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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 11.26.03



The US body politic is riddled with disease. The symptoms are everywhere. The diagnosis is Bush-itis.

"Bush-it-is" n. low-grade infection characterized by aggressive behavior, respiratory difficulty, lowered IQ, and delusional periods of low insight.

Over 100,000 Brits lined the streets in London to protest the visit of our dear President Bush. One trenchant moment had the demonstrators topple a giant papier mache statue of Bush to emulate the fall of Sadaam's statue in Baghdad.

These are our allies. These are the citizens of the only country on the planet that was willing to go along with George's Iraqi adventure in any significant manner. Imagine the reception he would be getting in countries that didn't cravenly kowtow to Bush's misanthropic war.

One country where he would get the cold shoulder would be our NATO ally Turkey. Enormous explosions rocked the city of Istanbul this past week. They were detonated outside of the British Consulate where twenty-seven were killed and over 400 injured.

What did Turkey do to engender the ire of Al Queda? Apart from being an ally of the US, not much. They didn't allow the U.S. to attack Iraq through Turkey, thereby initiating a second front. In the main, they went along with the rest of the world in decrying Bush and his cronies.

The terrorist madness in Turkey is just further evidence of how misplaced our post 9/11 resources, both financial and human have been. Imagine if we had used the billions spent on this Iraqi war on wiping out Al Quaeda instead of chasing phantom weapons of mass destruction and installing a US owned industrial infrastructure as part of our "free Iraq" program.

Behind all the death and destruction both to US soldiers, Iraqi resistors, and Iraqi citizens, is a concerted campaign of economic pillaging by the USA.

One September 19 Paul Bremer, Bush's hatchet man in Iraq, enacted Order 39.

This decreed that 200 Iraqi state companies could be privatized and that foreign firms may own them lock stock and barrel, and that all of the profits from them may be moved out of the country.

The Hague Resolutions of 1907 -- ratified by our own government -- deems this profiteering banditry illegal. The Coalition Provisional Authority (read Britain and America) blithely and unilaterally overturned these rules of war as regards an occupying force.

Iraq is only the most obvious and virulent symptom of the illness that Bush has wrought on this nation.

At home our schools are suffering from the cynical "No Child Left Behind" policy of this administration. Schools that don't measure up to the standards set by the government are denied federal funds and may opt to allow low-achieving students to move to other higher achieving schools.

Of course this means that those schools will begin to fall short and they will have to lose funding whereby they turn the bus around and send the low achievers on to another school and on and on.

The end game is school vouchers. In a nutshell, it means that because public schools are such a failure we should give people vouchers that they can use to attend more successful private schools and academies, which incidentally don't have to take the standardized testing.

So, when your little dim bulb is sent to Catholic School or Hebrew School or the Southern Baptist School of Snake Charming. it is going to come out of your taxes.

Do you want to use your tax money to support someone else's religious indoctrination? Me neither.

This festering little problem caused by Bush-it is currently under the radar but the long-term effects are obvious, even to a Republican.

Maybe we shouldn't worry too much about education. By the time Bush is out of office we won't be able to breath anyway.

Satan and his imps designed his energy bill, currently moving through Congress. That's Cheney and his cronies to you atheists.

Experts are gasping for air and reeling when reading the details of this pro-industry toxic bill masquerading as an environmental action plan. One more term for Bush and the disease will metastasize into a shattered husk of its former self.

We'll be universally hated, sick from rotten healthcare, wheezing from toxic air, and ignorant as dirt from substandard education. Prognosis - dramatically lowered national and international esteem. Cure - radical Bush-ectomy in November 2004.