Log Cabin Chronicles

Astrophysics Of Missing You


At the center of our galaxy there is
A black hole so massive
Fifteen million of our suns
Could fit within it.

I tell my daughter: "I dreamt
I had a daughter who got married
And never called me. Aren't dreams strange?"

I smile at the sound of her laughter.

The black hole was discovered by observing
Telltale orbital anomalies of nearby stars
And odd behavior of light of a certain wavelength-
Now ultra-violet or infrared, I don't recall.

She loves him, so I love him,
But if she should ever grow to hate himů
I ask about her husband.
Courtesy and propriety first, I say.

Astrophysicists believe the black hole
Is the residual material
Of first generation stars
That formed most galactic matter.

"How is baby Alex?" I ask.
"Fine" She replies.
"And little Mini-Me?"
"Oh, Dad, he's gotten big."

This black hole at the center
Of the Milky Way is a primordial
Remnant of the current universe
And is a byproduct of its evolution.

We say goodbye and the line falls silent.
I hang up the phone and walk from the kitchen
To the living room and flop down on the loveseat.
I lay with head and feet elevated on its armrests.

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