting Kathy Curtis- SHS Archives There will be a small charge for the copy.

One of the earliest Putney arrivals from New Hampshire is that of Joseph Putney senoir. You can see some of that family's story on pages 281 & 82 of"Forest and Clearings the History of Stanstead County". The entire text is online at

* * *

I see my query is still on your Log Cabin Chronicles page. I don't know if you've found anything at all about the VICKERS, EAVES or PARTINGTONS in the Compton, Quebec area, but I would love to just even get the first names of the people you do have with those surnames.

Also, perhaps you could update my e-mail address as it is an old one posted on your LCC page.

It is now: Susan Brouwer

* * *

POSTED 011.15.14
I just happened to land on your site. I do not know a lot about my French side. I have traced my MCKENNEY side back at least six generations so far. Wondering if you could get me started on that side. What sites would be helpful. I do not speak French and my dad's side speaks mostly French. Any help would be greatly appreciate it.

As far as I know they came from Laval. His mom's name was CADORETT. Not sure of the spelling but I am close. The story goes his dad was not married to my grandmother was a bush pilot and was killed. That is where the DESHAIES comes from. I do know and met my grandmother's sister's when I was a child. My grandmother was born in 1898 or 1899. Moved to Ontario when my dad was seven. He was born in 1921. That is about all I know. Debbie Deshaies

I still can't find Susannah BOYD and Frederick HART/HERT/HERTE marriage in Canada or in Rouses Point in 1831. Susannah's sisters Jane and Eliza were married in Odelltown but Susannah's marriage was too early for that church. I have looked for years. I have made contact with a Boyd in Ireland who lives where Susannah's grandmother lived in 1810 but he is not related.

Peggy Gordon

Can you please tell me if you have done a genealogy search on a John MINOR born 1819 Clarenceville and who married Polly PARTLOW in the past. I am trying to find out if he had any siblings or who the parents were. I have pretty well everything from then till now.

Thank you

Dave Bell


I do not remember having done a search for a John Minor but I will have a look in my indexes later today. Do you consider both spellings? There was a man by that name that marries Sarah Maria Alguire, March 20, 1866 in the marriage index. Any connection? The Missisquoi Museum is a good place to try.

MHS Executive Secretary, Pamela Realffe:
Archivist, Judy Antle:
Curator, Heather Darch:
Missisquoi Museum
2 River Street, Stanbridge East, QC J0J 2H0V FOR MORE INFORMATION:
Phone: (450)248-3153 Fax: (450)248-0420

While at the Charleston Historical Society in vermont this past June, a woman with some knowledge of Canadian research recommended I begin in Stanstead and that's why I contacted you, to ask about the value of doing so.

I am sending you this info which probably is not specific to Stanstead except in one case. I am thinking that the reference to Compton is the town and not the county, simply because in the 19th c death notices tend to enter a specific town for the birthplace. But maybe not.

William M. (one child gives his middle name as Oscar) Haseltine (or HAZELTINE or HASELTON) (he is my great-great-grandfather) born Melbourne, 1821.(per his Civil War enlistment) Some children say he was born in Compton. His occupation was 'painter.'

Children of William and Betsey INGALS HASELTINE:
Ellen 1847
Roderick 1848
Lilla 1853
Ada 1855

All children list Compton, Quebec as their birthplace on death certificates.

Betsey INGALS HASELTINE had a brother William Winslow INGALS. January 25, 1852 he married Emily A. LORD in Morgan, VT He listed his residence at the time as Stanstead Canada. (Vermont Vital Records)

I am following a hunch that the father of William is one Joseph HASELTINE, born Moretown, VT. I cannot place him exactly in Canada. However the sister of Joseph was one Martha HAZELTINE KNAPP and she gave birth to a son Joseph HAZELTINE KNAPP on September 8, 1839 in Huntington, Quebec. (per genealogical Haseltine volume)

I cannot find a Huntington -- but rather a Huntingdon in Quebec. Perhaps that is what they meant. This detail provides more evidence that the Haseltine family did have Canadian connections. Victoria, Just a quick guess, but there are still Haseltons in the old Compton County. They are not far from the village of Compton in a smaller place called Moe's River.

* * *

POSTED 011.14.14
My name is Paul GOODENOUGH. I'm researching my family history in Estrie. My great great great grandfather was George GOODENOUGH, first mayor of Ham Sud. I know that he is from Hampshire, England. But I haven't found any record of his activity earlier than 1855 in Quebec. My two main questions are how to find out more about how the Goodenoughs arrived in Quebec and if they were English immigrants or if they were North American British Loyalists.

I'm wondering if you have any tips. One of my limitations is not knowing French as many resources currently are in French even for the Anglos of the time.

Thank you very much,

Paul Goodenough

Paul, There are ten baptisms (births) of the children of George Goodenough in the index to Protestant baptisms for the years 1815 to 1879.

In the index for marriages there are six marriages for the same family and time frame. The earliest marriage is for a George Goodenough, then living in Sherbrooke, who marries Elizabeth (Betsey) Palmer Jan. 1, 1841. The record is in the Anglican books and a little note says see the book of 1840.

Their son Frederick George is born Dec 7, 1841 and his baptism is recorded in the books of the Lennoxville Anglican Church, March 3, 1842. Further children of George and Betsey are recorded in the books in Ham Township so it seems possible that these are the folks you are looking for. I did not find George in the several Loyalist indexes that I have.

If you find that this is the family you are searching for, you can use the indexes I have mentioned at various locations in the Townships. Or ask at the Eastern Townships Resource Centre 2600 College, Sherbrooke, Qc. J1M 1Z7

Phone: 819 822 9600 ext. 2647

* * *

POSTED 03.09.14
Thank you for all the work you do on behalf of all our ancestors on the Derby/Stanstead line.

I am wondering if you can help me get by a particular brick wall in my own ancestry. I am descended from several families in the area, and while I've had great luck finding records of my French Catholic ancestors before 1848, I have not been so lucky with my Irish Catholic ancestors. They are in the Sacre-Coeur-de-Jesus records beginning when the church opened in 1848, which makes me think that some of them might have been there before. If they were, where in the Drouin records do you think I might find records from the missionaries who probably provided them with baptisms, marriages, and burials prior to 1848? As you know, the Drouin records are searchable by location on, and since this is my only access to them, I am stuck.

(I am sorry I do not know where you live. There are several places with copies of the paper edition of all the Drouin marriage records. One might be close to you. I can send you copies of the indexes to church records for these two families that you can compare with the Drouin records of which you have copies.) Send along an SASE at least a #10 I will send what I have.

The family names, by the way, are MOORE and FLINN.

Here are some Moores:

Hugh Moore, born around 1785 in Ireland, died unknown, married Agnes McRobert
Agnes McRobert Moore, born around 1785 in Ireland or Scotland, died in Holland, buried at Sacre-Coeur-de-Jesus in 1872.
I did not find this death. Was the spelling changed or something else used for a first name?
Their children were:
Mary E Moore, b around 1811
Margaret Moore, 1816-1906
Robert Moore, 1817-1879
Hugh Moore, 1823-1874
Marries Mary Hannah. She dies Nov. 30, 1888
James Moore, 1826-1890
His burial records says a native of County Down, married to Elizabeth Smith, he is listed as being 75 years old on his burial record. perhaps born in 1815?

I don't think any of their children were born in Canada, but their grandchildren would have been born in Stanstead if the family were there before 1848. I don't know for sure which year they immigrated from, or where in Ireland/Scotland they came from. I suspect it was County Down, but as I said, I don't know for sure. Here are some Flinns:

Daniel Samuel O'Flinn or Flinn, born around 1819
(Perhaps 1800? The index to church records say he was 90 when he died Sept. 28, 1890) somewhere in Ireland, died at Stanstead and buried at SCdJ in 1890, married Margaret Moore (see above, 1816-1906), probably in Stanstead though
(if they were married on or before they were 21 the marriage would have taken place before the mission and then the parish was formed.) I can't find their marriage record (this would be an absolute jewel).
(I had a look at the hand written notes made by someone and placed in the first parish register in Sacre Coeur. Sadly I did not find any Flynns or Flinns or any of the many Moore spelling varations. I was only looking for the main people that the event was describing; not every name)

Their children were:
Hugh Flinn, b around 1844, died 1929. (He was my great-great-grandfather. He was a farmer on Derby Line and fought for the Union in the Civil War, either for New York or Massachusetts. His daughter from his first marriage, Margaret Flinn, also married into the Stanstead community -- Nelson Molway, aka Narcisse Rinfret dit Malouin)
(This may have been the translation from French to English for this branch of the Malouin Family. The last full time Priest for the parish was Father Yvon Malouin.)
Daniel Flinn Jr. (first Flinn record I have is his birth record at SCdJ in 1848), 1848-?
Mary Ann Flinn, 1849-1855
Elisa Jane Flinn, 1851-1855
Sarah Flinn, 1854-1940
Infant Flinn, 1857-1857
Mary Jeanne Flinn, 1860-1860
(It appears that some one translated this name as there desn't seem to be any connection to French names or spelling elsewhere in the records. The English would be Mary Jane.
James Flinn, 1862-? June 15th 1862
Many church records use FLYNN.

