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John Mahoney
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Posted 06.17.03
Fool's Hollow, Quebec


An instant love affair

I'm in love. And it happened in the wink of an eye.

The instant I fanned through the 180 pages of the Lee Valley Hardware Catalog for 2002/2003, I knew I had to possess it.

The heavy glossy cover, the thousands of things I could own -- all illustrated in actual color.

Where else could I get my hands on a Victorian birdcage hook, all details faithfully reproduced using the fabled lost-wax technique? And only $19.60, plus tax, plus tax.

My heart fluttered when I reached the fifteen-inch Art Deco cast iron shelf brackets, so reasonable at $15.40 each. The six #10 screws you'll need are extra (see pages 133-136).

For you, they have locks and latches, knobs and pulls, escutcheons of all sizes and styles.

The 6.5 inch cast iron handle at $8.50 is inviting. If you want fancy, take your pick of oak, brass, stainless steel, ceramic, or twisty steel.

Need a gimlet, an awl, a striking knife? Look no further.

Tiny boxes made of wood, not ticky tacky, cost but $4.50. The mechanism to create your own hand-made coffee grinder will only set you back $18.95. Plus taxes and shipping, of course.

Furniture and project plans, supplies...I go into lust just thumbing through the pages.

I've been told that I cannot stop at Lee Valley's Ottawa store when we visit our son Keith and his family. We drive right past it on the 417.

And, warns the Silver Fox, don't even think of sneaking out your credit card and logging on to their secure ordering pages.

So, now you want to know how you can get your copy, right?

www.leevalley.com will get you to right place.

Did I mention the lazy suzan bearings and the heavy brass cane heads...