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Jim Austin
Jim Austin
is a freelance writer from Putney, Vermont.

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Posted 11.19.16



PUTNEY, VT | I send you greetings from Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. If you will recall at the end of the movie "World War Z" Brad Pitt and his family took refuge from the zombie apocalypse in Nova Scotia. Now that much the same thing has happened in the U.S.A. Brad and I are here for the next four years at least.

Excuse me America but "What have you done?" You have elected a man with no experience and the personality of a puff adder to the most powerful position on earth.

If you applied for a job at the muffler shop and said that you were 70-years-old and had no experience they would probably call social services and have you taken into protective custody. Yet here we are facing a minimum four-year orange nightmare. Why the pessimism?

Let's just say that the Trump administration is off to a rocky start. His transition is a cluster fiasco of the first order.

His Environmental Protection Agency guy, Myron Ebell, thinks climate change is "silly." How could he be named "Myron" and not understand science? Count Dracula alias Rudy Giuliani is up for Secretary of State and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner has run beefalo Chris Christie and his staff off the plantation because Tubbo prosecuted Kushner's daddy for tax evasion, among other things, back in the day.

The Trump kiddies are getting security clearances so they can stick their oar into the nation's business whenever they please. And let's not forget Stephen Bannon, the brown shirt white nationalist anti-Semite that is to be engaged as chief strategist for the Trump administration. One wonders why Kushner, an ultra-orthodox Jew, is tolerating such a poisonous toad.

While this dog's breakfast is trying to get organized Trump is facing a cornucopia of lawsuits. Trump University is the subject of two class action lawsuits due to be heard in a few weeks. He is also being sued by restauranteurs who refuse to open up in his hotel after hearing his execrable remarks about Mexicans. He is, of course, counter-suing everyone. Meanwhile, against the best advice of everyone on his staff, Trump has taken to tweeting out threats and insults to all and sundry. Bruce Jenner had an easier transition.

I was somewhat critical of the post-election demonstrations that erupted around the country. While Obama was telling a Greek audience that we in America are known for our peaceful transition of power, police in several cities were mobilized to rein in thousands of protesters.

Ruth, my liberal angel, considered my views and then told me to "cram it with walnuts." She was all on board with the demonstrations. Why not show Washington that we are not happy and will not knuckle under to this gang of miscreants? She sees these demonstrations as civil unrest, not civil disobedience. In retrospect she might be right. They can try and behave like the John Birch society but know that it ain't gonna be easy.

VP Mike Pence deserves special mention here. He's the guy that thinks he can turn gays straight with electro-shock therapy. He also wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood and repeal Roe vs Wade.

(Someone said he looks like the albino assassin in the De Vinci Code movie but it wasn't me.)

The basis for all this conservative jive is his Christian Supremacist beliefs. Look for the nose of that camel to get under the government tent in the near future. We can only hope for the Rapture to come soon.

Have we been "Trumped" because of a "white backlash" that some commentators have cited? History would suggest that this could be true. Every significant piece of civil rights legislation since the civil war has been followed by as upsurge in racist intolerance. Our black President has really been a burr under the bigots collective saddle.

Covert racists now have tacit permission from the top to harass muslims and other minorities. CNN showed a clip of a fifth-grade class chanting "build that wall" while Mexican kids huddled in the corner of the cafeteria.

Doesn't bode well for the future, does it?