I've found most records beginning in 1848 and moving forward but, as I said, nothing before. Liza Percer

* * *

Hello Mr Lepitre,

I recently came across the website The Log Cabin Chronicles. I am stumped on my husbands great, great, great, grandfather Hezekiah Johnson. His son Isaac's death certificate says he was born in Gilmanton, NH. I don't know the dates of his birth or death. He married betsey Willey She was born about 1776 and died 1870 in West Newbury, MA. They had 3 boys and a girl. John born 1802, his death certificate says Stanstead, Canada. Census say VT & NH. He died 1875 in MA. Hezekiah C. Johnson Jr born 1804 Stanstead, Canada, although his death certificate says Maine. He married a Sarah Stark in Hatley, Quebec. The record says Church of England. They are listed on the record as Protestant. He died 1874 in Williamstown, VT. Isaac was born 1811 in Barnston, Quebec according to his death certificate. He seemed to back and forth a bit before dyeing in 1900 in New Hampshire. The girls was Betsey T. Johnson born 1805 her marriage record just says Canada. She died 1891 in West Newbury, MA. Betsey, her son John, and daughter Betsey T have numerous records in MA. There is nothing on Hezekiah, Betsey Willey's husband. He had to be in Canada with her for the children to be born but I can't find anything on him. He did not go to MA with her and the children and she remarried there in 1819. I wonder if you could point me in the right place in Canada to look for records for him. I wonder if, as your page says he was lost border jumping. I appreciate any help you could offer me.

Windy Maulz


A quick look at the 1790 US census for NH and VT turned up two Hezekiahs; none in NH both in Vermont. One in Norwich, Windsor Co. long with a husband and wife there are two males 16 years and older living with them. The second one is in Chester, is a free white male over 16 married with a white female. The latter couple could be a fit.

I find the marriage of Hezekiah Johnson (Jr.) to Sarah Starr on Aug. 9th 1825 in the Charleston, later Hatley, Anglican (Church of England) Records. Hezekiah's address at the time of the marriage is given as Township of Stanstead. Both places were in Stanstead County.

The 1825 census for Stanstead lists two Johnsons, Schuyler and John. Both had 7 members in their households. Both headed by a married couple.

Sorry I could not find more but while looking I will place your query in the newspaper column I do and the Northland Journal and it will appear on the Log Cabin Chronicles website.

* * *

I am hoping that you will be able to help. I have been searching for any information on my great-great-great grandfather, Elijah Parsons, and who his parents and siblings were.

Here is what I have found about Elijah so far: Elijah Parsons was born in 1797 in the United States and died in 1874. (Buried in Crystal Lake Cemetery, Stanstead, Quebec)

Elijah married Susan Worth who was born 1805 in Stanstead, Quebec and died 1888 in Stanstead Quebec. (Buried in Crystal Lake Cemetery)

Susan Worth was the daughter of Joseph Worth (1768-1823) & Mary 'Polly' (Sawyer) (1770-1871). Both Joseph and Polly were born in New Hampshire and died in Stanstead, Quebec.

The 1825 Stanstead, Quebec census records have an Elijah Parsons (married) living with a female (married and of similar age) and a 60+ male.

The 1861 Stanstead, Quebec census records have Elijah and Susan Parsons living with many minors.

The 1881 Stanstead, Quebec census records have Susan Parsons, widow, living with her son, George Parsons and his wife.

I have been unable to uncover any more census records or any birth/death/marriage records that would show who Elijah Parsons' parents were.

I would love to find more info about Elijah, but more importantly, I would like to know who his parents were.

Lynn Lyons

* * *

Rose Ann Smith was born in 1839, but I do not know her religion. The senior Francis Palmer was Francis H, but I don't have a middle initial for the younger Francis.

They was married in 1889, and I do have that record, to Nancy Jane (ŌJennieÕ) Bonnett. Her father was David Clement Bonnett and her mother was Louella Ayer. Louella was from Lower Canada also.

I will send some links (below) for some of the records we have found on Family Search.

Thank you so much for your help (we would be happy to pay you if you accept payments).

I hope that adding it to your column and the website and the magazine could get someone's attention.

Death record of Rose Ann Smith:

Marriage of Francis Palmer and Nancy Jane ("Jennie") Bonnett:

First Child (Charles A. Palmer) 1900 census:

Second Child (Laura M. Palmer) b. 1891:

Third Child (Arthur H) b. 1893:

Fourth Child (George A) b. 1894:

My grandmother is Laura M. b. 1891 was adopted, as were (we think) her younger brothers. The oldest son lived with the grandparents -- and later lived in Maine. Linda Moayedi

* * * *

POSTED 11.30.13
I was doing a Google search with regard to why some early New Hampshire birth records would list a person as born in Canada and found your web site. Specifically, my 3rd great grandfather, Reuben Kimball EASTMAN (b. 1807), is listed on records as being a Canadian, but he was born in Piermont, NH. The site records list his three sisters the same way. Henry EASTMAN's whole family (his wife was Sally KIMBALL EASTMAN ) are listed as being Canadians including son Reuben. has this information directly from the state of NH. My question for you is: was the area around Piermont, NH considered part of Canada after the American Revolution up to about 1815?

And there is my brick wall situation -- Reuben Kimball EASTMAN's father was taken prisoner by the British in the War of 1812 at the Battle of Lake Erie. Nancy Fetterly-Johnson

Nancy, The borders of Maine, New Hamshire and Vermont have been in dispute several times. Often amongst themselves early on and with Britain. The St. Croix River was part of the dispute with British North America back then. These conficts were settled in 1842 by the Webster-Ashburton Treaty (signed August 9, 1842).

The EASTMAN name is / was a common one in the NH census of 1790 with two Henrys listed. Piermont, NH is not near the Canadian border; it is closer to Maine. Town Clerk's Office in Piermont may be a good place to try: 130 Route 10, Piermont, NH 03779 Tel. (603) 272-4840.

* * *

My Grandfather was a Raymond Charles HEATH, born 2/7/1877 in Holland, VT. I need to make sure that is correct because the Vermont Vital Records compiled By the Vermont Historical Society also has a Charles R. HEATH who married A Jennie SMITH, parents Frank SMITH and Sarah BARNES. My records for My Grandfather Raymond Charles HEATH show he married Jesse (or Jessie) SMITH whose Parents were Francis SMITH and Sarah BURNS.

Also, for years, I thought my Great Grandfather's name was Charles Raymond HEATH, but The records I've found show him as Charles D. HEATH who married Estelle APPLEBEE on 5/25/1874. She later married Arthur H. DAGGETT on 11/17/1886.

My Great Grandfather, according to family history, disappeared. This is why I need to have the correct name in order to track him down. My information on the above comes from family bibles, newspaper articles on anniversaries, and the Vermont Vital Records as compiled by the Vermont Historical Society. I'd appreciate any suggestions for tracking down the correct names as mentioned above. Donna Rae Heath, 271 Walsh Rd., Waterford, VT 05819

* * *

I am told I am native, Metis to be exact. My great grandmother's name was Catherine Elizabeth CHURCH (Nipissing, ON I believe) Her mother is listed as DERUSHIE? And her father George Tory CHURCH son of Oliver CHURCH . All of these people resided in Bonfield, ON however I believe back in the day they originated from England. What I have found thus far: Veniessa BRASH 1970 Haileybury ON, father Gareth BRASH, born Gareth Dale WRIGHT 1942, Grassy Bay, Ontario. His mother was Ruth Helena Rebecca WRIGHT. Her mother was Catherine Elizabeth CHURCH born in Bonfield on Nipissing, ON date unknown (it differs). Her parents were George Tory CHURCH b. 1833 Bonfield, Ontario his wife was a DERUSHIE? No other info (its like she didn't exist). He was also married to a woman of the name Jerusha HALEY-1834. George CHURCH's parents - Oliver CHURCH jr. 1794 in Danbury Vermont died 1876 Worlford, ON. Wife #1 Rhoda SMITH (mother) 1804-1864, wife #2 Catherine CASTER 1805? Oliver's parents parents unknown. Wife Margeret PANGBORN-1776-1860. I've been working so hard on this! As a Canadian artist I'm asked often about my history, and this is all I know. If there is any way you could help me find info or point me in the right direction I would be greatful:) Who knew finding where you come from would be so difficult! I do believe everyone has a right to know their history Veniessa Brash

* * *

Looking for information about Albert Samuel Cyrus WRIGHT or Samuel Albert Holden DUNN born February 1884, Lanark, Ontario Mother Hannah Maria DUNN , also known as Annie, father unknown. I know my grandfather was adopted by James Brennan WRIGHT, however I don't know if he was indeed Metis? Kim at

* * * *

POSTED 11.14.13
I got your name from Pennie Redmile (she says hello), who told me it was worth a shot contacting you about some ancestors of mine that I am researching. I'm hoping that perhaps one of the family names might sound familiar to you, or you might have known what was going on in the area at that time, anything that might lead to another investigative path.

My great grandfathers sister Mary Ann VICKERS immigrated from Bolton, Lancashire, England to Canada in 1920. On the passenger record she was asked if she had ever been in Canada before and she answered Yes, Compton Quebec July 1883, departed July 1884 via East Boston to join husband in England. This surprised everyone a lot as the VICKERS family was very poor, so how would she have gotten passage money.

We also found out that at that time Mary Ann had just been recently married in Bolton. In January of 1883 she married Edward BEEDLES (her name was spelled VICARS and his BEADLES on the marriage record). I found his passenger record for May of 1883 going from Liverpool to Quebec, but he says he is a labourer and single. I thought that was odd. I couldn't find hers under any spelling of VICKERS or BEEDLES, but I did find a Mary Ann PARTINGTON who came on June 30th 1883 ( I'll get to that).

