Log Cabin Chronicles


Charles Bury is a columnist with Quebec's daily Sherbrooke Record.

The debt we owe ancient farmers (760 words)
Look at all the good food they developed.

Messing around with genes is okay (840 words)
Man has been doing it for thousands of years.

Bugs' Life (1300 words)
Canada is on the watch for invading insects.

Red Man, Red Meat, Old Rights (1000 words)
The Abenaki people, insisting on their rights, look to the hunt.

I sing of the city electric and the power company ever so helpful (950 words)
But how is this latest plan going to work?.

Creepie Crawlies in Quebec (2000 words)
Brian's excellent adventure with Black Widow Spiders.

The 4-toed Salamander (760 words)
The rare four-toed salamander of la belle province.

On Garter Snakes (700 words)
Garter snakes are good for you.

Black Fly Blues (1350 words)
Black flies in the good old summertime.

Nobody does sick foxes any more (900 words)
Pass the buck time in Canada.

Mosquitos have their places, too (1300 words)
Read about their sex lives!

This is not about Yogi Bear (1300 words)
All you ever wanted to know about black bears, and then some

But I didn't get to drive the electric Zamboni (750 words)
But he was behind the Toyota wheel on his way to the future.

Bees hunt for land mines (1300 words)
And there's this other stuff about pheremones.

Witch Hazel #1 (1000 words)
This is not about his mother's maiden aunt.

A cougar-killed deer? (1000 words)
Quebec game investigators think so

Another kind of cat (1955 words)
The return of the Eastern Cougar.

Forest slash to table spuds (750 words)
Using up all that toss-away orgo-trash.

Endangered flowers (700 words)
Plant poachers dig the wild lily.

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