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Posted 10.04.07
Fool's Hollow, Quebec


Second in an occasional series on various eateries here and there

Del's Diner
Killaloe, Ontario

KILLALOE, ONTARIO | The smell of a new car always makes me hungry, especially if I'm doing a road test at lunchtime. The pressure increases if the rig is bright red.

That's how the Silver Fox and I found ourselves listening to country music under images of James Dean and Elvis on Wednesday, October 3, here in Del's Diner.

Bill Green sent us. Bill is one of McCarthy Motors' Chevy car guys who was showing us a new HHR retro-styled crossover sports van.

He said "Take a run up to Wilno. Great views from the Catholic Church. We did. True stuff. Looked like home country back on the Quebec/-Vermont border.

He said "Try Del's Diner around the corner. A lot of people eat there. You eat, I'll work up some numbers."

Dels's: Black and white tiled floor and matching wainscoting trim on the green walls. Red leatherette booths, chrome stools at the counter, modest dining room in the rear. James Dean, Elvis, and Marilyn on the wall, country music in your ear. A clean, well-lighted place.

Good start.

What to eat, what to eat? The Silver Fox opts for homemade vegetable soup with tea biscuit. The soup was hearty and chunky, the biscuit light and fluffy. Both pronounced delicious. $3.50.

I go for the man-sized lunch: Grilled Reuben on rye, large slice of pickle, mountain of fries (light, not greasy, delicious). Being Canada, these were real french fries, not pathetic Freedom Fries. $7.50.

We both opted for rice pudding for dessert, which neither of us needed. Mine came with whipped cream and a poisonous-looking red cherry on top, which I ate first. All of it. $1.75.

A slice of pie costs $3.75: Butterscotch, coconut cream, lemon, apple, and something called Del's Delight which, sadly, I neglected to ask about.

I have to report that the coffee, although fresh, was not to my liking, nor to Jane's. However, I did drink two cups.

Back to Bill Green at the Chevy dealership. I say "Good advice on the test drive, lunch was excellent, Bill. I guess you've been softening us up."

A small professional car salesman laugh and Bill came up with some numbers. I didn't like them much. We left. I e-mailed him a counter-offer. Waiting to hear from you, Bill.