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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 11.01.04


Any questions?

It was really a lot more fun writing about the Sox and their glorious phoenix-like rise from the ashes. Back in 1918 when they last took the series our country was lacking a few basic rights. Like votes of women.

Future generations will discuss the lifting of one curse and installation of another, should Bush win.

We may well be trading one curse for another if Kerry somehow comes out on top. I'm concerned about his constant defense of his Vietnam war record. It would show far more character if he would just leave it alone.

He hammers on his service record because his history in the Senate is so lackluster that he must be embarrassed about it. Kerry never seems to mention it unless it is in response to an attack.

In fact, he never seems to come up with much unless he has been attacked.

The man is constantly on the defensive. And the reason is that his principles are like the scaly skin of a chameleon. His morals change with the environment. How else can we explain his voting in favor of the war and opposing the appropriations to pursue it?

What does Kerry stand for? Answer: Getting elected. Period.

Much media fodder has been fed to the public about the loss of a huge cache of explosives in Iraq. Where did it go? Who could possibly know?

Our President, apparently, couldn't care less. He bellowed and bruited about weapons of mass destruction until finally he invaded Iraq. Did he then make any effort to find these weapons? No.

To me, this indicates that he wasn't wrong about WMD's -- he simply lied about them.

If, as Colin Powell told the U.N. they knew "hundreds" of sites where WMD's were hidden why, to this day, have they not investigated them?

They lied to us and then went to war for reasons that are unknown to most of us. They are simply garden-variety war criminals.

Hitler used the same tactics, as did Napoleon. Stalin marched into countries that were our allies after WWII and occupied them until the Cold War was over. If the spread of democracy in the Middle East was their true reason for the invasion, then the price is too high.

They have changed what this country stands for in the eyes of the world. And if the American public would watch the news occasionally instead of "Everybody Loves Raymond" they might realize that our own democracy is rotting. Even the corporate moguls who control our news in this great democracy of ours are unable to completely obscure the bloodletting and misadventures in Iraq.

Is the American public willing to pull its fat face out of that bucket of KFC and get to the polling booth? I doubt it.

Are you the least bit nervous about Election Day shenanigans? I am. The last time we had a Presidential election the winner of the most votes and probably the winner of the most Electoral College votes lost. Gore lost the election because of rampant cheating in Florida. At least that was the state we are sure about.

Was there fraud in Wisconsin or Colorado? Who knows?

What was Florida's answer to all of the allegations of cheating? Install computer voting machines that's what. With computer voting machines there is no paper trail. We all know how reliable computers are. Unscrupulous software developers can infect our machines and then sell us a cure. When Kerry gets 116 votes from the state of Florida who is going to question the results? How will they?

This column is liberally laced with questions. If you count them up you get fourteen. Nothing but questions remain in matters concerning this election.

Trust in the President is reduced to exactly the level of our trust in the system. His opponent is contaminated with a lust for power that has overshadowed any honorable qualities he may possess.

What a mess. I wonder if this is what the Romans felt like? (#15)