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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 10.14.02


Who is the terrorist?

Democrats are folding like the deck chairs on the Titanic. They are caving in to Bush's psychotic war dreams with barely a whimper.

Why? Well, to maintain power, of course.

House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt enthusiastically licked Bush's boots as he hurried to work out a plan giving Bush the power to launch war in Iraq. Senate majority leader Tom Daschele has fallen into line as well after a few piteous protests.

Representatives Bonior, McDermott, and Thompson, Democrats who traveled to Baghdad to assess the possibility of re-instituting weapons inspections, have been labeled traitors who gave "aid and comfort to the enemy."

Conventional wisdom says that you don't stand in the way of an administration bent on war. Jump on that bandwagon, quick keep your head low, and don't make waves.

If the war is successful -- like the Republican invasions of superpowers Grenada and Panama -- then you can say, "I was with you all the way George."

If it blows up in our faces like Vietnam we can wrap up in the flag and say we gave it the good old college try.

Naturally, either way there won't be as many students in colleges after the smoke clears. They'll be lying dead on battlefields, their lungs destroyed by gas or their extremities blown off by landmines.

The Democrats are more morally bankrupt than the Bush Administration. They are following a mad dog into the maelstrom and won't use the stick our constitution provides to control him.

Democrats are willing to sacrifice anything but their own little seat of power. No wonder their symbol is a jackass.

We are about to enter another war based on the Administration's lies and our own ignorance. The Senate debates on NPR last week were minstrel-show-ludicrous.

One of the most insipid statements staining the Senate records was that of Jim Hansen, Republican (of course) from Utah. He stood up in front of everyone and compared George Bush with Winston Churchill and those reticent about war to Neville Chamberlain.

He compared Hitler's threat to take over the world with the threat currently posed by Sadaam Hussein. This kind of infantile prop wash is just the kind of bloated rhetoric that is fueling this appalling march to ignominy lead by Bush.

Ask yourself this: Why the big rush to war now?

Hussein has been doing whatever sadistic dictators do for the past ten years or so, but Bush has chosen this particular time to demand a war.

No diplomacy. Screw the U.N. Bush wants it now.

Do you think it could be because his tax cut to the rich has borne the bitter fruit of economic collapse? Could it be because Enron and World Com and Xerox have been gutted by Bush's friends, leaving ordinary citizens without enough retirement savings to buy a condemned yurt in Ulan Bator?

Bush said recently "…he tried to kill my dad."

Despite this sandbox level statement, I believe that he is going to kill thousands of Iraqi citizens and hundreds of American soldiers to pull our attention from his mishandling of the economy, his failure to destroy Al Quaeda, and his absolute inability to ameliorate either problem. Bush is a chess player one move from checkmate whose solution is to kick over the board.

Bush has spit in the face of European Allies as well as enemies and non-aligned countries. Except for henchman Britain, whose history is littered with colonial atrocities and subjugated peoples, America is alone in this adventure. They are about to wage war on a country that has no connection with 9/11, with no global support, and with the world's second largest barrel of oil as the prize.

Bush has ripped up the Kyoto accords which would try to address global warming, he has gutted the international criminal courts to exempt Americans, blocked UN investigation of Israeli atrocities, and tried to dictate a change in leadership to the Palestinians.

Under his command, our armies have murdered 5000 Afghan civilians, according to Journalist John Pilger of The Observer. with 20 times worse planned for the Iraqi population.

Who is the terrorist?