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John Mahoney
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Posted 03.06.08
Cobden, Ontario


The LCC enters 13th year on-line

And what a strange dozen years it has been.

Bill "B-job" Clinton was reelected President of the US despite his proclivity for extramarital sex within the White House and fibs he told about it.

George Bush, with the help of Florida and the US Supremes, stole his first election.

Americans sometimes known as Stupids put him back in office four years later.

Now, Clinton's wife wants the job. The only thing stopping her from getting a real kick at the can is a smart-talking young Black man who is only half black but still labeled "black."

Iraq, the Abomination, continues grinding the blood and bones of human beings of various nationalities, genders, ages...

Afghanistan continues to entertain.

Tens of thousands of Americans still do not have access to health, much less be able to pay for it if they did.

America now has more people in jail than anywhere else in the world.

Some states are seriously considering allowing teachers, staff, and adult students to carry concealed weapons into the classroom.

The Secessionists in Quebec continue to demand they be allowed to break up Canada, and the Word Police continue to harass Anglo businesses for putting up signs in The Language That Must Not Be Seen In Public.

Canada has a neocon minority government and the pols waiting in the wings are not worth a crap, either.

After thirty-five years, we sold The Hovel at Fool's Hollow, Quebec, pulled up stakes, and moved to the Ottawa Valley in Ontario to be near seven of our ten grandchildren.

I'd planned on dying with my boots on in the log cabin I built when a young man -- I never thought I would live in town again.

But the view of Muskrat Lake here in Cobden -- it's just 100 feet or so from our front door -- is very nice. The paved roads are easy on the car and I do love the networked wireless high-speed Internet connection (I can now shoot and post video on-line).

And I can walk to the liquor store -- no more fifteen-mile round trips into town.

So thanks for dropping by for the past twelve years. And a special thanks to all the photographers and writers who make the LCC what it is. They contribute for free and a sincere thanks from me, and I hope from you, is their only pay.