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John Mahoney
John Mahoney
is editor of the Log Cabin Chronicles.

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Posted 12.04.06
Fool's Hollow, Quebec


Citizen, we know who you are

America, you have to hand it to the guys and gals at Homeland Securitaté.

They know how to keep their eyes on the ball. And on you.

Did you have any idea they know where you've been, how you paid for your ticket? What seat you asked for on the airplane.

Or what you had to eat?

Baby, you've been targeted, assessed, and numbered.

Maybe the Securitaté folks consider you low risk, maybe high risk, but you can bet your booty you're some kind of security risk.

You, my fellow human beings, are pretty much reckoned as The Other.

See, there are now the Good Guys, the patriots who are charged with keeping the Homeland safe from terrorists and criminals.

And then there is Everybody Else.

The Good Guys have been quietly compiling info about Everybody else for the past four years.

And they plan on maintaining these database entries for about forty years. That ought work out to equal the remaining lifespan of adults in the Everybody Else category.

You cannot see what information they have on you.

You cannot even challenge their right to collect and store this information.

They got it wrong? Tough luck, Charlie.

Welcome to the Homeland, welcome Brave New World.

More good news -- Homeland Securitaté says it may share your information with state and local governments.

And foreign governments.

And maybe private contractors.

You know, British cops want to add voice monitoring devices to their millions of closed circuit cameras in the UK. This way, they could hear trouble before it starts -- raised voices on the sidewalk, a few curses, and the Bobbies swarm in and prevent any uncivil uglies from developing.

How long before the US wants to do the same?

What next?

Preemptive incarceration? Preemptive elimination?

Feeling safer, are you?