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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 07.07.05


Panapoly of extremism

I saw Hotel Rwanda on DVD the other day. You may know that it concerns an African hotelier and his attempts to shield several hundred Tutsi tribal members from the murderous Hutus.

A Rwandan government radio station that kept the slaughter going by spreading lies about the Tutsis, whom they dubbed "cockroaches", fueled the murder of a million people. One lie in particular touched off the bloodbath.

The Prime Minister, a Hutu, went down in a plane crash. The crash was blamed on Tutsi spies and the genocide was on.

The Bush administration is no less culpable for the carnage in Iraq. Their premeditated lies and manipulation steered a course into a maelstrom of death.

Under the cover of a bogus worry about WMD's, nuclear capability and Al Quaeda connections they became responsible for the deaths of 100,000 Iraqis and 1800 American soldiers.

Cheney, the American anti-Christ, recently announced that the insurgency in Iraq is in its "last throes." Rumsfeld telling us that we may be stuck over there for the next 12 years followed our VP's frankly bizarre and baseless pronouncement.

So how do you feel now about voting for Bush?

People in Florida, Ohio, and Connecticut who decided to swing over to the Republican side, are you happy with your decision? The country hasn't been this screwed up since the Civil War.

Our allies are disgusted with us and our enemies are absolutely joyous about our inability to put down the maniacs terrorizing Iraq. Our supposed fight against terror has spawned legions of new suicide bombers to plague Iraqis and Americans alike.

Military recruitment is at an all-time low and Iraq has become an insurgent's Disneyland. The young people who have to implement Bush's lunacy are avoiding enlistment offices like they were handing out free Ebola virus and who can blame them?

Every time there is a major decision to be made by our President I prepare for the worst possible scenario. Now that Sandra Day O'Connor has retired from the Supreme Court I'm wondering what right-wing ideologue zombie yes-man our leader will trot out.

Already the Democrats are preparing for war. "Don't even think about it" is their theme.

No doubt Bush is riffling through past court decisions as we speak, looking for a judge who enthusiastically supports world domination and thinks global warming is a liberal fairy tale. He will doubtless scan the horizon for one of those judges that insist on putting the Ten Commandments in the lobby of their courthouse. Do you think there are a few of those commandments that might make a non-Christian a bit nervous?

"Thou shalt not have any other Gods before you" is bound to make a Buddhist or a Jew start backing out the door. I saw a PAX TV show that detailed the depth of Bush's faith. Often, it claimed, people would enter the Oval Office to find Bush on his knees praying for guidance.

I don't know about you but when the most powerful man in the world spends a lot of time consulting the spirit world I get nervous.

People were on their knees a lot during the Clinton administration too but I don't think national policy was being decided.

Iran has elected a right-wing fundamentalist leader just when they were on the cusp of moving away from a theocracy of fanatics. Male and female Iranian college students were having their pictures taken together in anticipation of a ban on fraternization between the sexes. Do you think the war next door and Bush's characterization of them as part of the "Axis of Evil" has any bearing on these results?

Once enough Americans are killed over there we will be forced to retire in ignominious defeat.

Iran's fundamentalist policies will spill, like a pool of sewage, into a nascent Iraq and we will have created a terrorist monster, with nuclear ambitions, that will take decades to subdue.

We would have been much more secure if Terry Schiavo had been elected in 2002 instead of George Bush.