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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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Posted 1.12.17


Trumpwatch 2017: From Obama Nation to Abomination

CAPE BRETON, NS | I'm sorry but I just can't get behind the crowd who says: "Let's just wait and see how he does" nor can I follow the advice of Kellyanne "Conjob" Conway, his female zombie minion who said, "don't worry about what comes out of his mouth, it's what in his heart that matters.".

Could this be the strategy for all future malaprops? When he says that Meryl Streep is "overrated" will his handlers just say, "yes he did say that moronic thing but that's not what was in his heart."

As for waiting to see how he does, I'm seeing it already. His list of cabinet appointees headed for confirmation seems comical at first. Most of them just look like a way to poke a stick in the eye of anyone who didn't vote for him. A climate denier at the head of the EPA? The head of an oil company and asshole buddy of Putin as Secretary of State? Ben Carson, the somnambulant weirdo for housing and Urban Development? Maybe Leatherface of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame would be available for Surgeon General.

The first confirmation hearing had Alabama Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions applying for the job of Attorney General. Despite being rejected for a lower court position our tweet-happy President elect thought he'd make an excellent AG. First of all anyone named "Jefferson Beauregard" and admits to it should be disqualified. I imagine him on his lofty AG perch bloviating with a voice like Foghorn Leghorn:

"Well fan ma brow son, y'all can't be lettin' them Ayrabs into the U Ess of Ay ah do declayah."

In an unprecedented statement his senate colleague Cory Booker spoke against him saying:

"If confirmed, Sen. Sessions will be required to pursue justice for women, but his record indicates that he won't," Booker continued. "He will be expected to defend the equal rights of gay and lesbian Americans, but his record indicates that he won't. He will be expected to defend voting rights, but his record indicates that he won't."

Yet the nasty little troll is on the verge of confirmation.

It's not only cabinet appointments that are vindictive and inappropriate. Trump is in talks with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who is a long time opponent of vaccines. Trump has for years gone along with the myth that vaccines cause autism. Both Trump and this nutjob potential appointee are opponents of evidence-based medicine. He displayed the same mulish stance on Obama's citizenship and lately the denial of Russian cyber crimes during the election. After pushing his face into the evidence from every portal he finally said "Obama is a citizen period." He also caved at his news conference when he admitted that Russia hacked into American computer systems (then proceeded to blame the Democrats).

The latest caper in Trump's carnival of the bizarre comes out of his meetings with our intelligence agencies. It was alleged that Trump, while staying at a high-end hotel in Moscow participated in what is known as a "golden shower." Look it up if you want to know the lurid details. This allegation has since been debunked. The sad part is that it "could" be true -- after all, how did his hair get that colour?

It sounds like something the presidential pussy-grabber might do. We are left with the niggling feeling that Moscow might indeed have "something" on Trump that might lead to further disgrace for America.

Trump isn't even President yet and the scandals and horrible decisions are rolling in. I predict even the most "deplorable" Trump voter will be ready for the impeachment process. I give him until September.