Random Acts of Observation
Dr. Anonymous

Dr. Anonymous

You'll never know where you'll find the good doctor. Perhaps in line behind you at WalMart. Dining at the neighboring table. Returning a corked bottle of wine to the local supermarket. Stumbling out of the dentist's chair. But wherever the good doctor perambulates, rest assured that all five senses will be focused on the immediate experience and ready to assimilate any tainted data for another random act of observation...
Posted 01.29.07
Disappointing Quebec Observations: 2006/07


There has been an increase in "vigilance" from the Saint-Jean- Baptiste Society and Mouvement Montréal against the English language.

Worse yet, there has been recent terrorist- like threats against Anglos from a group calling itself the FLQ, Camille-Laurin Cell.

The Quebec government remains relatively silent on the issue. The RCMP says it takes the threats seriously.

Le MMf lance une campagne contre l'anglicisation des raisons sociales

Letters threaten FLQ attacks in Montreal

A recent Journal de Montreal poll reveals that Francophone intolerance for other races, religions, and languages in la belle province is widespread (59%).

Presidential candidates in France politically interfere with statements of support for Quebec independence from Canada.

Highway overpasses crumble and kill people while government test results show all are "safe." Drivers constantly see falling concrete, exposed rebar, and leaking water everywhere from underneath. There are a total of around 5,000 overpasses in the province.

Government controlled monopolies such as Hydro Quebec request and get approval for regular and frequent price hikes.

Montreal mayor looks to apply additional new taxes above the GST and PST on everything from entertainment and restaurant meals to concerts and parking. Many municipalities have increased taxes on property and reduced services in tandem.

There is a continued closing of English schools. The price of fuel at the gas pump increased often while oil prices often went down.