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Milosevic, The New Hitler


[EDITOR'S NOTE: I do not know the writer of this piece. I received it from a friend, whom I trust, via e-mail on 4/7/99. Only minimal editing has been done -- I did not want to change the originator's voice.]

I'm enclosing an email from a 'friend' in Croatia I've been in touch with for a while, Drazen. I was ambivalent about the US participating in this; it's not our fight and it's within the boundaries of a sovereign country. But the "ethnic cleansing" got to me and changed my views and my feelings that we should isolate ourselves from this morass. Here's Drazen's email to me:

Subject: Re: Tell me:
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 06:31:14 PST
From: "Drazen Polic" dpolic@hotmail.com
To: Marshall@gate.net

Dear friend!

I can understand that you don't understand what is happening in Kosovo. So, I will try to explain. First, some facts that you have to know:

1. Kosovo was a part of Serbia from 9th century. Before 9th century Kosovo was a part of Roman territory called "Ilirija." Ilirs were people who had great culture and Serbs conquered them. Ilirs are ancestors of Albanians. So, Serbs say "Kosovo is ours," Albanians say: "Kosovo is ours."

2. In former Yugoslavia Kosovo had it's autonomy, which was cancelled by Milosevic in 1989 and Kosovo become a part of Serbia. Human rights of Albanians were cancelled. They didn't have right to learn their language in schools, didn't have any power to have influence in political and economical life. So, leader of Kosovo Albanians Ibrahim Rugova said: "We will fight like Gandhi did in India. In peaceful way. With talks, not with weapons."

So they did that for almost a decade. In 1997 some people who were sick of Serbian terrorism in Kosovo said: "We don't want to fight only in peaceful way, because Milosevic is the man who understand only a weapon language." So, they formed "Liberation Army of Kosovo."

3. Today, there are 2.000.000 Albanians and 200.000 Serbs in Kosovo. Kosovo is part of Serbia and Yugoslavia. In last two years Serbs killed so many innocent people, so many woman and children. They did so many war crimes, ethnic cleansing and burned so many villages. In the same moment they didn't want to sign any kind of peace agreement.

4. In last 10 years, politics of Milosevic ("Butcher of Balkan"), killed 30.000 people in Croatia, 250.000 people in Bosnia. Around 2.000.000 people lost their homes, 100.000 children lost one or both parents, there are around 400.000 invalids of war. This happened only because Milosevic wanted more and more land, with only Serbs live on that land.

5. US, England, France and NATO didn't want new war in Europa between Albania and Yugoslavia. You have to know that a war between Albania and Yugoslavia is then a start of a bigger war. Albanians are muslims, Serbs are orthodox. Turkey is muslim country and has it's interests in this area, Greek is Turkish old and big enemy and Greeks like Serbs very much. Macedonia, Bulgaria can't miss that war. Bosnia will burn again. So nobody knows what will happen.

My friend, this is what I think: This NATO action had to happen 8 years ago when Serbs started killing in Croatia. If you'll come to Croatia, I will take you to Vukovar. I will show you what Serbs did to one of the most beautiful towns in middle of Europa. If NATO did that 8 years ago, many evil and bad things won't happen in Croatia, Bosnia and now Kosovo. NATO is 8 years late and that is the truth. The whole world knows who Adolf Hitler was and what it's politics did to Europa in World War II.

Milosevic is new Adolf Hitler, but hundred times worst than him. Millions of people suffer because of Milosevic's politics. I know at least 100 of them. If Milosevic now has power that Hitler had in his time, you my friend, in Florida, won't be safe from him. I can bet on that.

Milosevic is not alone. Maybe 80% of Serbian population is devoted to him. Milosevic is product of 200 years long Serbian politics who say: "Serbs are holy nation. Serbia's land is where lives at least one Serb. Our neighbours are our enemies and we have to destroy them." I think West politician finally understood that, so they started to do something.

I don't feel sorry for people in Serbia who are in shelters, because they ARE in shelters. Nobody is fighting against them. NATO is not destroying civil buildings. My friend, Serbs destroyed at least 20 towns in Croatia and Bosnia (Sarajevo, Vukovar, Dubrovnik, Orasje, Mostar...) and nobody in those people who are now in shelters felt sorry for that. They thought this was a right thing to do. Now, when somebody is bombing their army resources, they are very, very angry. I can't say that I wan't anybody to be in shelters, but Serbs just deserve that.

History will show that my point of view wasn't leaded with anger and [hatred]. History will tell about Serbs what it says about Germans in the time of World War II.

90% people in Croatia think as I do (from newspapers). My familly also.

I know that you have some questions, so please ask me. I will answer you for sure, because I want the truth to be in peoples minds.



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