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Posted 10.30.01
Quebec City


Ah, to be on the Restigouche River with all the Libs

You know you really have to wonder what's going on at the Irving family's fishing camp on the Restigouche Rriver.

It appears that more cabinet ministers show up there, fly rod in hand, than turn up at cabinet meetings in Ottawa.

Wouldn't it be nice to be a fly on the wall . . . or at least at the front desk. . .

(Sounds of babbling brook and birds, followed by front desk bell)

Good morning. How can I help you?

Oh Mr. Rock, we've been expecting you. Now if you'll just fill out this registration form.

Oh my yes, you'll be just down the hall from David Anderson. He checked in last night.

No, I'm sorry the last room with double beds was booked last week. John Manley and Herb Daliwal have decided to extend their stay with us.

Non-smoking? Um, let me see.

Oh, you're in luck! There's a nice suite next to Sheila Copps. Mind you, are you planning to retire early?

Ms. Copps does tend to be a little loud a times.

Well, there's always the annex.

Now let me see. Fisheries Minister Robert Thibault is in 104, Labour Minister Claudette Bradshaw is in 106 and someone named Radwanski is in 108.

We could put you up in 102 if you don't mind sharing with Dominic Leblanc.

We had to move him out of 110 when his father Romeo arrived unexpectedly. I'm sure you realize an exception has to be made for a former Governor General.

The second floor? Oh no. Governor General Clarkson and her husband -- that nice John Ralston Clarkson -- have booked the entire floor.

They're leading a tour of circumpolar soap stone carvers.

The third floor has some space. Mind you, it's a bit cramped.

Let's see. Jane Stewart is in 300, Martin Couchon is in 301, Denis Coderre is in 302, David Collenette is in 303, Ralph Goodale is in 304, Lucienne Robillard is in 305, and Stan Keyes is in 306.

We could manage 307 quite nicely.

Mind you, there's not much of a view.

You really should have 309. It's got that lovely balcony overlooking the river.

Unfortunately, Anne Mclellan has it until Tuesday. And you know, being a Westerner, tied into the oil interests and all that, the Irvings insisted she have it.

Now, if you were to stay in Moncton tonight, John Mccallum is off to some dreary NATO meeting tomorrow so his room would be available.

Or even better, if you could drop back Wednesday the Liberal youth wing will all be gone and we could give you just about anything.

Oh well, it's up to you.

(Fade to sounds of babbling brook and birds,,,)

Wishing I, too, were in Buctouche, I'm Tim Belford.