I don't know why they travel separately or what happens to Edward but she returns in July 1884 seven months pregnant. On the 1891 census record in England, she is living with her mother and her two children. She says she is married, but I can never find Edward again. Her next door neighbour is John Thomas PARTINGTON and the following year she has a child with him and marries him. When she comes to Canada in 1920 it is as Mary Ann PARTINGTON.

I've talked to a few PARTINGTON relatives and they said there was always a family rumour that she had worked for a doctor in the US and he fathered one of her children. I don't know if it is the one from 1884 as she also has one five years after the death of her second husband JTP.

I've followed the paths of several Edward BEEDLES to try and find out what happened to him. I did find a passenger record of one going from NY to Liverpool in 1893 -- 10 years after his arrival. He says he is a minor. Another name on the same passenger list, two down from Ed's is Elam EAVES. Now Elam is related to me, but the two families -- VICKERS and EAVES do not join in marriage until 17 years after this. I am wondering if perhaps the two families knew each other before hand and this is in fact MY Edward. On this particular record Edward says he is a minor and Elam says he is an engineer. I dug a bit into ElamÕs life and he came from England to Quebec in the 1860's, as a minor! He then lives in Springfield MA and Hartford CT, directly south of Compton. He does mining for a number of years.

I guess my theory at this point is that Edward came to Canada before Mary Ann to get a place settled and to get a job. Perhaps things did not work out for them in the marriage or in terms or work. Maybe she had to take on work in the US to pay for her own passage back to the UK. She says she went back to join husband in England, but I can't find either one's travel records for 1884. Why would he travel without her if she was seven months pregnant. I think there is more to this story, but just thought I would run it by you in case any of the names or circumstances sounded familiar. Susan Brouwer, Ontario

Susan, All the surnames you mention are found in the area records. Not all the correct first names and not the married couples names. Still searching.

* * * *

POSTED 08.19.13
My cousin Donna tells me that The Stanstead Journal of Aug 21 had a photo under Your Ancestry< of the Hatley ball team. She told me that my dad and our two uncles are in the photo. Is there any way that you could forward me a copy of the photo and article? I think a couple names are missing and I might be able to fill them in.

So good to see their faces again. Dad was 52 when I was born. He and my uncles have been gone a long time. The names need fixing for your records. Guild is my father Glen. Hugh is correct. Glen (per photo caption) is actually Philander Guild. Understandably my uncle did not go by that name. He was called either Pat or Lee Guild by family and friends. Thank you again, you made my day.

My whole family loved seeing this photo. They are now searching old photos for an original. My dad settled in New York but my cousins are scattered throughout Canada. I have a scrapbook of articles and some photos from when my father and uncles played hockey as teens and also when my father played hockey here in NY in 1934.

Josephine Guild
2873 Zulette Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461

Thanks for your help. I do have a hockey related photo with a Guild in it! The fellows in the white sweaters are the referees and the one in the lower right is supposed to be a Guild. No one was sure of his first name when the photo ran in this column.

That is my Uncle Charles Guild. Uncle Jack owned the original Hob Nob in North Hatley.

Here are the corrected names for the Hatley Ball Team:
Back Row L to R Lindsey Parker, Herbert Orcutt, Hugh McClary, Philander (Pat/Lee) Guild, Hugh Guild

Middle Row Wesley Leavitt, Ken Gemmell, Hubert Sutton, Glen Guild

Front Ken Little and ? If anyone can name the last fellow please let us know.

* * * *

POSTED 08.19.13
I am searching for any information or living relatives of Charles James TOBIN b.1896 Devonport, England. He was sent as a Home Child by the Church of England Waifs and Strays to Canada in 1911. I have managed to trace Charles sadly to Stanstead, and Ayer's Cliff Cemetery in 1984. I know he spent from 1924 until 1984 in Stanstead but I would dearly love to fill in his history from 1924 until 1984. I believe he didn't have any contact with his English family after arriving to Canada and I have a full family history of Charles's and my family up to date to share with any living TOBIN relatives in return for any post-1924 information they would be prepared to share with me. He married Evie or Evis Victoria KEZAR in 1924 in Stanstead. Evie's parents were Newton Chauncey KEZAR and Edith Mabel HOWE. My connection to Charles is his grandmother Mary WILLIS was my Great-Great-Grandmother.
Samantha Tucker, England


Here is what I could find, most of which you probably have. I do not think that the family ever lived in the village of Stanstead but in the county by the same name. Most of their activity seems to be around McConnell about 20 miles away. It was and is a rural 'neighbourhood.' Hopefully. the readers will be of more help. There were other Tobin families in the area too.

TOBIN, Charles J. was 14 years old when he arrived in Canada aboard the Tunisian in 1911. Mr. Tobin seemed to be known by his second given name, James.

Charles James Tobin married Evis Victoria, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Newton Kezar. The service was performed by Rev. G.W. Chapman, Nov. 12, 1924, at the home of the bride's parents in McConnell, which is several miles outside of Ayer's Cliff, Stanstead County.

A daughter was born to the couple Oct. 5, 1925, in McConnell. A son was born to the Tobins Jan. 10, 1937.

Mrs. Newton Kezar, born Edith Howe, dau of Harvey and Jennie Howe, she died Jan. 11, 1943, at the home of her daughter Mrs. J. Tobin.

Tobin, Charles J., b. 1896, d. 1984.
Tobin, Gwendolyn J., b. 1925, d. 2003, daughter of Charles & Evis Tobin
Kezar, Edith Helene, b. 1904, d. 1936
Kezar, Evis V., b. 1901, d. 1991 wife of Charles Tobin
Kezar, Newton C., b. 1879, d. 1965

* * * *

POSTED 08.13.13
I visited the grave site of the Jean FORTIER buried in the Ste. Suzanne cemetery. Where can I get information about him? Unlike here in the States, there is no town clerk to consult. We spent some time in Norton with the town clerk on Monday, and they were able to direct us to the Old Catholic Cemetery in Norton where my wife's great grandmother Flora BURBANK is buried. We found that location.

Jean Fortier's stone was broken, but I was able to read the dates of his birth and death. I have discovered that my great-grandfather Joseph FORTIER was born in Tingwick, and his spouse Lumina Valliere was born in St. Sylvestre. I was able to obtain this information from my grandfather Joseph Denis FORTIER's death certificate via

Denis Fortier,


From the begining of settlement in Quebec the clergy have been resposible for recording births/baptisms, marriages and deaths/burials. Church records are where you need to look. Some Protestant folks went to the USA for some events. I believe that Ancestry has the Drouin records viewable by subscription.

It would make sense to check the Drouin Catholic records for Jean Fortier. If a record does not exist in the parish where you feel it should be it is possible that there wasn't a parish there at the time you are searching the next closest parish is where to look. Ancestry has the Canadian Censuses, too, I believe. They would help you locate where your ancestors lived.

* * *

Hi Folks, anyone researching the BRONSON/BRUNSON/BROWNSON line? I'm searching for descendants of Daniel BRUNSON Sr. (1757-1799). Ensign Daniel BRUNSON fought with the loyalist troops (PWAR) in the Revolutionary War and was evacuated as part of the 3rd fleet sailing to New Brunswick in the fall of 1783. He spent only a few years on his script in the Nashwaack valley before moving his young family to Caldwell's Manor in the Eastern Townships.

My g-g-grandfather Martin BRUNSON(1789-1878) was born at Caldwell's Manor and moved into eastern Ontario eventually homesteading in Hastings Co. on a grant he received for his service in the war of 1812-14. I visited the Missisquoi Museum in Stanbridge East a few years ago and found considerable information on the family. I'm hoping to find some cousins who can help me fill a few gaps as I believe there are a number families currently in the Stanstead area.

Ken Bronson, Highland Creek, Ontario

* * * *

POSTED 06.20.13
I have been researching our family history for some time now and recently started researching my Great Uncle Henry James GREEN's life.

I know that he married a Nellie ANDREWS in 1911 (who was Canadian) and emigrated to Quebec in 1912. He enlisted in the Canadian Grenadier Guards in October 1915. His attestation papers state that his contact details for his next of kin were Eustis Post Office, Stanstead. Not unnaturally, I thought, therefore, that the copper mine might be the Eustis Copper Mine and that he resided in Eustis. I know that it is a lot to ask, but I wondered if there was any additional information that you could provide. I would be so very grateful for anything at all. I can offer the following information regarding my Great Uncle Henry:

(Harry) James GREEN. His father was Henry John GREEN and his mother was Alice FLETCHER He was born 1 Aug 1886 in Tottenham, Middlesex, England and was baptised 29 Aug 1886 in Hoxton St John, England. He married 8 Jul 1911 at St. Mary's Church, Tottenham, London to Nellie ANDREWS (her father lived at 12 Meadow Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec). He emigrated to Quebec in August 1912. He worked 1912-1915 in the Eustis Copper Mines (?) there.

He enlisited 19 October 1915, Montreal as a Private, No. 177250, 87th Battalion, (4th Canadian Division, 11th Canadian Infantry Brigade), Canadian Grenadier Guards, Canadian Expeditionary Force. He was killed at the Battle of Eloi, Belgium 17 Sep 1916.

His children were; Henry John Green (b. 01.12.13, d. 09.03.16), Nellie Marjorie Green (b. 16.06.12), Alice Lizzie Green (b. 06.07.15)

Helly Green,

I am looking for information about a family named LIVINGSTON that lived in the Stanstead area around 1840 to 1870 or longer. Most of them emigrated to Vermont though not all. I was referred to your site by a site dealing with genealogy for Orleans county, Vermont. I searched your archived letters for LIVINGSTON and found nothing (which did not surprise me). Then on a guess, I decided to search on BOYNTON. A BOYNTON woman married a LIVINGSTON man around 1873 in Coventry. As such I have a strong interest in that surname.

