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John Mahoney
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Posted 04.13.03
Fool's Hollow, Quebec


Throw the rascals out

If Premier Bernard Landry and his Quebécois secessionists are kicked out of power in Monday's election, they can do some partial fingerpointing at a descendant of Ralph the Pagan, a vassal of William the Conqueror.

I did my bit in trying to rid la belle province from Parti Québécois rule by voting Liberal in the advance poll last week.

I want to see Landry sputtering daily as Leader of the Official Opposition, I want to see neocon Mario Dumont of the Action Democratique Quebec (ADQ) remain 'down there' in third place which is no place at all.

Liberal Jean Charest doesn't really light my fire but, hey, he's not a secessionist and he once promised that, if elected, he would let the people who live in the communities the PQ government forced to merge -- like all of greater Montreal -- decide if they want to remain merged.

Perhaps after Monday night we'll find out if those were weasel words or not.

Defeated politicians -- and Quebec politicians are no exception -- are quick to lay upon others the blame for their defeats and failures.

Mister Bluster, aka ex-Premier Jacques Parizeau, fingered the "ethnics and money" as being the cause for defeat of the last referendum on separation.

'Money,' of course, being code for Quebec's Jews.

His water-of-life-fueled attack caused the secessionists much public embarrassment -- for the timing of it, if not for the content.

And, much to Landry's consternation, Parizeau repeated his charges during the campaign, much to Charest's delight. Mister Bluster was quickly asked to fold up his tent and silently slip away for the rest of the campaign.

Parizeau got it at least partially right about the voting patterns of the ethnics and Jews.

Fortunately, two of my ethnic great-greats who descended from Ralph the Pagan -- father John Worth and son John -- were able to breed before getting the chop at the Siege of Plymouth Fort in Devon, during the English civil wars.

And, my French-Canadian grandfather Marquis, it turns out, was descended from Sephardic Jews chased out of Spain, we reckon, by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492.

Thus, I was able to vote against both separation and the current separatist government.

Thanks, Ralph, for everything.