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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 07.15.05


Day of the Fanatic

British authorities were shocked to discover that the suicide bombers responsible for the deaths of over fifty and wounding of near 800 were "home grown."

As shocking to me is the apparent incompetence of British intelligence.

Given all the terrorist activities around the world, combined with Britain's involvement in the war in Iraq, wouldn't you think that the first priority of the government would be to infiltrate the Muslim community? These murdering maniacs were living right in the middle of a section of Leeds heavily populated by Middle Eastern émigrés.

It shouldn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out a plan to halt domestic terrorism. Would planting operatives at the local mosque or in the Middle Eastern neighborhoods be racial profiling?

The answer is yes it would.

Would it be a good idea? Yes it would.

If you are fishing for eels you don't go to the woods and sit in a tree with your deer rifle.

The world feels nothing but loathing and contempt for these criminals who target civilians, including school children, in their attempt to change the world. They are perverted serial killers who are never around to face the horrible consequences of their crimes. They don't ever have to see the faces of the families they have destroyed. Most of the time they are blown to fragments at their own hand.

My question concerns the community of Muslims that these vermin sprang from. I find it very difficult to believe that someone didn't have an inkling about the plans of these men.

Is the entire community on board with the violence perpetrated by these fiends? Are they afraid to speak for fear that they would be murdered? An anonymous phone call to authorities may well have prevented this crime.

Albert Einstein said: "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." I charge the world wide Muslim community of doing very bloody little to address this situation.

Where is the outrage from the Islamic world? They seem to be sitting back and enjoying the show while jihadists slaughter ordinary people.

Years ago Iranian clerics called on the Islamic world to kill Salman Rushdie on sight. A great fatwah was announced and Rushdie had to go into hiding. What did Rushdie do to deserve such attention? He wrote a book. Was this just an extreme form of literary criticism?

Thousands of innocent people die from 9/11 to Madrid to Bali and London and not a peep from leaders in the Islamic community.

I don't discount the fact that the Bush administration is responsible for thousands of deaths in Iraq. His criminality is just as bad as those terrorists who hide bombs in public places.

The bombers seem more venal but the results are the same: innocent people dead and families torn apart. The results of the carnage are also the same.

Bush for his part has created an animus in the Islamic community that will live for decades, maybe a century. Muslim fanatics are doing the same. Their goals recede further and further into the background with every bomb that is detonated.

Just when we work up some outrage at the plight of the Palestinians some fervid religious zombie boards a bus full of school kids and blows away any sympathy his people in refugee camps may have garnered.

In the aftermath we look at the bodies and say: " Who can blame the Israelis for treating the Palestinians like animals, look at the way they behave."

To the terrorists I say, unless you are able to kill all of us you will not get your way. This murderous course will eventually result in your destruction and in the process your own people will die.

9/11 kicked off a bloody reply from the White House. The people in Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 but they are dead just the same. Those commuters in Madrid and London and the workers in the twin towers had nothing to do with Israel's sins either.