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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 11.12.01


Dumocrats throw it away

Once again you cannot go wrong betting on the capriciousness of the American voter. "Capricious" for all you idiots who didn't vote means "variable" at best and "flighty" at worst.

Perhaps the ringing victory by the GOP is for the best in the end. It may signal the end of the Gephardt/Daschle era in Democratic politics.

These two tried to play it cute with both foreign and domestic policy and in the end these pablum tactics returned to bite the entire party on the collective butt. Both leaders danced to the foreign policy tune played by our Fuehrer and his henchmen.

They could have stepped up to the mike and condemned our insane march to war against Iraq, which is digging us deeper and deeper into a pit of global hatred. They should have screamed to the country that Bush's "preemptive strike" policy and contempt for the U.N. has done more to keep this country at risk of foreign terrorism than a dozen Al Qaeda cells.

They should have stood on the step of the stock exchange and pointed to plummeting stock values and placed the blame on the leader that presided over it all. The Democrats have ignored the massive tax cut to the rich that started the decline of our economy. They haven't taken advantage of the Enron scandals.

They should have camped out on John Ashcroft's doorstep and demanded to know when he decided to use the Constitution as a buffing rag for his jackboots. His summary incarceration without trial or evidence of Middle Eastern citizens and non-citizens alike hasn't been seen since the "home of the free" dragged thousands of Japanese citizens into prison camps.

His idea to have us spy on one another didn't catch on but give it time. The Third Reich wasn't built in a day, you know. Sadly for us the Democrats haven't done anything that would inspire confidence in their platform, whatever that is.

So, if the Democrats decided not to take advantage of the failing economy, the preposterous foreign policy, and the suspension of civil rights, what exactly was their plan to win a majority in the House and maintain the Senate?

Maybe they thought that all the negatives that the Bush regime brought to the table would speak for themselves and the people would rise up, strike them down, and sweep the Democrats to power by default.

Well, now you know, you morons. Sitting on your hands and basically agreeing with the third-rate dim bulb that is dragging us to disaster doesn't work.

By refusing to show backbone, by their sniveling "let's wait and see" political platform the Democrats contributed to their own irrelevancy and voters spurned them. They got what they deserved and guess who's going to pay for their incompetence?

I guess we'll have to hit rock bottom before the voting public and the Democratic leadership wakes up. We'll now have two years to see how many more of our allies we can alienate, how much more of the Constitution is suspended, how many civilian Iraqis we can "collateralize" and how much more of our taxes are sucked down the black hole that pays for Ken Lay's fleet of executive jets.

Sure sounds like sour grapes doesn't it? Well these grapes are sour enough to make the nastiest gas station zinfandel you ever tasted.