John Mahoney's Free-fire Zone
John Mahoney
John Mahoney
is editor of the Log Cabin Chronicles.

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Posted 07.08.04
Fool's Hollow, Quebec


Securing America Forever

America's hard-edged exercise of power is becoming despised around the world and the threat of terrorist attacks is part of daily life.

The People of the Two Americas Homeland are permanently divided. The conservative - moderate culture gap will never be bridged. Forget about goodwill and sufferance.

Regardless of party label, the power elite are not going to give up anything, ever. Nor should they, in this best of all meritocracies.

To continue to reward the affluent and powerful, insure the domestic tranquillity, and present to the world a united front, we need to re-order American society once and for all.

There are two ways to go:

Everything is allowed

Except for acts expressly prohibited after full and open deliberation by freely elected representatives of the people.

This is quite a messy process and demands compromise and tolerance. It's called democracy and, essentially, is not safe.

Everything is verboten

Except for acts expressly permitted by Those in Charge, however they got where they are.

This is cost-efficient and time-saving, with no lengthy debates and disrespectful questioning of authority. Plus, "No, don't!" is easy to understand.

The President ('P' for short) and his appointed Counselors ought to be able to conduct the affairs of state without having their hands tied by wishy-washy judges and congressmen. They got where they are by brains and hard work. Trust them.

For example, 'P' ought to be able to:

  • Strip any American of US citizenship in the name of Homeland security.
  • Incarcerate anyone, anywhere, for however long it takes to insure Homeland security.
  • Authorize 'intense pressure interrogation' of anyone, anytime, anywhere to insure Homeland security. This is not torture, which America rejects.
  • Open mail, eavesdrop, enter, search, and seize at will to insure Homeland security.
  • Ban disrespectful reports via print, radio, TV, internet, and film to insure Homeland security. 'Watch what you say' is advice that should be heeded.
  • Appoint judges without Congressional meddling.
  • Reject unseemly legislation 'passed' by Congress.
  • Initiate 'police actions' wherever and whenever to insure Homeland security without any carping by Congress or the press.
  • Impress, induct, or draft any US resident, at any time, for military or quasi-military service to serve at the pleasure of 'P' without Congressional whining.
  • Mine America's insecure borders with foreign countries. Weaponized surveillance drones are effective tools. Tighten up America's sea and air ports. Visas for all, strict passport controls.
  • Institute fee-based national ID cards for citizens and residents to enhance Homeland security.
  • Institute fee-based domestic travel permits, linked to satellite tracking devices, to enhance Homeland security.
  • Encourage re-ordering American society into local Patriot Cells, whose leaders would report to Community Watch Teams that would liase with police authorities. Motto: Be Aware.

    (Note: There are many experts in the former East Germany who could assist local Homeland communities effectively reorganize.)

Bottom line: America needs to Spartanize itself, to reaffirm that it is One Nation Under The One True Christian God, the Hope of the World, and truly the Home of the Free and the Brave.

Not a fun place to visit and, hey, who'd want to live like that?

But you must admit it would be orderly and secure.