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Posted 11.20.00
Fool's Hollow, Quebec


Still being screwed by the PQ

One of many vexatious peculiarities of the autocrats who rule Quebec is that when they screw you, they never kiss you first.

Another is the use of the term 'democracy' to describe the way they govern:

Democracy is what is deemed good for the francophone collectivity – at the expense of linguistic minorities -- by a small core of separatist elitists.

Interpreted by the Ministry for the Suppression of all Languages other than French, the law of the land – Law 101 – puts the wood to everyone, one way or another.

French kids, except a tiny minority, are prohibited from attending English elementary and high schools. The really rabid Pequiste democrats would ban them from English-language junior colleges.

Business people are forbidden from displaying signs in other than the missionary position: French on top and twice as large as the subordinate language. Don't even think about a Sanskrit/Old West Norse combo.

Now, the ham-fisted power lovers who are intent on controlling all aspects of our lives will create by fiat five huge bouchardvilles -- megacities, if you like -- from the neighbors of Montreal, Hull, Quebec City, Levis, and Longueil.

More community wealth to pilfer, fewer troublesome mayors and municipal councils to deal with…and watch for even more downloading of services and financial obligations.

Has the democratic Parti Québécois bothered to ask the people whose communities they are destroying if they want to amalgamate?

Of course not.

Will they pay any attention to local referendums on the issue of forced municipal mergers?

Minister Louise Harel has flatly said no, they won't, ever.

Are you surprised?

You'd have to be a damned fool to be surprised at anything promulgated by those people.

I hope all you hand-wringing Anglo apologists here in Paradise-that-begins-at-the-45th-Parallel remember this when it's your turn to bend over.

Because your town will be next on the merge-or-else list.

Stanstead East. Ogden. Stanstead Township. Wherever. Do you believe in your smug little hearts that they will leave you alone? That somehow you will escape their merger mania?

Get your head out of the sand, mes amis. The midnight knock on the door will come.

Prepare yourselves for more downloading of obligations, for increased local taxes and user fees.

Just because the bell did not toll for you today does not mean it will not toll for you tomorrow. Or the day after.

And you're still not going to get kissed.