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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 08.05.02



The talking heads on NPR are saying that we have a 50 percent chance of invading Iraq. Do you suppose Congress will be consulted?

I know damn well that the citizenry won't. We are apparently the very last concern of this administration.

What are the real reasons for this compulsion to invade Iraq? There is talk now that Iraq has been consorting with Al Qaida operatives.

Proof? Well, none that anyone is willing to share.

This revelation about terrorist connections comes from an administration that recently accused Cuba of sending bio weaponry to Iraq.

Proof? None.

Reason? To embarrass Jimmy Carter, who took a trip to Havana to illustrate how manifestly idiotic our 40-year old Cuba embargo is.

This bunch in Washington will obviously say just about anything to justify their under-the-public-radar policies.

Does this administration even remember the last time a President lied in order to involve us in a war? Lyndon Johnson lied through his teeth in order to get us into Vietnam, then Nixon lied about Cambodia, lied about body counts and then started lying about his Watergate involvement.

I believe that this bunch is lying now. They are lying about the necessity of attacking Iraq. And there is another reason. More on that later.

What is the basis for all the saber rattling? They say that Sadaam has bioweaponry and is trying to obtain nuclear weapons. Nobody wants a murdering dictator like Sadaam Hussein to get his hands on nukes.

Does the possibility justify an all out war? Who would he attack with his nukes or his bio weapons? Not us. He doesn't have intercontinental ballistic missiles nor is he capable of obtaining any.

The only times he attacked outside of Iraq was during his war against neighboring Iran, his invasion of neighboring Kuwait, and his scud attack on neighboring (almost) Israel during the Gulf War.

Do these actions really threaten the USA? Do you really want to send 150,000 American soldiers into harm's way because Hussein may or may not have weapons of mass destruction?

We have them. So do Pakistan, India, North Korea, England, France, and China. Why not invade them as well?

If and when we attack Iraq, the majority of Hussein's bio-death scuds will be rained down on Israel. He knows we'll blow him back to the bronze age if he does it now. If we invade, you can count on it.

Iraq is a fragmented state. It can hardly be called a nation. It doesn't really have a national identity.

It has Kurds in the North and Shias in the south. Both have risen up against Hussein and both have been slaughtered. Once Hussein is out how long will we be occupying Iraq? Think a decade.

And what if China wants to get involved or Russia re-involved?

Our government would have us believe that we should invade Iraq because Sadaam is a very bad man. He is stockpiling weapons and will use them against the weak.

What kind of idiots do they think we are? If the invasion occurs, it will be because of oil.

Iraq has oil and lots of it. We import 700,000 barrels of Iraqi oil per day. This is twice as much as before the invasion of Kuwait. Bush and Cheney are oilmen. They see the future of their administration in terms of growth through cheap oil. They are willing to have our soldiers die of anthrax, serin, smallpox and whatever else Hussein has been cooking up just so we can get control of Iraq's vast supply of oil.

We will go to war so that a nutcase like Sadaam Hussein does not control our oil supply.

Teddy Roosevelt did the same type of thing when he decided to build the Panama Canal. Roosevelt supplied a rag tag band of Panamanian rebels who overthrew the legitimate government of Columbia and then got a 99-year lease on some land, which became U.S. territory.

No doubt Bush anticipates brokering a deal with the Iraqi government he hopes to install whereby Shell, Gulf, and Exxon will siphon their oil for America until doomsday.

Come to think of it, we even have experience running Mideast puppet governments. Remember the Shah of Iran? Didn't that work out swell?