I found eight hits for Boynton and the last was of interest to me. I have provided some information that may or may not duplicate your own information regarding the family BOYNTON.

If you have any information about the LIVINGSTONs (the father was John LIVINGSTON Sr. who was a shoemaker and is buried in Stanstead - Quebec, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967) I would be interested in finding out.

David Livingston, St. Louis, Missouri

* * * *

POSTED 05.08.13
A few years ago, you provided me with some info regarding my family: Josiah Keyser and Sarah Moody Belknap of Barnston. You stated that you could provide me with the will numbers and also the address of the local governament registry office so I could write to the office for will information for Sarah Moody Belknap, widow of John Belknap.

Theresa Gallemore (Kezar/Smith)

Theresa, Sarah Moody's, widow of John Belknap, will information is will number 228 on page 265 in book 15. Bureaux de la publicité des droits de Stanstead - Services Québec 674, rue Dufferin Stanstead (Québec) J0B 3E0 Téléphone : 819 876-2744 Télécopieur : 819 876-7028

Here is the original request and reply. Thank you for the information. Dave, yes, that would be my relative; on census' the spelling 'keyser' and 'kezar' seemed to be interchangeable. I would love to get a copy of their marriage certificate from the Free Will Baptist books in Stanstead. Is there an address or church I would write to? I did not know that Josiah was Sarah's second marriage. That will help me. Theresa Smith Gallemore, Fairfax, VA

POSTED 06.04.11

My paternal grandmother's family name is KEZAR. Her lineage goes back to Josiah KEZAR, b. 1807, and Sarah BELKNAP, Sarah b. 1813. They were both born in the United States but are on the Canadian Census of 1861, 1871 and 1881 both of Stanstead and Barnston. I can not find the border crossing to find out which "KEZAR" family they come from. I am planning a trip to Stanstead to visit their grave sites in Heathton Cemetery and see what more I can dig up (pardon the pun, it was unintentional!) Eluvia KEZAR, Josiah KEZAR and Sarah (Sally) BELKNAP KEZAR. Is there any additional info I should know, besides what your great website has to offer? Theresa, At one time the Kezars were a fairly large family group in Stanstead County. In the county history however I did not find a Josiah. You can find some of the many early Kezars in The History of Stanstead Co. also known as Forest and Clearings. If you do not have access to the book it is online at look at pages 255 & 256.

I do find Josiah in the index to Protestant marriages but as a Keyser so I did not find him with the Kezar spelling. He married Sally Belknap on Mar. 18, 1841 recorded in the Free Will Baptist books of Stanstead. Both were residents of Barnston. There is a Ben. Frank. Keyser married 30 years later, also of Barnston, same spelling.

Sarah Belknap died at South Barnston, Jan. 25, 1885 aged 72 years 18 days. When Persis Keyser dies June 5, 1876 his parents are listed as Josiah Keyser and Sally Keyser and the records are those of the Advent Church of Fitch Bay, Quebec.

One misspelling might have been just that but the Keyser spelling is used for 30-plus years. There is also a Keezar spelling in the index to wills and Keezer appears in the local paper. There are very few records for a Josiah of either spelling. I did not find an obituary for him.

It appears that Sarah was married to John Belknap before becoming Mrs. Kezar. Her monument has Sarah Moody Belknap on it and there is a will on file for Sarah Moody Belknap, widow of John Belknap. If you wish a copy of this will it should be available from the local government registry office. There is a charge for it; I can supply the book and will numbers and the address to write to and or email should you wish them. Some of the Kezars went west with early Mormons from Hatley, Quebec.

There are still a few Kezars in the area and more Belknaps.

* * * *

I am searching for David M Morgan and his wife, Fannie F. Fletcher. David was born about 1815, either in Canada or New Hampshire...both of these birth locations came from him taken from census reports in 1860 (New York) and 1870 (Wisconsin). Also according to the US census reports his parents were born in Vermont and Connecticut. He married Fannie in Canada, where she was born, and their first four children were born in Canada...According to oral family history...Stanstead, Canada...After studying the history of Stanstead I can see why he wasn't sure where he was from...He named his second child William Sydney....third, a daughter Amanda, forth a son David Wesley. We have searched for years but have been unable to find any information pointing at David or Fannie's families...found you in an on-line site about Stanstead...can you recommend anything? Peg Morgan

Peg, I have written to you before. Here is the original information. Thank you for that, will look into it ...feel like a detective! Wish I had asked more questions when young and there were still people around to ask!! Another person researching the family said it was from family oral history, they spelled it no real proof. Also, have found reference to the Morgan family online that were related to the Colby family..stating that a Colby descendant name Heath, from Stanstead, married a Morgan from New Hampshire...that is where I found the correct spelling. It seemed like too much of a coincidence to be ignored...I looked up Stanstead history and did find a Fletcher there also...thought it was worth a try....Thank you for your quick response.

In a Stanstead Journal article from Sept. 28, 1944 about the Heath family of Stanstead, Quebec I found the following. William Heath says "Our eldest son, J.L. Heath, while stationed in England, visited Mazing, which is on the edge of Epping Forest, near Stanstead, in Essex; he found it a lovely country but no relatives, which is not to be wondered at when we remember that our ancestors left there ten generations ago." So the Heaths did come from very close to Stanstead, England and went to Plymouth, NH before coming to Stanstead, Quebec Canada. There is a place named Morgan a few miles south of Stanstead in Orleans County Vermont. An Index to Canadians married in Derby, Vermont to 1860 lists a marriage for Rachail Morgan of Barnston, Quebec to Russell Fletcher of the same place on Aug. 10, 1859. (Very possible there is a connection to this couple). There are Morgans all over the lower part of the province. A few years ago, you provided me with some info regarding my family: Josiah Keyser and Sarah Moody Belknap of Barnston. You stated that you could provide me with the will numbers and also the address of the local governament registry office so I could write to the office for will information for Sarah Moody Belknap, widow of John Belknap. Theresa Gallemore (Kezar/Smith)

Theresa, Sarah Moody's, widow of John Belknap, will information is will number 228 on page 265 in book 15. Bureaux de la publicité des droits de Stanstead - Services Québec 674, rue Dufferin Stanstead (Québec) J0B 3E0 Téléphone : 819 876-2744 Télécopieur : 819 876-7028

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POSTED 03.01.13
STANSTEAD, QUEBEC | This photograph may bring back a memory or two for readers of a certain age from the Border. It was usually known locally as the Shell Place or Crawford's Garage and it was on the corner of what is Dufferin and Fairfax today.

It was built in 1929 for Charlie Crawford who was using the old Butterfield building on the Foundry Hill in Rock Island at the time for his garage and vulcanizing shop.

Charlie repaired anything with a motor and tires. Tires were not discarded back then until they were absolutely used up. The tires on your baby buggy, your bicycle, or your car and truck tires could be patched and repaired in the usual way or by vulcanizing.

Charles Brown came to Canada as a Home Child -- one of more than 100,000 children who were sent to Canada from Great Britain during the child emigration movement between 1869 and the early 1930s. These children were sent by the sheltering homes and other societies.

Charles was born in Tranmere, Birkenhead across the river from Liverpool and was placed by his mother's employer in the Myrtle St. Sheltering home, Liverpool, at the age of 2. He arrived in Canada a few months after his fifth birthday and was placed with the Crawford family of Bury, Quebec. Charles was adopted by the Crawfords at the age of 11, and became Charles Crawford. The family adopted several other children including Henry Crawford and gave them a good home. They were some of the lucky ones.

Bury was also Ernie Rowe's hometown. As a Canadian soldier in England during WW1 he met and married the young Nellie Miller. She became a War Bride and came to Bury with Ernie on his return to Canada. Ernie had been gassed in the war and lived only a couple of years before dying from the damage done to him by the gas.

After Ernie's death, Nellie and Charles became acquainted and married. They started their married life in Bury and some of their children were born there. Their young family moved to Rock Island and then to Stanstead. Their last child was born in the house over the garage at the Shell place in 1930.

The four daughters of Charlie and Nellie grew up here and went on to marry and raise families of their own. You may have known them. Myra Armstrong, Edith Clark, Bernice Sargent, and Beverley Lepitre. Sadly they are all gone now.

Bev, the last one died on the twelfth of January this year.

Bye Mom.

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POSTED 02.14.13
My late wife's great great grandfather married in Fairfield, Vermont in 1816 and the couple then moved to Stanstead where they lived for about 15 years. Can you suggest why they might have chosen to move to that side of the US/Canadian border? Would there have been economic or political reasons for doing so? Would there have been any citizenship issues involved? As they were not joining other family members there I wonder why that particular location right on the border was their selection.

I know that every situation is a bit unique but would greatly appreciate any thoughts you might care to share.

Thomas Merritt PO Box 929, St. Charles, IL 60174

Many if not all early settlers of Stanstead came here for the free land which was being given away to encourage settlement. The main condition they had to meet was to swear allegiance to the Crown. Also there were men that were hired to come about that time, to build mills and bridges. They came and stayed until the job was done and then they were off to another one. By 1840 (+ or - a few years) the great Yankee Exodus began. This effected the former Yankees living in Stanstead too and they were off to the land then opening up for settlement in the American and Canadian west. You are sure that they did not come here because other relatives were here or coming here as well?

