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Posted 02.11.03
Quebec City


Wither goest the smart money?

President George W. Bush is determined to attack Iraq and force it to give up its weapons of mass destruction.

He knows Iraq has these weapons although he can't offer any definitive proof like a photo or an Iraqi scientist willing to spill the beans.

And the fact that the UN weapons inspectors can't find anything only proves his point.

They can't find anything because Saddam Hussein has done such a good job hiding them.

And the less the inspectors find only increases Saddam's perfidy.

Of course, using this logic, there is considerable evidence that Canada has weapons of mass destruction.

After all, if the UN were to send weapons inspectors here they'd find even less evidence than in Iraq.

George W. Would have us on his axis of evil list faster than you could say Osama bin Chretien.

Mind you, if the Americans don't place much faith in the UN can you blame them?

Last month, in a logic-defying twist worthy of anything behind Alice's Looking Glass, the UN Human Rights Commission elected Libya as chair of the group.

Now, putting Ghadafi's country in charge of an international body devoted to human rights is not far from asking Toronto's skinheads to act as body guards for the Canadian Jewish Congress.

It's loony tunes.

And to top that off -- and I bet you didn't think they could -- last week the UN made another doozy of a decision.

For next month's UN disarmament conference guess who's been named to chair the event?

Why, Iraq of course!

This comes despite the hidden weapons of mass destruction that nobody can find. Despite the UN inspectors racing around the Iraqi desert looking for used gas canisters. And despite the fact the same UN passed a security council resolution demanding Saddam Hussein disarm!

Why not just make India and Pakistan co-chairs?

What's next?

Putting Zimbabwe's President Mugabe in charge of pan-African agriculture?

Now, lest you think I'm throwing stones from this glass house we call Canada, let me add something.

Our own prime minister, Jean Chretien, is acting and sounding more and more and more like Mackenzie King every day.

You can almost hear him saying, "support for American military action if necessary but not necessarily support for American military action."

I don't know if the present PM ever had a pet dog as a kid but if he starts talking to the dog's ghost or his late mother, we're in trouble.

I guess we can only hope that sanity will prevail.

But I'm not sure where the smart money is going.