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James Earl Ray's Letter


23 March 1992

Dear Mr. Mahoney:

I have your letter dated 18 March; also, thanks for the review.

As to responding, I think the editorial was alright, so I see no point in commenting about it.

Re: Anthony J. Marro; in the initial book (Tennessee Waltz), which had a limited circulation, I had a 300 [plus or minus] bibliography in it, and I think the reference I used was from the St. Louis Globe.

Apparently, a SC [U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations] investigator, Conrad Baetz, told the dude that worked for the Committee [Patterson -- see below] to tell Marro that Mark Lane was a homosexual (this was before the opinion makers decided that gay was beautiful). In any case, John Auble [a St. Louis TV reporter], listed below, and who was on the scene, probably could recall the episode.

I'm sure that Marro didn't know what he was getting into, and was just doing what Horrock told him to do. Apparently Horrock also didn't know that Lane had turned Oliver Patterson, the dude who had worked for the Committee.

As to the NY Times and the metro papers, they have always supported the State's case, which is natural since they have an interest in perpetuating the system. However, the media is becoming more diverse, consequently my version of the case has been receiving an airing in the last 3 or 4 years. Further, major foreign media outlets have commenced looking into the MLK case (see enclosure). Now a large French Network is producing a documentary & a German co. is also considering a documentary.


[signed] J.E. Ray


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