Part 2

Thank you for your response. I stand corrected as I have found in another source that my wife's ancestor, David SHURTLEFF, was in fact a first cousin twice removed to Lothrop SHURTLEFF who apparently moved from Vermont to Quebec in about 1803. That source said that the family were not Loyalists and in all probability were seeking the free land available there. David and his family returned to the U.S. (Lowell, MA) in about 1830 and in about 1834 headed west to Illinois where David had staked out a large claim. So it does fit the pattern you suggested - free or very low cost land first in Canada and then on the American frontier.

Tom Merritt


If you wish more information about the greater Shurtleff family in Stanstead, our county history has many entries for them please have a look at this site pages 195, 287, 288, 329 and 330.

Second generation Loyalists came a little later to our area. They came from their parents settlements to the west of Lake Memphremagog and north of Lake Champlain. Most of our first settlers here received grants of free land if they qualified. Late comers did have to buy land, there were many different scenarios. There was a considerable amount of land speculation and some nefarious activities by the speculators. Do you know the name of David's wife? I have found a David in the book The Descendants of Wm. Shurtleff. This David is born Mar. 30, 1790 in Plympton, MA, was married to Ruth Knapp in Fairfield, VT in 1816, and died in Genoa, IL Oct. 11, 1866. 8 of his children were born here in Stanstead. The first 3 were born in 1817, 1818 and 1820.

Part 3

Yes, that is the David Shurtleff I am researching. I have the Descendants of William Shurtleff books. Nancy descended from David's and Ruth's son, Alfred James Shurtleff, born 14 October 1827 in Stanstead. Nancy is listed in Shurtleff as # 3085 on page 844 along with yours truly.

By combining The History of Stanstead and Descendants of William Shurtleff I put together the attached descendant chart from William(2) Shurtleff. The shaded boxes represent individuals who lived in Stanstead County for at least part of their lives. Ruth Atwood Little and Mary Little both appear to have descended from Bond Little of Stanstead. In that David acquired a large tract of land in Illinois after he left Canada, I assume that he was a farmer and emigrated to Canada for that purpose. He might well have been among those who decided to leave after he was required to compensate Crown or provincial grant holders. Or perhaps the tales of the opening of the U.S. western frontiers was just too tempting. We will never know. In any event, this has been a fascinating project for me and I can't thank you enough for your help.


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POSTED 12.10.12
I am looking for documentation on my great great grandmother Sarah Ayer GORDON, born Kirby, Vermont 26 Mar 1820, parents probably William and Mary GORDON. 3 siblings also born in Kirby, several both older and younger siblings born in NH and Maine. Sarah married Albion King Parris WIGHT. Her sister Mary Jane also born in Kirby 8 Jan 1817 married Andrew Beatty MORSE, both sisters ended up in Braintree, Massachusetts.

I have been to the Kirby town hall and the Vermont records building in Waterbury and have found nothing about any of the GORDON births in Kirby. Can anyone offer any help? Red MacDougall Mansonville, QC 450-292-3762 802-323-6968.

I have been working on my ancestry for a few years and have found a lot of information on my fatherÕs side. However, I am not very successful on my motherÕs side and I found your website in the process of trying to find such information and am hoping you may point me in the right direction.

My mother's father was Roger HUNT who was born in New Hampshire in 1899. His father was Leander HUNT from I think Bury Township, Quebec. He Married Isabelle SCOTT whom I believe may have come from the Stanstead area or nothern Vermont and her father could be John SCOTT but I have nothing that verifies anything. My guess is that Leander HUNT and Isabelle or Isabella SCOTT were born around 1860.

If you can help me expand my knowledge with this part of my family, I will deeply appreciate it. Corwin Perro, New Port Richey, Florida

Corwin, I find a birth record, in the index for such things, for a Leander Hunt born March 24, 1860 and baptised April 2, 1860, recorded in the Anglican Church of Bury Township, he was the son of Jasper Hunt and his wife Harriet James. Leander is the twin of Angella also born and baptized on the same day. Does this seem to fit?

Jasper and Harriet also had Laura Anne b. August, 28, 1863, Nora Bell b. November 15, 1866, and Rebecca, b. July 29, 1869. There were several Hunt families in Bury at the time Leander was born; the fathers of these families have first names all beginning with "J". James, Jasper, Jaymen, John and Jesse. There is also a William Hunt in Bury at the same time.

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POSTED 10.21.12
I am wondering if you know if there is an 1841 census for Sherrington, or land records, or land application, or something that would show that Samuel BOYD was in Sherrington in 1841.

I found a Samuel BOYD in St. Philippe in 1831 that I think is him, 8 members in the household, but hard to prove if him, as there are no family members named on that census. However, his daughter Susan (Suzannah) did marry Frederick HART in 1831 and he was from St. Philippe. I have never been able to find that marriage record which some say was in Grande Ligne (impossible) and some say was in Rouses Point (not sure where to look although Susan and Frederick became Baptist later on ) Then in 1840, Susan's sister Jane was married to Arthur DELMANGE in Odeltown and gave her residence as St. Valentin (which is where Susan was living at that time and the Methodist Church there is where Susan's first 5 children are baptised). Then in 1841, Susan's father Samuel writes a letter from Cerrington which I think is Sherrington.

In 1843, Samuel's daughter Eliza BOYD gets married to W. John BOYD in Odeltown on Dec 25,and gives her residence as Sherrington. In 1847, Samuel writes another letter from Owen Sound, Ontario and says that he and his wife had left the lower province in Aug 1846 to spend their last days with their son William in Owen Sound.

Is there any way I can prove Samuel's residence in Sherrington in 1841 or before 1846. In 1841, he says they are living on a farm. Peggy Gordon


I think that all those living in Sherrington did not own the land but rented as on a seigneurie. I see the 1825 Census has Sherrington under Huntingdon on microfilm number C-717. Sherrington is under L'Acadie in 1831 roll # C-721, for the 1851 agriculturial census it is under St. Patrice de Sherrington, Huntington roll C-1121. For the others after 1851 it is Sherrington under Napierville.

This site explains some of the problems of Sherrington and why settlers left.

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POSTED 08.25.12
I am trying to research my family history. My grandparents died during the flu epidemic of 1917-1919. Is there a place I can go to get info on deaths in Orleans county for that period. My father has passed and with him all info about his family. He was 13 when his parents died and was put to work on various farms. His brother was much younger and an aunt took him in. Herbert and Lydia BOWEN were my grandparents. I don't know what town they died in but pretty sure in Orleans County. My father was Forrest E. BOWEN and his brother was Earl P. BOWEN. Any help you can give me will be great. Forrest W. Bowen, 48 Schwink Drive, Meriden, CT 06450

* * *

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my email to Mr. Mahoney. I'm forwarding it to my sister, Mrs. James Callaway, who will be very interested in your comments. Elizabeth Jay

I was very interested in the article about life on the border, especially the customs houses. My sister and I were told that our grandfather, Herbert MERRILL, built the stone customs house. The Stanstead Journal was later published there. (Now called the Old Customs. There are still 7 buildings that are being used or that were being used as customs houses here in Stanstead. The one the Journal was in for a few years was built of brick and still stands; now being used as a restaurant. ) He also built the Del Monty Hotel. We have a copy of his bill for the building of the hotel and were always amused by his including a sum for several hogsheads of cider for the workers. (Cider is still sold here. There are two kinds: cider which is the fresh juice of apples and hard cider apple juice that has fermented a little or a lot.) He also built at least two houses I know of. The only one I was ever in is now a senior citizens home but it belonged for years to my godparents, Lee and Maria Jenkins. A house nearby is the one my father grew up in but it must have been sold after Mr. and Mrs. Merrill and my father's brother Harold all died within a few months of each other, in 1936. They are buried in Crystal Lake Cemetery as are my parents, Ralph and Laura Merrill. There is still room in the plot for me and if it's not too much trouble when the time comes I'd like to be buried there also.

The house that is now the senior citizens home has beautiful woodwork. My grandfather had a sawmill and bought a curly maple tree that came in for cutting. After it dried for a number of years he used it to make the woodwork and hired a workman to finish it. My sister saw it when she was last there but that was many years ago. We are both now in our 70s but if we can manage it we will be visiting again.

I attended Stanstead College during the 1952-1953 term when Dr. Amaron was headmaster. To me Rock Island was not a foreign place but I wish I knew more about it. I remember some beautiful old houses on the main street. At one school occasion an elderly lady asked me if I was Ralph Merrill's girl but she never said why she was asking. The think I remember the most is the footbridge over the Tomifobia. I loved to watch the Coca-Cola colored water racing under the bridge.

By the time I was there the Del Monty Hotel had been converted to apartments which were referred to as The Flats if I remember correctly. They were occupied by families with enormous numbers of children and I didn't understand then why that should be. I suppose there is nothing left of the original hotel now. (The Del Monty wasn't the first hotel on that spot. The Rock Island Hotel was built in 1846 by the owner-manager L.B. Demick. He sold to T. Taylor in 1847. It was enlarged and improved. In 1850 a Mr. Snelling changed the name of the hotel to the Albion House. He leased the hotel to different folks after that. Israel Laffo (Lafond) was there in 1853. After the fire that razed the Rock Island House in 1915. The name was taken by the then owner of the Albion, Alphonse J. Monty. It was in turn destroyed by fire in January of 1932. Your grandfather must have been the contractor that built the new Del Monty on the same spot in 1932. It suffered a couple more smaller fires. One in 1968 caused the then owners to remove the upper floor. It was still a going concern in the 50s, 60s and early 1970. It had a good dining room and many receptions were held there and the bar remained busy during that time.) Elizabeth Jay, Greenbelt, MD

* * *
I have been tracing all branches of my family for approximately 15 years. I have found everyone, in many cases, back to B.C. However, there is one exception, a Bridget READY.

