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Posted 05.19.05
Quebec City


CIA? No way, it's CEO that's hot

I was shocked, no, appalled, recently to read the list of the world's supposedly sexiest jobs.

The survey was conducted by America Online and It was designed to gauge people's attitudes towards sex appeal versus financial potential.

And what do you know?

Lo and behold, dollars and sex don't necessarily equate.

Mind you, that's not what I found so surprising.

Nor did I find it surprising that the number one job for sex appeal was firefighter.

After all, ever since 9/11, the boys and girls in rubber boots and rainwear have been everybody's darlings. And rightly so.

Let's face it, a hero is twice as appealing with washboard abs and bulging biceps even if they are normally hidden under a two-inch rubber coat.

Actually maybe the rubber has something to do with it. Let's not go there.

As for the female members of the crew, let's just say there is something strangely appealing about any woman who could carry you out of a burning building and leave it at that.

I'm even okay with flight attendants taking second place.

But what really gets my goat is that CEOs come up third.

You have to think that here sex and money do make for a winning combination. After all how else could you explain Conrad Black or Donald Trump?

Lord Tubby of Cross Harbour traded away his nationality for a British title named after a subway stop on the London underground.

As for The Donald, he's probably the only person who could turn a casino into a money losing proposition.

The tie for fourth place was just about as bizarre: reporters, interior designers, and event planners.

Anyone who thinks being a reporter is sexy has never hung around a newsroom.

Take it from me - and I've been there - the sexiest thing about your average reporter is their notebook.

As for interior designers, if choosing swatches and debating shades of white gets you off, anything I could say would be wasted.

I could almost agree with event planner as being right up there in the Sexiest Top Ten.

But then again I've seen Jennifer Lopez in 'The Wedding Planner'' about six times so I'm not entirely unbiased.

Teachers come in sixth, right after nurses.

All I can say here is the people who were surveyed obviously didn't go to the same schools I did.

Nor did they ever get a sponge bath from Hulk Hogan's sister who took care of me the last time I was laid up in hospital.

Doctors, lawyers, and veterinarians round out the list.

And there's the rub.

Not one person picked radio hosts as being in a sexy occupation. Which I can only presume is an over sight or fallout from the recent Jeff Filion defamation suit.

How else can you explain it?