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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 04.15.03


Operation World Freedom

This war could hardly have proceeded more efficiently. To watch tanks roll into Baghdad in the space of only a few weeks shows an extraordinary expertise on the part of our military planners.

Many were worried that Baghdad could turn into another Mogadishu but, thankfully, resistance was not at the level of the Somalian warlords.

When the dust clears and the bodies are buried and rubble cleaned up, the more difficult task of nation building will begin. The U.S. is now poised to rely on our weakest link: diplomacy.

The utter incompetence of this administration in the field of international cooperation is unprecedented. The Bush efforts at obtaining consensus and at dealing with different cultures can only be described as hostile and profoundly retarded.

At least we must hope that they are incompetent. The alternative is that their purpose is to spread our culture at the point of a gun.

The preemptive strike factions in our government are surely emboldened by this quick victory. Paul Wolfowitz, the Assistant Secretary of Defense, and policy maker Richard Perle are the twin heads of the snake that intends to wage an unholy war on the Islamic world. Afghanistan was the beginning, Iraq is just about in the books so "while we're in the area" will we continue with "Operation Irani and/or Syrian Freedom?"

Do you remember the reasons we went to war in the first place?

Where are weapons of mass destruction and where is the connection to Al Quaeda?

These hitherto compelling reasons for war are quickly being replaced with blood-curdling tales of atrocities by the Hussein government. The maltreatment of the Iraqi citizenry will now become the main reason for this conflict. These revisionist reasons will have to do unless pressure is brought to bear by international opinion.

Should the rest of the world decide to mention our lack of moral authority in this invasion, perhaps a cache of chemical and biological weapons will be "discovered."

Hussein, our former ally during the Reagan years, is certainly a fiend as concerns his treatment of the Iraqi man in the street. The question before us is this: Are we going to swallow the party line which states that we are making war on Iraq to "free the people from brutal oppression" as the name "Operation Iraqi Freedom" suggests?

Consider this:

(The following was reported on CNN international last week.}

BUNIA, Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters) -- United Nations investigators are gathering information at a remote Congo town where local people say nearly 1000 civilians were massacred in what may be the worst atrocity in the country's four-and-a-half-year war.

Did you even know that the Democratic Republic of Congo was having a war? Did you know that, apart from the atrocity mentioned above, this war has so far claimed 50,000 lives?

This is approximately the same number of people that we lost during the Vietnam War. Why hasn't there been an "Operation Congo Freedom?"

The snake heads have no interest in freedom or the brutal acts committed by brutal regimes. They care about spreading our democracy, not by example, but like a disease. More 9/11 tragedies are not only inevitable but will serve the Wolfowitz cabal in their plan to roll over the Middle East.

Finally, a word on the current definition of patriotism as written by our administration. Support the troops or you are a traitor. I have an idea that might appeal to the troops. Don't put the troops in harm's way.

Resolve international problems diplomatically. How's that for support ? Ask the families of every soldier and Iraqi civilian killed in this war which method of support they would have preferred.