Bridget, was married to Jean Baptiste MAILHOT, from the Rene MAILHOT and Marie CHAPACOU line.

Jean Baptiste's parents were: Jean Baptiste MAILHOT and Marie PERREAULT, married 15 Jan. 1810 Richelieu, Canada. Their son, Jean Baptiste was born 14 Oct. 1812,, Canada, he married Bridge READY, I have no idea as to the date of marriage. I did find Bridget listed in an Iberville Census. She died in 1861 and Jean Baptiste remarried, to Eulalie GREGOIRE. Nancy LaBarge Nadeau

* * *

My aunt Catherine CHRYSLER, of Stanbridge, (her mother Margeret L. BEST and father Gardner CHRYSLER), has Native in her roots somewhere. Her brothers, herself and her daughter as well have Native characteristics. Both the families BEST and CHRYSLERs moved across the Quebec and Vermont border. I can not find a link to the Native roots. The families were BESTs, CHRYSLERs, REID. Any help would be much appreciated. Barb Derick Ottawa, ON

* * *

I'm trying to locate John SMITH born 1781 Sherbrooke, Quebec or NH, died 1844 Shipton, Quebec. Married Betsey MORRILL born 1787 NH. Both are buried in Castlebar Cemetery Shipton Quebec. I think they were married in Derby, Vermont around 1806. Children: Sarah, John E and Moses. Any suggestions on how to research back further? jcstokes

jcstokes, There is a death recorded for John Smith Sr. 23-01-1844 in Melbourne Township. Sherbrooke wasn't in existence as a place in 1781. The land was divided up or set aside for settlement in 1791 ten years after Mr. Smith was born. I doubt anyone was there much before the late 1790s and I believe it was first called Hyatt's Mills.

* * *

I'm also trying to find birth records for Tomifobia Quebec for Herbert Ernest MOULTON b. 5 Apr. 1873 and his daughter Elsie Margaret MOULTON b. 28 June 1901. Any family tree with Freeman WATERMAN mentioned in it (there were a few) is of interest. David Griffiths

* * *

I'm from Albany New York but my family is form Underhill to Hardwick, Vermont. Martha S ROOT is my grandmother. John ROOT /RACINE is my 3rd great grandfather; we know very little about him. John was born on 5 Mar. 1829 in Yamaska, Quebec and he died in Vermont. Richard Bolio

* * *

POSTED 05.31.12
I am wondering if you can help me find anything about John PARTLOW of Kingsey m. to Elizabeth Hackett of Hatley in 1820 acc. to Drouin. John is buried in the Crystal Lake Cemetery along with his daughter Julia
and granddaughter Julia. He died on Mar. 24, 1840. I can't find anything for Elizabeth. I wonder if she remarried.
John is listed in the 1840 census of Holland VT.
I think there were two PARTLOW families in the area, the other family was in the Missiquoi area.
Do you know when the HACKETTs and PARTLOW s settled in the area?
Any information you could provide would be appreciated.
Bob Richard Massachusetts

John Partlow of Kingsey Twp. marries Elizabeth Hacket of Hatley Twp. Jan. 11, 1820, recorded in the "Protestant" books of Shipton, Quebec.
John Partlow of Stanstead marries Sarah Perkins of Barnston, Jan. 17, 1847 this record in the books of the W. Methodist Church, Stanstead.
Julia Partlow, 21 years old, daughter of John Partlow and Elizabeth dies Aug. 16, 1852, burial recorded in W. Methodist books Stanstead.
Julia Agnes Partlow daughter of John Partlow and Sarah Perkins dies May 6, 1857.
The index to these records, records the death of John Partlon as Mar. 24, 1845, aged 47, W. Methodist Stanstead.
John Partlow does not seem to be on the 1825 Census for Stanstead Co.
I am puzzled by your mention that John and dau. and granddau. are buried in Crystal lake Cemetery. You may be thinking of the small group of monuments that were moved to Crystal Lake from the much older pioneer cemetery that had been in the center of the village. Crystal Lake Cemetery was organized as a company in 1865 and the purchase of the land took place in that year or shortly after. I do not find them in the Crystal Lake records.

* * *

Looking for the parents of a Sarah Anna or Ann HALL, born 9/1821 or there abouts in an eastern township. She married Hiram Abiff Amsden 12/13/1841 in Hatley. They had a daughter also named Sarah born 12/4/1842 in Sherbrooke....happy to pay your fee if you van find the birth date, location and parents of Sarah Anna or Ann HALL.
Dave Barnard, Portland, ME

At the time of Sarah Ann's marriage to Hiram Amsden her address in the church record was given as Sherbrooke. Having a look at the full record of the marriage may help. Some Protestant marriage records list the parents but not many.
The Family History site lists the following person as also working on this family (the submitter).
Sarah Anna (Hall) AMSDEN (AFN: FK6P-HP)
Maxine Tyler Constable
220 Lakeview Drive
Napa Ca
Usa 94559
Microfilm: 1512626
Submission: AF89-005711

* * *

I came across your e-mail while researching ancestors who lived in Stanstead, Que. Thanks for the information and links you provided.
We are descendants from the MAGOON family of Stanstead, a branch of which ended up in Stratton, Vermont in the late 1800s. Our father's mother was a MAGOON . We've been able to trace the MAGOON family line back a dozen generations, which has been fantastic fun. There is an interesting sidenote in Stanstead that you might have some information on.

John Fitch MAGOON , the son of Morrill MAGOON and Lois VERBACK, married Eleanora HENDERSON in Stanstead.
Now, according to a book on the Farm Families of Stratton, Vt., which gives a history of the MAGOON family there, it begins by noting that John Fitch MAGOON had children in Canada with "an Abenaki woman." We've been able to find out very little about Eleanora HENDERSON, or her Abenaki background. Is there any place one could find more about the Abenaki people of the Stanstead area? Our family's oral tradition through this side has always been that we had a Native great grandmother, which fits with what we've been able to find out so far. The dates we have are that Eleanora was born in Quebec in 1791 and died, perhaps in Wisconsin, in 1868.
We also found out that our mother's great grandmother was a Pennacook Abenaki woman in New Hampshire, verified by a Latter Day Saint geneologist. The records for her are a little more extensive, but with Native people here in New England, it's a challenge, as I'm sure you are well aware. Any direction or suggestions you might have would be appreciated.
Our Magoon grandmother married a Smith.
Robert Smith

Please have a look at page 241 (240 as well) in our county history (known as Forest and Clearings) the website is
I do not find the marriage of John Fitch Magoon and Eleanora Henderson in the indexes to church records. Perhaps they were married in the USA as many folks from here were or by a circuit preacher that came up from the States.
There wasn't a settlement of Abenaki people lving in Stanstead County. They camped here as they passed through as they hunted and fished in the USA and back to Quebec to winter.
Settlement doesn't start in Stanstead until 1796. Once Native Americans or First Nations people here in Canada, joined a church their information was recorded by the cleregy like everyone else if they were relgious. Once reserves were established many years later their churches and band offices kept track of their members living on the reserves. I had a look at the lists of names for the St. Francis band of Abenaki at St. Francis and Odanak (the closest to Stanstead) and Henderson doesn't appear on the list. Other Hendersons living here came from the New England states.
The Stanstead Magoon families were a fairly large group here at one time.
I am wondering if you can help me find anything about John PARTLOW of Kingsey m. to Elizabeth Hackett of Hatley in 1820 acc. to Drouin. John is buried in the Crystal Lake Cemetery along with his daughter Julia
and granddaughter Julia. He died on Mar. 24, 1840. I can't find anything for Elizabeth. I wonder if she remarried.
John is listed in the 1840 census of Holland VT.
I think there were two PARTLOW families in the area, the other family was in the Missiquoi area.
Do you know when the HACKETTs and PARTLOW s settled in the area?
Any information you could provide would be appreciated.
Bob Richard Massachusetts

John Partlow of Kingsey Twp. marries Elizabeth Hacket of Hatley Twp. Jan. 11, 1820, recorded in the "Protestant" books of Shipton, Quebec.
John Partlow of Stanstead marries Sarah Perkins of Barnston, Jan. 17, 1847 this record in the books of the W. Methodist Church, Stanstead.
Julia Partlow, 21 years old, daughter of John Partlow and Elizabeth dies Aug. 16, 1852, burial recorded in W. Methodist books Stanstead.
Julia Agnes Partlow daughter of John Partlow and Sarah Perkins dies May 6, 1857.
The index to these records, records the death of John Partlon as Mar. 24, 1845, aged 47, W. Methodist Stanstead.
John Partlow does not seem to be on the 1825 Census for Stanstead Co.
I am puzzled by your mention that John and dau. and granddau. are buried in Crystal lake Cemetery. You may be thinking of the small group of monuments that were moved to Crystal Lake from the much older pioneer cemetery that had been in the center of the village. Crystal Lake Cemetery was organized as a company in 1865 and the purchase of the land took place in that year or shortly after. I do not find them in the Crystal Lake records.

