Jim Austin:
Ex-Vermonter at Large
Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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Posted 12.22.17


Beast Mode

CAPE BRETON, NS | The USA is, at present, a writhing beast tearing its own guts out with claws from the right and the left. Its agony will, without doubt, be suffered by those of us who don't have solid gold bathroom fixtures on our yachts. That's most of us.

I've been around since Truman and never have politicians seemed to loath each other so much. Our festering maggot President actually endorsed a pedophile over a Democrat for our Senate. And when was the last time you heard a U.S. President referred to as a "festering maggot"?

How have the traditional Liberal vs Conservative sides become so fizzing with bile toward each other? It started with the Tea Party that dragged erstwhile reasonable pols to the edge. Then the icing on that cake was electing a black man President. Latent racism became overt as Republicans threw their votes over to a creepy combed-over used-car salesman.

Trump and his lackeys have made it their mission to undercut and repeal everything that the Obama administration accomplished. They tried to repeal Obamacare 70 times. I still can't listen to commentators refer to President Trump without a bilious knot forming in my stomach. My wife and gentle bunnikins has always been a liberal and a political junkie. Since Trump was elected she has used the word "motherfucker" every single morning while watching MSNBC.

It's not just Trump. The entire Republican party has chugged the FOX Kool-Aid. Take Tennessee's Senator Bob Corker. He claimed he would not vote for any tax bill that added "one cent" to the deficit. He voted with the herd recently on a tax reform bill that will add one trillion bucks to the deficit. Was it a coincidence that a tiny codicil was added that will benefit him and his real estate business? He claimed he didn't even know about it. Add this to his portfolio of lies as he prepares to run for President in the next election.

Let's recap some of the actions/statements of our President (not necessarily in chronological order):

  • Referred to Mexicans as "rapists"
  • Taped proclaiming his favorite method of sexual assault i.e. "pussy grabbing"
  • Subsequently accused of sexually molesting several women
  • Compared white supremacist marchers favorably with those opposing them. David Duke tweets a fawning thank you
  • Fires FBI director Comey for his refusal to drop the investigation into Russian hacking of our election.
  • Pulls the US out of the Paris Accords while denying climate change.
  • Coal
  • Muslim ban
  • Taunts North Korean maniac dictator
  • Makes nice with murdering maniac dictator Duterte of the Philippines
  • Congratulates Turkey's aspiring dictator Erdogan on restricting the rights of his citizens and the media
Trump's latest atrocity has been to announce that the US embassy in Israel will be moved to Jerusalem, thereby ensuring Palestinian and Arab animus toward us. Mid-east peace? Forget it.

The follow-up in the UN has 156 countries censuring the US. Nicki Haley, our ambassador to the UN responded like a Mafia kingpin. They will "remember" this vote she says. Countries currently receiving US aid will have it withheld. Apparently, slavish subservience to the will of Trump is all that is required of the UN and its member nations.

I could go on for pages but none of this info will reach the brainwashed Trump base. And therein lies the problem There is no middle ground. It doesn't help that people like me refer to Trump voters as hopeless imbeciles. Or that they refer to my kind as Libtard buffoons. What matters is that our country, its ideals and principals are crumbling.