Jim Austin:
Ex-Vermonter at Large
Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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Posted 2.16.19


Ludis Verus*

CAPE BRETON, NS | It makes me gag when columnists and TV sports show pinheads ignore the world's greatest sporting event. Nationally known sports guys Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon only give cursory coverage to the Olympics all the while bloviating about the possibility of their favorite baseball teams getting a high draft choice. Even Gaye Desveaux, local gasbag and columnist for the Possum Tussle Monitor, cannot bring himself to mention the Olympics.

From the pulse-pounding death-defying alpine downhill to the nerve jangling short track relays to the homoerotic tandem luge the Olympics has something for everyone.

True lovers of sport learn to appreciate the incredible commitment it takes to earn a spot on any country's Olympic team. The gold medal hockey games this year won't have any current NHL players on any team. The blimpy cigar-chewing owners have inadvertently brought the competition to a more level playing field. In order to protect their puck-snorting investments they have banned participation.

The result, Slovenia, for example, just beat the American team. Where is Slovenia you might ask? Who knows but they have a dynamite hockey team.

The Olympic game of hockey is much more exciting than the NHL. The reason is the rink is much bigger giving the advantage to great skaters. Instead of a tiny surface crammed with grunting steroid freaks you get end to end action, more scoring and more excitement plus, no dumbass goon-fighting to delay the game.

Don't expect the aforementioned pig-faced plutocratic NHL owners to enlarge their rinks. That would mean taking out 3 or 4 rows of expensive seating.

Canadians especially should be enthused about our kids who, in Socci, were second in the world in medal totals with 26. This year we are on track to do better. Our women's hockey team is vying for their fifth gold medal in a row. They are disciplined, ultra-talented, and exciting to watch. You know who else hasn't mentioned the Olympics? Donald Trump.

*Real Sports (it's Latin Gaye)