Jim Austin:
Ex-Vermonter at Large
Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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Posted 2.2.17


That I Can Tell You

CAPE BRETON, NS | Joseph Goebbels was Hitler's Minister of Propaganda during the WW2 years. If he had not committed suicide the day after Adolf he might have obtained a position at FOX news. Sean Hannity, whose head seems to be morphing into one of those squarish chipped beef cans, could be the reincarnation of Goebbels. Case in point, the Nunes memo.

For two weeks Hannity has hyped it into a document that proves a conspiracy by Mueller to bring down the Trump administration and insert Hillary as new Regent of the USA. Well, the payoff finally came. Despite being asked by White House Staff, all the Democrats, and many Republicans "Fat Nixon"* ordered the memo released.

This memo, says Nunes, is three pages indicating that the FBI and the Justice department have a political agenda aimed at discrediting the President. It has no legal value since it was conjured up by Republicans by twisting some facts and omitting others.

Devon Nunes, in case you didn't know, is a lickspittle, simpering remora attached to his master Trump. The memo's raison d'etre is exclusively so Trump can have an excuse to pillory Mueller and the FBI.

"It's on paper", he'll say, "actual paper" no doubt holding up a copy. "See, see, no collusion, no collusion, Sad."

The really sad bit is the Republican Party. The party of Abraham Lincoln has rolled over and exposed their tiny genitalia to an amoral, misogynistic, narcissist electorate. It doesn't matter how many lies are told, how many obscene tweets issued or, most importantly, how many of our erstwhile allies he alienates, Paul Ryan and his merry band of sycophants will back him all the way. Ryan described Trump's leadership as "exquisite." Better than Kaopectate.

Finally, a word about the First Lady. Poor benighted Melania/Melanomia. She grabbed the brass ring, married a billionaire, and prepared for a few years of gag inducing sex, then a quiet divorce and a settlement that put her on easy street for life. Unfortunately, she has been put under a global microscope while Blabbo the clown is sued by dozens of women, announces his pussy-grabbing propensities, and pays off massively boobed whores to hush up his creepy shenanigans.

I'll bet Mamie Eisenhower and Laura Bush never had to put up with such cretinous behavior. That I can tell you.

*Fat Nixon was lifted from a recent Bill Maher standup routine.