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For this child, old Vermont, genuine Vermont, ended with the 1950s. It was, without doubt, a pretty poor place; intellectually backward, economically stagnant and hopelessly rural. Vermont was pretty much ignored or ridiculed by the rest of the world. I liked it a lot.

The people I remember were mostly stiff necked, out of date, stoic, honest, and hardworking. Of course there were always a few outlaws around, but life was generally peaceful and, if not ecstatically happy, then at least, not too bad.

There were no malls, no superhighways or superstores, no computers, barely any TV, no condos, only a few resort areas, a generous sprinkle of summer people from downcountry, no IBM, no hippies or yuppies. Although hardly paradise, it was a wonderful place for a boy to spend summers on Grampa's farm.

Vermont decided to join the modern world in the 1960s or perhaps vice versa. Actually, Vermont, the place, had no choice because it is people who make these kinds of decisions, the old people and the new people. While it would be unfair to blame all Vermont's degeneration since the 1960s on our top political leadership, we can track those changes through the personalities and deeds of our last six governors.

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Michael J. Badamo is the editor/publisher of The Watchman, 81 East State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05602. Permission to republish has been granted by Michael J. Badamo and the Woodchuck Press, Montpelier, Vermont.

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