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Letter to James Earl Ray

18 March 1992

James Earl Ray
River Bend Penitentiary
Nashville, Tennessee

Enclosed is a copy of a column about your book Who Killed Martin Luther King?

I called Alan Sultan at National Press Books in Bethesda, Maryland, twice to get information for the piece but was unable to talk with him. When he finally returned my call -- late the next day -- the paper had been put to bed.

If you want to respond -- to enlarge upon or to counter anything in the column -- I will make my editorial page space available to you for a limited time -- say, until two weeks from now -- on a one-time basis. Your copy will be subject to editing for length (about 1,000 words), grammar, punctuation, and language.

A minor point in the book, re: Anthony J. Marro (pg. 185). He and I were colleagues in the Vermont Press Bureau in the mid-60s, and I know him to be a man of the highest professional and personal integrity.

I called him last weekend at Newsday on Long Island, New York, where he is editor, for his version of the reported. shoving match with Mark Lane. He says he went into that situation cold (sent by the Times' Nicholas Horrock, his boss), was grilled by Patterson for half an hour (and probably taped), then confronted in another motel room by tv lights and a videoed/filmed confrontration with Lane.

When Marro left the room, after refusing to take part in "that kind of circus," Lane did shout at him, but it was: "They told you I was queer, didn't they?", not the 'truth question', as you wrote.

I've enclosed a stamped envelope in case you choose to respond. It's addressed to my personal Derby Line, Vermont, address. The Stanstead Journal is on the Canadian-US border and American mail is received much quicker this way.

John Mahoney
Editorial Page Columnist
Stanstead Journal
Stanstead, Quebec JOB (819) 876 -2538

US Mail: John Mahoney PO Box 706 Derby Line, VT 05830

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