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Posted 10.09.01
Quebec City


" And Youppi never groped a co-worker"

So, Aaahnold is now the governor of California.

It doesn't really matter.

Win lose or draw, the fact that The Terminator actually ran and was taken seriously by thousands of people in La La Land changes things forever.

I know, you'll remind me that this is the same state that elected Ronnie Rayguns and ex-hoofer George Murphy.

But they at least had a little political experience, if only in the actors union.

The fact that otherwise normal people - well, as normal as they come in California - flocked to the banner of Conan the Barbarian is something altogether different -- it sets the tone for future elections

Aaahnold's success leaves the door open to anybody. And you don't necessarily need a Kennedy as a wife since she was a Democrat anyway.

As of yesterday, any celebrity can rightly claim their kick at the can.

For example, what about Celine Dion for prime minister?

She'd make a perfect Liberal. Heck, her theme song is "My love will go on." just change it to "The libs will go on" and she'd have Canadian voters weeping all the way to the polling booth.

The Tories could make a comeback too.

All they'd have to do is convince Mark Messier to carry the banner.

Talk about "The Terminator." Messier would even scare Aaahnold.

You want more? Picture this.

A campaign poster with "Due South" star Paul Gross asking you to support the NDP.

You can't tell me that about ninety percent of the women in Canada wouldn't suddenly discover they were actually closet socialists.

Geez, it would be the first time since Tommy Douglas that an NDP rally would need crowd control.

It could mean a whole new political map for Quebec.

The Parti Québécois, in an effort to dump Jean Charest, could start by dumping Bernard "The Vacillator" Landry.

Admittedly, the Great Antonio is no longer with us, but I understand Jacques Villeneuve is looking for a job.

No, I take that back.

"He may never finish a race but he's cute" is probably not a great campaign slogan.

But then again, there's Youppi.

He's as big as Schwarzenegger. He's got as much charisma. He's got as much political experience.

And as far as I know he's never groped a co-worker.