Jim Austin:
Ex-Vermonter at Large
Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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Posted 2.1.17


Trumpwatch 2017: Homogenizing America

CAPE BRETON, NS | FDR had weekly "fireside chats" to discuss events in government and help people understand his decisions. Trump has decided to tweet out an atrocity of the week.

After trotting out a confederacy of fascists and plutocrats to take over cabinet positions, he decided to ban citizens from several Mideast countries from entering the United States. He wants to put a hold on all Mideast immigration until "we can overhaul our vetting system.". According to 60 Minutes our vetting process for Mideast immigrants is exhaustive and takes years before a family is even considered. Trump's thoughtless ban must have taken a good ten minutes to consider.

People with 'green cards' who live in the United States were left overseas with nowhere to stay. Others who had suffered the vetting process for years were turned back. Why is he doing this you might ask. It certainly isn't to prevent terrorism.

If anti terrorism were the objective he would have banned people from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Remember 9/11? 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi. How many Syrian terrorists have we encountered? The answer is none, either here or abroad. Trump's ban is simple racism. It is red meat thrown to his base of bigoted pinheads who are terrified of women with veils.

Acting AG Sally Yates refused to defend his executive order and was promptly fired. Yates said that the order was unlawful. While Trump was stamping out that fire, some 100 State Department officials signed a dissent memo warning that Trump's racist order would increase the terrorist threat rather than diminishing it. Trump's arrogant little reptile press secretary Sean Spicer, without addressing their concerns, said they could go along or quit.

While Trump was grabbing our foreign policy by the pussy he took time out to appoint his chief advisor Steve Bannon to the National Security Council. In the process, he removed the Director of National Intelligence and the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff from NSC meetings. This body is supposed to advise the President on matters of foreign policy and national security. This is tantamount to the removing the defensive line of the Dallas Cowboys and replacing them with the Dallas cheerleaders.

The NSC or any branch of government is no place for a racist, misogynist, ultra-right wing lunatic like Bannon. To remove a military presence from this committee is a dangerous move. It could be far more impactful than his ban on Muslims. Maybe the Muslim ban outrage has provided just enough cover for him to slime in this egregious mistake without too much opposition.

Now that crowds of people are marching all over the country in protest over Trump's blundering policies there are those who, like Spicer, say "he was elected, live with it." There was a time in 1776 when America was ruled by a tyrant. We didn't live with it then.