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John Mahoney
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Posted 07.27.07
Fool's Hollow, Quebec


First in an occasional series on various eateries here and there

Coco Jarry
314 Raglan Street South
Renfrew, Ontario

I turn leery when I ask for a simple garden salad with my steak instead of mixed vegetables and potato and the lovely young waitress with a lovely young smile says: "That will be extra."

"Umm," I say. "Instead of, not in addition to…"

"Sorry, sir, I don't make the rules I just enforce them." Still that perfect-toothed smile.

Rules, I think - Lift the toilet seat, wash your hands, no spitting…

And waitperson as enforcer?

"Just the baked potato," I say. "Sour cream? Yes, please."

I ask for my heavy Alberta tenderloin steak with peppercorn sauce to be cooked medium rare. It comes overcooked and a tad tough. Well, more than a tad, actually. The baked potato was good.

The Silver Fox orders a pork souvlaki that she rates as "pretty good."

With the above, we each order a glass of Italian red house wine. (Advertised at $4.95 a glass, billed at $5.) Thin , but wet.

We have to ask for a glass of water.

There is a narrow right-angle terrace with small tables and chairs right on the street but separated by a low railing. Pretty noisy but it's the main connector to Highway 417 a few miles out of town.

Our table is just inside, behind the raised door-wall which opens this section of the dining room/bar to the world outside.

The slot where the door seats in the floor is dirty with bits of litter. The floor under the table is dirty.

We didn't experience the restrooms.

The lovely young waitress apologizes for the slow service as she presents the bill with that dazzling smile. About $50, with the tip.

We skipped coffee and dessert and went home to Cobden and did it right.

Will we try Coco Jarry again? Not in this lifetime.