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Posted 06.30.01
Quebec City


Get me to the church on time

I guess it's confession time. There's no way around it. I've been married twice.

It's not something to brag about but sometimes it takes a couple of stabs at something to get it right.

The reason I mention it at all is that neither time did I do it from the front seat of a Chev or a Suburu - marry, that is.

Now, with all the fuss in the media lately over same-sex marriages, we seem to have lost sight of the fact that it's supposed to be - if I remember the service correctly - a solemn occasion not entered into - even the second time around - lightly.

Which brings me to the "Crystal Wedding Chapel" of London, Ontario.

It's apparently the first chapel to give new meaning to the word "quickie."

It offers the first drive-in service in Canada.

That's right. You can grab the bride, stuff the bridesmaid, the best man, and - depending on the size of your vehicle - at least one usher, into the back seat of your Hyundai Sonata and tie the knot.

The Crystal Wedding Chapel offers a complete wedding service, by an ordained minister, a "Just Married sign" for your window, a sticker saying the same thing for your bumper, cans and streamers, a souvenir wedding certificate, a bouquet for the bride, a boutonniere for the groom, and an overhanging rose arbor.

All for the low, low price of one hundred and sixty-nine dollars!

(I hope my first in-laws aren't reading to this.)

Anyway, believe it or not, Dale Brewster, the owner of the "Crystal Wedding Chapel" says some people think the whole idea is somehow tacky.

And it's not as if the chapel doesn't try to be accommodating.

Ms. Brewster says they'll even arrange transportation for those who don't own their own vehicle.

The company apparently has access to a variety of limousines, bicycles built for two and John Deere tractors.

So much for tacky.

As a matter of fact, the first customers for the mobile nuptials, are two employees of the local transit authority who want to do the whole thing on a city bus.

Nothing was said about whether they have single tickets of a monthly pass.

Anyway, if you want to do it up proper, they have a wedding special called "The King" in which an Elvis impersonator walks and sings the bride down the aisle and then poses for pictures afterwards.

There is no mention of what kind of vehicle is involved.

And we still have problems with same-sex marriages.

Go figure.