John Mahoney's Asshat to Arhat Files: The Improbable Journey
John Mahoney
John Mahoney
is editor of the Log Cabin Chronicles.

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Posted 11.18.12
Cobden, Ontario


"The doctor wants to see you..."

COBDEN, ONTARIO | This morning I weighed in at 164.5 lbs. -- a tad under what I weighed in December, 1953, when I completed Basic Infantry Combat Training at age 18 with Easy Company, 20th Infantry Regiment, in Fort Ord, California.

That's 55 lbs. less than I weighed at this time last year, and 40 lbs. less than seven months ago -- when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

And fatty liver, gallstones, and high blood pressure. I was considered obese. Plus, the examining nurse practitioner asked if I realized that I had a bulging epigastric hernia.

I've always maintained that you don't kick a man when he's down -- unless you can deliver a straight, clean shot to his cojones.

When the doctor called me to her office she didn't mince around - just a clean, quick shot where it hurt: "You have diabetes."

I should have known. At age 77, I had spent much of my life being a confirmed Asshat and now it was time to reap the harvest.

[Asshat: One whose head is so far up their rear end it could pass for a hat.]

  • I'd always fancied Irish whiskey, ice-cold vodka, good red wine. Lots of it, and often -- most every day, sometimes to wretched excess.

  • Sugar-glazed raised donuts, in boxes of six from the supermarket. Except when they had boxes containing a dozen. Nuked for 20 seconds so they would be warm and sticky, and eaten with a fork and knife. Sometimes I would eat a pair of them for a snack.

  • Bagels, well warmed in the toaster, then slathered with butter or cream cheese, or both. Loved peanut butter, laid on thick or spooned from the jar. Almost as much as I loved wedges of brie cheese -- big wedges.

  • Steak fat, pork chop fat -- loved it. Excuse me, are you going to eat your fat?

  • I relished drinks of maple syrup straight from the can, or spooning a lot of it of my high-value ice cream.

  • You know those boxes of dark chocolate mini-bottles filled with brandy that are everywhere at Christmas time? Last year we bought seven boxes for gifts. Instead, we ate most of them, and I gobbled down the large majority of those little killers.

  • Licorice All-Sorts have always been a favorite, and our local Bulk Barn is well-stocked. I often kept a container near my place at the dining spot, so I could cap off a meal with 3-4 pieces.

  • Don't get me started on bacon...
You get the idea: Not only an Asshat but a confirmed caloric Danny Dumpster, immune from all harm stemming from self-abuse.

After an episode in early January involving ice-cold vodka and a probable black-out resulting in a trip down the stairs, and further complicated by stabbing midriff pains and very sensitive stomach muscles, I dragged my sorry ass to the morning urgent care period at our local health centre.

I was thoroughly examined, blood was drawn, I had to pee in a cup.

A nurse called a couple of days later: "The doctor wants to see you today..."

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