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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 03.13.07


Impeach Bush now

PUTNEY, VT | The last political figure that sanctioned torture and invaded another country for profit was hanged while still in office. Saddam Hussein had other similarities with George Bush.

Saddam killed Kurdish villagers when his thuggish second in command "Chemical Ali" used mustard gas and serin to wipe out thousands. While Bush did not arrange for New Orleans to be devastated by Hurricane Katrina, he certainly revealed and is still exhibiting a breathtaking disregard for the welfare of the mainly black residents.

Unfortunately, unlike Iraq, there is no precedent in American history for hanging a sitting President. Impeachment however, is the option that lawmakers have to rein in a leader who has gone berserk and abandoned the constitution and principles of decency.

There is only one state in this union that I thought we could count on to initiate impeachment proceedings. That state, of course, is Vermont. By following the lead of people like Dan DeWalt of Newfane VT several communities have resolved to recommend impeachment of the President. >[? Why then have our Congressional leaders dropped the ball?

Why has Bernie Sanders, our newest Senator, refused to consider impeachment? What about Patrick Leahy, our senior Senator and newly elected Peter Welch?

All three of these men have ignored the cries of their constituents and turned their backs on the one constitutional procedure for dealing with a dishonest, delusional and frankly out of control leader.

"It wouldn't be productive", is the mantra spouted by these erstwhile bastions of principle. I beg to differ. I and many other citizens of this state and this country believe it would be manifestly productive to stand up and go on record as being opposed in principle and in law to the criminal acts perpetrated by this administration.

When George Bush and his Svengali Dick Cheney sanctioned secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe and jailed suspected terrorists without evidence or counsel, they are representing you and me.

When they cynically sign an anti-torture law then adds a footnote that reverses the entire thrust of the bill, they are representing you and me.

They have wiretapped us, ignored the plight of Louisiana and Mississippi citizens during the Katrina hurricane disaster, and installed cronies in positions of power as payback for political favors.

Worst, this administration has flown in the face of public opinion and outcry. Poll after poll indicates a majority of us are opposed to an escalation of hostilities in Iraq. We, in no uncertain terms, told the President that we wanted out of this civil war that he recklessly fomented. In fact we overturned the Republican majority in both houses of Congress with one objective in mind: "Resolve this war and get our troops home."

And the response from the White House was… what?

They barely took the time to acknowledge their stunning defeat in the mid-term elections. It was full speed ahead and at this writing another 26,000 troops are on their way to Iraq.

What have our newly elected Representatives and Senators done about it? In typical Democrat fashion they have dithered and squabbled and come up with a non-binding resolution in the House of Representatives.

The castratos in the Senate were unable to put forward even a statement of concern, binding, non-binding or otherwise. They have abrogated the responsibilities given to them by us when we elected them to do something about this war. Their tepid, milk-toast resolution is designed to cover their political backsides when opponents say that "opposing the war" is "opposing the troops."

The American soldier is the sacred cow of moment. The simple fact that getting them out of harm's way and back home "is" supporting the troops seems to be lost on our imbecile leaders in Congress.

What is our administration's way of "supporting our troops?"

In addition to sending 26,000 more young men and women into the death trap that they created they are letting the wounded rot in scabrous quarters attached to Walter Reed Hospital.

They clearly can't keep up with the wounded soldiers returning home and have made no effort whatsoever to kill a single cockroach in Walter Reed's outpatient accommodations. Now, because of a few journalists enlightening the public, a flurry of lip service and firings will be enacted. Sickening.

Myself and many others in this state have supported Bernie Sanders to the exclusion of every other politician in the country. Never before have I felt that Sanders was abandoning principle to cover his political ass.

"Impeachment wouldn't be productive" will not cut it, Bernie.

It sure as hell would send a message to the world that the fascist domestic policies, the torture, the war and the atrocity that is our foreign policy is not ok with us.

That's why you impeach him Bernie. That statement could be the most productive thing you do in this Congress until that psychotic cowboy and his sinister sidekick slink back to the ranch in Texas.