The Log Cabin Chronicles

David Lepitre


Like so many Border Dwellers I was born in the nearest hospital, which was located in Newport, Vermont. My Canadian parents live in the Quebec part of Beebe, a truly international village.

I have always been interested in local history. But at the early age this interest was being developed I did not understand the concept of history. I just enjoyed the stories told by knowledgeable elders who did.

A love for the mysteries of genealogy came as a result of having a Home Child grandfather on one side and an Acadian grandad on the other. Both lines were wrenched from their roots and transplanted against their will.

All my other lines or branches became as interesting for their own reasons as the search progressed.

After my education I became a funeral director/embalmer. This is a profession in which an interest or knowledge of local genealogies is a real asset.

I've been a printer since 1981 and have owned my own shop since 1982. In an effort to promote the Archives of the Stanstead Historical Society I tried to goad Peter Scowen, then editor of the Stanstead Journal, into running a genealogical column. It seemed an ideal opportunity to me and the weekly newspaper had a long history of helping family historians. In 1990 Scowen challenged me with producing this column and it is still a regular feature in the Journal today.

I serve on the board of directors of the Stanstead Historical Society and the Haskell Free Library and Opera House. My late wife Wendy and I have a daughter, April.

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