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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 11.16.06


The slur heard round' the world

PUTNEY, VT | Who feels the loss of the US Senate more than skuzoid George Allen, erstwhile Senator of Virginia? George was all warm and cozy in his little nest of viperous Republican supporters, thinking no doubt that there was nothing on earth that could convince his legions of anti-abortion, snuff dippin', gun totin' gomers to vote against him.

Then, at a Republican rah rah orgy, he referred to a dark man as " macaca." Twice. This nasty little racial slur started gathering momentum like the proverbial snowball down the mountain.

On his journey into ignominy Allen gobbled excuses like a Christmas turkey. "I just said it, I didn't know what it meant," he gibbered.

When you find yourself in a hole, as the man said, it is best to stop digging. Now that Allen has been narrowly beaten by James Webb he will have the rest of his life to contemplate the wisdom of keeping his big fat mouth shut.

\ Because of his macaca comment he lost his seat in the Senate. Because of the loss of that one seat the balance of power has shifted to the Dems. This shift will without a doubt affect the entire course of history.

Remember Mr. Clinton's little dalliance with the fat girl? That indiscretion cost Al Gore the election in 2000.

It also cost the deaths of almost 3000 Americans and untold tens of thousands of Iraqis.

It contributed to global warming and halted stem cell research.

One piece of advice, George. If Dick Cheney invites you to go hunting, make an excuse.

As a wave of Democratic representatives swept into power the administration quickly decided to throw the mob a piece of meat. Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld is mouldy flyblown meat to be sure but a sacrificial ribeye nonetheless.

Knot-headed to the end, Rummy stepped down saying that we "the people" really don't understand the intricacies involved in the war. The flushing of Rumsfeld was the first step in the administrations new "spirit of compromise" that the President echoed in his first speech since the "thumping." The simple fact that he will have absolutely no choice but to compromise should not be lost in his new attitude of bonhomie.

Some states, of course, didn't get the memo regarding the new trend in government.

Harold Ford Jr. lost to the incumbent Republican in Tennessee. The race was highlighted by a nasty little attack ad which not so subtlely implied that Harold, a black man, loved to party down with white women.

It wasn't the economy, the war, the Abramoff scandals, the stem cell research question, the environment or illegal immigration that resonated with Tennessee voters. It was the horrifying thought of a black man and a white woman.

They can't spell "miscegenation" but by God they hate it.

On a similar note, Trent Lott of Mississippi was reelected and is now second in command to GOP minority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Trent Lott fell from grace when he recklessly allowed his true feelings to emerge at a birthday party for erstwhile GOP resident mummy Strom Thurmond.

Lott couldn't help saying that if Strom had been elected president in 48' "we wouldn't have nearly the problems we do today."

Thurmond was running as a "Dixiecrat" on a platform of segregation of races. Lott is considered a superior tactician capable of reversing this Republican defeat when 2008 rolls around.

By electing Lott as their new minority whip the Republicans have made their intentions clear. They want the majority back in 2008. Far from any spirit of compromise we will witness obstruction, criticism and evil intentions from the remaining Republicans. Think a two-year attack ad.

There is one thing the Democrats and the Republicans will agree on. The war needs to end.

There is no way that the GOP will go into the 2008 elections with a pro-Iraq war policy in place. That's what lost them the House and Senate. Kind of ironic that we went into Iraq to initiate regime change and the regime that got changed was ours.