The Gallivanting Gourmand
Greg Duncan
Greg Duncan
is a freelance writer based in the Montreal region. He is particularly keen about good food. In his day job, Greg is the executive director of the Quebec Community Newspapers Association.

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Posted 04.26.02


La Cage Aux Sports not only for sports fans

La Cage Aux Sports provides a lot of entertainment while you dine at their eatery on the West Island.

Some forty television screens broadcast a variety of sports events and this outlet is one of only three in Quebec to offer access to the NTN Network.

Billed as an interactive viewing experience, players can link up with players from across North America to test their trivia skills electronically. Questions pop up on a large TV screen and players need to answer quickly and correctly to compete. While there for this review, my partner and I were introduced to the game and enjoyed our initial attempt.

I admit we fared poorly against more experienced players from unknown locations. Better luck next time. I recommend diners have a go at this fun and unusual addition to regular dining.

Eating is casual and a pleasure here. A good selection of starters and snacks are complimented by a wide selection of beverages. Beer on tap, mixed bar drinks, wine and sodas can all be had at low prices. Sports fans will enjoy the tailgate-party atmosphere and visual liveliness. Popcorn pops and beer mugs meet in the middle while diners chow down on tasty treats.

We chose wings as a starter and the waiter's recommendation of serving a 911 sauce on the side was wise. The Buffalo wings are spicy and I suggest that only the truly fire aficionados partake in the 911 version. I like 'em hot and found that they lived up to their name.

My partner chose a Maritime Duo of grilled chicken and a skewer of shrimps. A nice house salad accompanied the dish. Her choice of dressing was served on the side so she could dress the salad herself. So many places drown crunchy veggies in the dressing. Not so here and her Ranch dressing proved worthy of the fresh greens.

Charcoal grill marks made for a good presentation and she gave it two thumbs up.

I chose a16 ounce rib steak with a side of baked potato. This seemed like the place to go for the big one, so…

My rib steak was large, tender, and perfectly grilled -- medium as requested. A crunchy-skinned potato with all the trimmings complimented by crusty bread and a few veggies made it perfect for my large appetite. I believe this one must be popular with the football players who regularly frequent the place.

Smaller appetites can be satisfied by a variety of smaller steaks at good prices. They have BBQ chicken here as well as to-die-for Ribs. I suggest a full rack of baby back ribs or a combo deluxe of a quarter chicken and ribs. They are flame-grilled, by the way, and come with coleslaw and fries. Great finger food.

A full compliment of sandwiches and burgers rounds out the menu and on this particular evening, families and kids were happily celebrating a birthday leaving me to believe that there is good family budget-value here.

Dessert selections range from pies to chocolate brownies with ice cream. A classic La Cage chocolate cake found the way to our table and we devoured it. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate is all I can say.

We found the service and food to be very good and friendly at this outlet in Pointe-Claire.

La Cage Aux Sports can be visited at 6321 Transcanada Highway (Complexe Pointe-Claire, corner St. John). 514-694-5653.