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lake monster?

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on August 12 at 11:22 a.m. Patricia deBroin Fournier and her husband were boating on Lake Memphremagog, in the Quebec end of the international lake. They were still on their annual summer holidays.

Suddenly, some distance away the surface of the water became agitated. Ms. Fournier thought this strange because the rest of the lake was relatively calm and placid. She had the presence of mind to focus her video camera on the disturbed area.

In a recent e-mail she wrote:

It was not a natural-looking boat wake (multiple waves) but a single moving wave; it was also [in] a deep part of the lake. I have it all on tape and it was strange to see. I have been out on the lake since I was 10 and know all about the stories.

I have watched her very short video clip of the event a number of times and can report that, yes, something was out there that day.

Whatever it was -- and I certainly am not prepared to say it was the legendary monster of Lake Memphremagog -- appeared fairly long and narrow, disturbed a substantial amount of water, and part of whatever it was appeared briefly above the surface before disappearing.

On the video tape you can hear Ms. Fournier repeating as she continues to shoot: "This is weird, this is weird."

QUESTION: Is this video clip a hoax?

I don't think so.

QUESTION: Is Memphre for real?

I don't know. But Ms. Fournier videotaped something large that looked real on August 15.

And, on the following day:

I was surprised the next day in the bay below the monastery (St Benoit) -- the one to the left with the horses in the pasture and the lovely house -- to see waves coming at us in a V-pattern but not from anywhere! The waves were very strong and there seemed to be a force pushing the water forward.

It came quickly and just vanished within a couple of minutes. (No tape of this one) This too was a very calm day but the water in this area, although not close to shore, was not deep. I thought: Maybe some underwater seismic activity.

As soon as I can get additional still images pulled from the tape I will publish them for your inspection. Please keep in mind the video frame is quite small and the total percentage of the frame covered by the "monster" is tiny. That's why the still image is unsharp and grainy. I did a minimal amount of brightness and contrast enhancement in Adobe Photoshop, and applied a 100% unsharp mask to tighten the image. No retouching was done.

Take me to the monster pictures...

Many thanks to:
Patricia de Broin Fournier for her report

Jacques Boisvert, founding president of the Societé internationale de dracontologie du lac Memphremagog for vetting the video tape before passing it on for publication.

Charlie & Linda Tetreault for acquiring the still images from the video clip.

Yvon Leclerc, directeur Institut international du paléozoïque Magazine "dialogue sientifique, for his measured presentation of the video stills.

Stay tuned...Memphre will be back.

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