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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 11.18.03


Another fun Republican heard from

Last Vermont, Brattleboro Reformer readers were graced with a snickering little paragraph or two from a former Republican nominee for the Vermont State Senate. I practically gagged at the brass of Sean McKeon who amused himself with little barbs at the expense of various Democratic candidates for President. Uh Seanů have you noticed what is going on in the country these days? There is a rabid elephant rampaging through the countryside and the Middle East and you are poking the donkey.

Did you rub the back of your neck a few times while you criticized the Democratic candidates? You sneered at Dennis Kucinich for having the moronic idea of calling for a cabinet level "Office of Peace". You nailed him Sean. What a liberal jackass. Imagine putting a value on peace.

Meanwhile, your anti-Christ Commander in Chief is refusing to attend the funerals of American soldiers killed in his trumped up war in Iraq.

It wouldn't be politically prudent to be seen honoring the fallen heroes that he put in harm's way, would it Sean?

Maybe it was the Reformer's editor, desperate for some balance on the editorial page, who encouraged you to write about the peccadilloes of the Democratic candidates. Tough assignment given that the GOP is running the national debt through the roof with a combination of expensive warmongering and chests of cash in the form of tax breaks for the sultans of industry.

Hammering the donkey-boys in the primaries is easy and fun. I've done it too.

Remember the last GOP primary with Bird Face Bauer and Stephen Forbes with his "horsy debutante daughters?"

However, this time around I would rather have Andrew Dice Clay running the country than re-elect Curious George.

Here's what Robert Scheer said about Bush in the latest issue of :

    "It takes stunning arrogance for a President to invade an oil-rich, politically strategic country on the basis of demonstrable lies, put his favorite companies in control of its economic future, create a puppet regime to do his bidding and then claim, as George Bush did last week in a speech, that this is all a bold exercise in spreading democracy."
It is stunning when you piece together the pattern of right-wing atrocities that this regime has perpetrated on this country. The U.S. has people in jail without trial or representation. We have alienated the member countries of the UN Human rights are eroding and the right-wing media are hoorahing like storm troopers on Kristalnacht.

When I read the pip-squeak criticisms of a Republican also-ran against the Democratic nominees while the GOP is turning this country into a Nazi theme park, I am a bit disgusted, to be honest.

This country has made an ideological about-face since Bush's dubious election win. He is frog-marching us into a world where we are fast being regarded as the most repressive of civilized countries. Every segment of our society is being stained with the jackboot zealotry that is the hallmark of the Bush Administration.

George's judicial nominees are so outside mainstream judicial thought that they might well reinstate the Dred Scott decision and repeal the 19th amendment if the right-minded Senators let their guard down.

On the Iraqi front, George is running scared. His adventures in war have cost America more lives than he or his shortsighted host of policy-wombats has ever anticipated. Now an umbra with Vietnam written all over it is falling over his administration. Look for him to scrap the "governing" committee's preparation of a constitution and just install the nearest non-Bathist party politicians as a governing body.

With the election in the balance, he'll cut and run leaving his puppet government in the lurch. A recipe for chaos to be sure and perfectly in concert with the rest of his Iraqi policy.

Look for Al Quaeda operatives to fill the governmental void when Bush hurries the troops home in time for the election. Instead of Saddam at the helm of this hapless country, they'll have Osama.

So, make your tired little recycled Jay Leno jokes about John Kerry marrying money or Ted Kennedy's drinking. The rest of us could use a laugh while your boy Bush guts the country.