* * *

Looking for the parents of a Sarah Anna or Ann HALL, born 9/1821 or there abouts in an eastern township. She married Hiram Abiff Amsden 12/13/1841 in Hatley. They had a daughter also named Sarah born 12/4/1842 in Sherbrooke....happy to pay your fee if you van find the birth date, location and parents of Sarah Anna or Ann HALL.
Dave Barnard, Portland, ME

At the time of Sarah Ann's marriage to Hiram Amsden her address in the church record was given as Sherbrooke. Having a look at the full record of the marriage may help. Some Protestant marriage records list the parents but not many.
The Family History site lists the following person as also working on this family (the submitter).
Sarah Anna (Hall) AMSDEN (AFN: FK6P-HP)
Maxine Tyler Constable
220 Lakeview Drive
Napa Ca
Usa 94559
Microfilm: 1512626
Submission: AF89-005711

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POSTED 05.06.12
I am George BYRON, I was born in Newport, VT. My father was Howard BYRON from Derby Line, and he was married to Loretta MARTINEAU.

My father's mother was Louise DANFORTH from Derby Line. She was married to Willard BYRON from Dixville, Quebec. She later divorced Willard and married a John FINNERTY.

When Louise passed, she was buried in the DANFORTH family plot in Crystal Lake Cemetery in Stanstead, Quebec with the following DANFORTHs, Lewis, Edward (my great-grandfather), Jane (my great-grandmother), Almond and Isa BEDELL. I would like to find anyone that I could talk to about family history.

George Byron

* * *
I am in the process of writing the family history for my grandchildren and keep hitting a brick wall locating 2 documents. The first is for a death certificate for David HOPKINS born August 26, 1804 in Derby, Vt and died in Coaticook, Quebec, November 16, 1877. His mother's name was Phebe DUNWELL HOPKINS and his father was John HOPKINS. I tried St Foy for a death certificate hoping his parents name would be on it but no certificate could be found.

Document #2 is any certificate that proves the names of the parents of Albert Alonzo THORNTON. He was born March 23, 1852 in Burlington, Vt and he died in Montreal, Dec. 12, 1940 and is buried in Elmwook Cemetery in Sherbrooke. His father was Michael Thornton and his mother was Sarah (Moorse) Thornton. All buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Sherbrooke in our family plot. My father was born and raised in Coaticook and I and 2 sisters were born in Sherbrooke but left when we were young.

I know that there has to be some kind of document listing the parents of David HOPKINS and Albert THORNTON.

I would appreciate any advice/help.

Wesley Thornton

* * *
I am the GGGrandson of Jean Baptiste KLEBAUR (naturalized as John B. KLEBAUR) who was married to Angelique DAIGLE by Rev. S. Goodenough of The First Universalist Society of Derby, VT on Dec. 26, 1862.

The last that the family knew of Jean Baptiste was that he was a gunsmith in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, had a family and disappeared sometime in 1853. His wife and children returned to her family in New York City. Please see narrative and records at

.We were surprised to find this information of his second marriage, as we knew of no divorce or annulment of his first. Here are the Derby Clerk's minutes of the wedding:

State of Vermont Orleans CountyBe it remembered that at Derby in the county as aforesaid on the twenty sixth day of December in the Year of Our Lord 1862 John B. Klebaur of Brompton Falls in the County of Richmond & Province of Canada East & Angelique Daigle of Sherbrooke in the County of Sherbrooke, Province of Canada East were duly joined in Marriage by S. Goodenough, Pastor of the First Universalist Society in Derby, VT.

Attest Jos Bates 2- Town ClerkI have also attached a copy of the Vermont State record.

I cannot locate Jean Baptiste in any Canada database, he seems to have disappeared from all Canadian records after the birth of his last child in St Hyacinthe in 1852.

Kevin Patrick Flood, Jacksonville, Florida

* * *
I have been tracing my ancestry for awhile now. Have found some history from Quebec and Vermont. My Great Great Grandmother was Mary FREEHART married to Moses SANVILLE (SENNEVILLE). She was born abt 1847 & her dad was Joseph FREEHART & her mom Mary (Marie) TURNER (LETOURNEAU). Mary & Moses (both born Que.) had a daughter Eunice (Great Grandmother) born July 19, 1887 in Vermont. I would like to find out as much as possible on the FREEHART name (native) history. Can someone assist with documents/records or direction?


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POSTED 01.22.12
Elane Hunter Wilson
Elane Hunter Wilson passed away on December 26, 2011 in her 81st year. If you have been helped in your genealogical research by this column, there is a good chance that Elane Wilson had a hand in helping you. Elane has been the force behind most of the major indexes we use daily to find local data; the indexes to the vital statistics to be found in The Stanstead Journal, the early years of The Sherbrooke Daily Record, indexes to locally registered wills and marriage contracts, indexes to Stanstead area censuses, cemetery updates and much more. She also sent replies to some of the queries that appeared here and helped in any way she could. Elane came to genealogical conferences we organized in the past where she helped visitors to find the missing parts of their information using her vast knowledge of area families and the huge database she compiled. Elane was a supporter of many Stanstead area historical projects with the Mansur Brick School being a major one. Countless hours spent helping researchers in the Stanstead Historical Society Archives was another. If you wish to show your appreciation for her work, the family suggests donations to the Haskell Free Library or to the Osteoporosis Canada or to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. I will miss Elane's friendship most of all. She has been a good buddy all the years since our mutual hobby brought us together. I hope she is now in a place where all will become clear, as promised, and that she will have solved all those genealogical mysteries we have spent hours trying to solve.

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POSTED 01.04.12
Photographs sought

If you have a photograph of Mr. and/or Mrs. Théophile POULIOT (Rose-Anna HEBERT) or of Mr and / or Mrs Elzear DAIGNEAULT (Maria COT&EACUTE;) the Stanstead Caisse would like a copy for use in their upcoming 75 anniversary preparations. Marie-Eve Riendeau is the contact person at the Caisse or you can bring them to the printing shop if you wish. If you have photos of the early Caisses in Stanstead (Center St.), Beebe (house of Phillipe Lecours, now Marc Gosselin's) and Rock Island on what was Wyman St. now Notre Dame all would be very helpful.

* * *

This is a follow up to our emails from last Spring. I recently had several inquiries from folks who read an item/ inquiry in the Northland Journal about my BURT family. I do not subscribe to the Northland Journal and did not submit anything to it. So I was wondering if you were connected to the Journal and if you submitted a version of my inquiry to you to the Journal?? I was very pleasantly surprised to get the notes from others offering help, etc.

Since we last corresponded, I did get up to Newport/Derby and the Eastern Townships during September. I visited the Library and Cemeteries in Newport and Derby and met with the Archivists at both Brome HS and Stanbridge HS. Everyone was very helpful and I had a wonderful time just seeing where my ancestors had lived. While I was there, I did not think I had gathered much new pertinent info, but since I have been home and doing further research on line I think I am beginning to piece together the family of Seaborn BURT of the 1831 census, and am still hopeful that I will someday link Russell definitely to them. I do have some further evidence that this Seaborn and his family quite possibly did move to New York for a time during the 1840-50's. I did find obituaries on Russell, but no family info. I do plan to get back to the area in the Spring. I never did manage to connect with the Derby HS.

One thing I need to follow up on and I do not really know how to go about this...In the Alphabetical Index of Loyalist grants, I found an entry for D. Wells BURT. Township of Ditchfield, County: Beauce, 50 acres, Date of patent 4/1/1886. Registered ltr47 pg 108.

D.Wells Burt was a son of Russell and Cecelia and I find him and his family in the 1881 census in Ditchfield. How would I go about obtaining the actual application records on this grant???

I would be hopeful that he had to explain what family connections would make him eligible for a grant. Any suggestions would be helpful. All your previous suggestions have really helped my quest and I do appreciate it. I check out your website from time to time and always find in enlightening. Susan Spencer at


This column appears in 3 locations. The Stanstead Journal, a weekly newspaper since 1845. The Log Cabin Chronicles, an eZine, and the Northland Journal a Vermont monthly. The queries in the latter need to have a Vermont connection. I am sure that 1886 is too late a date for a Loyalist grant. Of the 3 Loyalist indexes I have there is only one with a Burt, Benjamin Burt getting a grant in New Brunswick.

I do have a master list of grants; its title is, List of Lands Granted by the Crown, in the province of Quebec from 1763 to 31st December 1890. It does not have Loyalist in the title.

It will be interesting to find the reason for a grant in 1886. I found the listing but it is not necessarily an out right grant. Seeing the deed or the registered copy would tell you if it was a purchase or grant. There are many transactions in this book that are in both the books of Sales and in the books of Grants. It should show you how it came to him and from whom. It is to be found as 100 a. in lot 6 in range 4 of book #47, Ditchfield Township, Beauce County. The records of these transactions are online now at the Quebec Government site. There is a small charge for them.

* * *

I have a great many ancestors who settled in Barnston Stanstead. At least a dozen of my pioneer ancestors of the DREW, BRYANS, TYLERS and WALKER families are buried in the Pleasantview Cemetery in Barnston. I visited there last year and walked the cemetery to find the names of many people in my family tree. I understand the Stanstead Journal is the oldest newspaper in Quebec. I would be interested to look through the archives for anything concerning Drew's Mills.

On my grandmothers side, Ezra DREW was the great-great grandson of John DREW Conneticut born in 1724. They settled in Barnston after the revolutionary war. Their family built sawmills around Drews Mills. The Cencus of 1825 lists Ezra DREW with another 8 family members living in Barnston.

Do the archives of papers like the Stanstead Journal have any information about the mills around Dixville (originally Drews Mills)?

Any information or ways to look up archives of old newspapers would be a blessing. Murray McAvoy (grandson of Thelma Drew) at


The Stanstead Journal Archives are housed in the Stanstead Historical Society Archives here in Stanstead. Any mention of the mills in the paper would be because some event concerning them was newsworthy. In the last of the 1900s some historical articles have been written about Stanstead and Orleans Cos. but they have not been catalogued. There have been short histories of the place written up in Coaticook and Barford histories. Our County history known as Forest and Clearings (Hubbard, 1874) has some history as well and several pages of Drew genealogy. I am sure that you know that the name Drew's Mills did not remain long and became Dixville. In Forest and Clearings, Barford Township, Drew's Mills, (even then known as Dixville), had a grist, saw and carding mill.

If you do not have a copy of F&C you can read it online at Drew Family genealogies are on pages 230, 231, 309, 310 & 340.

* * *

I am trying to track down the source of my last name- NORRIE. As best I can tell it started with Honore Joyal who had a son Charles Henry Joyal who became Charles Henry Norrie when he came to the US. Do any of these names sound familiar to you? George Norrie

George, Both names are common here. More Joyals than Norries and the larger Joyal family also has branches known as Duff. Without a few dates and locations it would be difficult to start a search. I do not know where you live but if you are close to one of the many Franco-American or Canadian American Societies they can be of great help.

Quebec genealogical dictionaries list the name Noray. Jacques Noray arriving here in the 1600s, dying in Montreal in 1713 aged 50. He owned land south of Montreal along the Richelieu River. This river runs out of Lake Champlain which lies between NY and VT. So there may be another source for the name.

The information I sent to you in June 2009 was all I could find from recorded sources at the time. The Drouin records are available at the Canadian/American societies in the USA and online by subscription and are the best source for Quebec records.

* * *


One of the most helpful people for family historians and genealogists searching in our area retired on the 18th of November 2011. After 35 years of helping everyone, not just genealogists, with the search for land records, wills and contracts, Jeanne Comeau has taken her mandatory retirement. She has cheerfully brought out those huge volumes of register books and plot maps and plans for everyone who has called on her both in person and by phone.

I was just reading some of the Log Cabin chronicle posting and I thought maybe you could give me some direction. I am trying to trace my husband's family who were from the Stanstead area. I have a copy of a baptism record from the Sacred Heart church, North Strattford NH for Joseph Henri COLLARD born Jan 14 1908 in West stewartown NH and baptized at Sacred Heart, January 24, 1908. His parents are listed as Noah COLLARD (Noe) and Virginia CHENELLE. Family stories suggest he was part indian , adopted as a baby. Other stories suggest Noe and family went back and forth from the US. Do you know if there is any way to clarify one way or the other whether he was the natural child of Noe & Virginie? Would there be any records to that effect in the Church? Suggestions? Any help is appreciated. Lynnette Collard --


It would be best to see that original church record first if you can. It might have his parents listed as parents or some other description. What you sent me is not clear it doesn't appear to be flat right at that part. But as it is only a copy there may be more clues in the original. Sometimes they use the word chosen or some other word for an adopted child.

When Noe Collard marries Virginie Chenelle, Sept. 5, 1904, he is living in St-Hermenegilde, Quebec. He is a widower and was first married to Florida Langlois. Virginie was the daughter of Theodule Chenelle and Victoria Ramsay.

* * *

I want to begin by telling you how much I appreciate your time with me on the telephone today regarding the SABALL ancestry.

The missing birth/address information I am seeking is on Albert F SABALL (SABOLL). b. 1863 Canada d. 1949 Massachusetts His father was Louis Sabolle and was baptized at (Sacred Heart) Missions des Cantons de l'Est 28/05/1839, age de 3 semaines Francois et Adelaide Gravelle, journalier du canton de Stanstead\

Along with SABOLLE, Felix 8/05/1839 age de 2 ans 3 mois SABOLLEMarie-Philomene bapt 11/07/1842 nais 13/06/1842 Alphay, Louis, Cyrus, George, Marie, Alfred, Emma The relative with the Masonic Symbol was Julius G SABALL (jr) b. 1833-1892 And was buried at Fitch Bay with his wife Naomi MARTIN (1831-1888) and son Joseph Cephas SABALL (d. 1886) Julius also had Maggie E. b. Sept. 28, 1857 and baptized as an adult in the Methodist church Stanstead Twp. April 15, 1877. Jack (John L. ) Saball, Groton, Massachusetts


There is considerable information about the Sabol, Saboll, Sabolle and many other spellings of your family name in local records. Sadly I have not found much on the first names you have mentioned. The records for the parish of Sacre Coeur when it was served by a missionnary priest are on a few pieces of paper that were copied by someone who had gone to the diocese office years ago. They are not complete. However if you were to have a look at the Drouin Records you should find all catholic records there. The American - Canadian Geneological Society in Manchester, NH (which isn't terribly far from you I believe.) has a super collection of Quebec records and the Drouin collection. I have been told that Mrs. Armonde (Camber) West, formerly of Georgeville, now of Ayer's Cliff, has a connection to your family and information and photographs.

* * *

I read with interest your website regarding the comings and goings between Stanstead and Vermont. I am trying to find out where my g g g g g grandfather came from but it is not in your area. He appears in the 1800 census in Swanton, VT. His name is James ROBERTS b 2/26/1773 (I don't know where) d 8/2/1825 Swanton, VT. Can you possibly point me in a direction that might help me find more information.

Robert Colombo

Robert, Please try, There is a very large group of folks with that name. The Drouin Collection of records (available by subscription online) may be a help to you if you feel he may of had French roots. If he did have he may have been called Jacques Robert. If you live near one of the many Franco/American or Canadian /American genealogical societies they may have the Drouin records inhouse for your use. As I am sure you know Robert is a bilingual name Roberts is usually English. There are dozens of them in Vermont of 1790 (census) and a James living in Whitingham, Windham Co.

* * *

I am hoping you can help me find information on my family. Samuel THORNTON, son of Samuel THORNTON, mother unknown, was born in 1775 in New Hampshire. He married Catherine BAKER of New Hampshire. They seemed to have moved back and forth between Hatley Quebec and New Hampshire. Some of their children were born in Canada and some in New Hampshire. Samuel and Catherine had a son, also called Samuel who was born in Hatley in 1816. In 1840 he is living in Wheelock Vermont and marries in 1841 Chloe BLANCHARD. His parents Samuel and Catherine also live out their days in Wheelock. Can you find any info on this Thornton family. Jeanie Thornton Roberts

* * *

I wrote you back some time ago in reference to the Elisha GRISWOLD family. I have since been able to find some answers and thought it should be posted in case someone should be looking and find it. 1. my e-mail is now

2. I have found death records on John GRISWOLD and Henry GRISWOLD . They both died in the W. Stewartstown Nursing Home. I still have no answer on Maria/Abigail Smith GRISWOLD . I will keep searching.

3. I am now trying to find my father's heritage; ABBOTT, MCINTIRE, BUSHAW. His great grandfather was John L. ABBOTT b. about 1810 in Hopkinton, NH (I cannot find any record on him, nor can I find his father, mother or siblings) He married Abigail B. MCINTIRE, daughter of John R. MCINTIRE and Mary COLLINS. Pg 200, 201 F&C. Abigail was born 23 Jan 1814 in Stanstead County, Quebec. I am unable to find a birth record or marriage record. Abigail is buried in Bradford, Orange, Vermont. She died 12 Apr 1900. Some of her children are born in Sutton, NH and the others are born in Bradford, VT. She had a sister, Mary, who was born in Magoon Point-Georgeville--this shows on her death record.

4. John & Abigail's son George W. ABBOTT --I have been unable to find him. I beleve he may be the George William Price ABBOTT who died in Hatley on Sept. 23, 1878 at 26 years old (gun shot wound). He married a Laura BUSHAW on 28 Jan 1873 in Piermont, NH and Laura ABBOTT shows with two children (Eugene Lester ABBOTT & Katie ABBOTT ) in the Hatley 1881 Census living with her father and mother, Lewis & Mary BUSHAW. If I am correct, Laura had a sister, Rosa BUSHAW, who married George's brother Ephraim Mark Collins ABBOTT this is my father's line. My problem is that I cannot find where George W.P. ABBOTT is buried. I think possible he is the one showing in Boynton Cemetery who died 5 Sep 1870 age 27 years. The stone being old, probably doesn't reflect an accurate read. In order to assure this information is accurate, I need more proof.

I sure do appreciate anything you can do to help me with any of the Abbott/Mcintire/Bushaw lines. If you have any ideas where I might look, please let me know.

Ellie Daniels


We find the following: Boynton Cemetery Stanstead, Quebec

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Jan 17, 2005 []. Total records = 93. This old cemetery is mowed and kept by the Crystal Lake Cemetery Company. The earliest stone dates from 1818 and the most recent burial is 1974. Susan Nutbrown and I made visits to this cemetery in Sep of 2004, as we did a complete recording of all existing and legible stones. - Leslie Nutbrown

Abbott, George W., d. 5 Sep 1870, age: 27yrs Abbott, Hattie, no dates

The Stanstead Journal ran this death notice: At his residence, Stanstead, Sept. 5, 1870. Geo. W. Abbott aged 27 yrs. Also from the Journal , Hattie Victoria, only child of Geo. W. Abbott July 4, 1870 died in Rock Island.


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