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Greg Duncan
Greg Duncan
is a freelance writer based in the Montreal region. He is particularly keen about good food. In his day job, Greg is the executive director of the Quebec Community Newspapers Association.

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Posted 06.14.03


Doing right by Good Old Dad

Okay kids, listen up. Dad is expecting that you will make him breakfast or take him out to eat on his special day. He is also expecting a variety of tools and man toys to be delivered. As he still does not have that 54- inch liquid crystal television that he was hoping for at Christmas, now is the time to consider getting it.

As you know, a child's personal funds can be somewhat limited; I suggest you talk to Mom about financing your purchases. Don't worry; you have lots of earning years to pay off your loan. I know you were planning on attending university or Cegep but why not enjoy life right now?

Just think. If Dad gets the TV, you'll be able to watch it, too. If Dad gets the rider mower, you'll be able to drive a lot sooner than you had planned. What more could you ask for and who knew life could be so easy?

Actually, Dad will be happy with a hug and a kiss and an attempt by you to deliver some breakfast in bed or arrange a trip out for dinner. He will be pleased with braised short ribs or a good pot roast too.

I overheard one Dad who was hinting that he wanted to watch Dvds and eat in front of the TV for all three meals on Fathers day. As long as you run to the fridge to get snacks and beverages for him, he will be happy.

Oh yeah, there is always the unpleasant task of picking up after the dog outside -- it would be a nice touch if you did it.

The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving. I suggest you give Dad a series of coupons that he can use throughout the year. Coupons for hedge trimming and garbage removal might be appropriate. Dad will promise many trips for ice cream in exchange.

If by now you do not have any good ideas for making Dad feel special on his day, then you will need to consult him. You could ask him if it would be all right to forgo your allowance for the week or pay for your own hockey equipment next season.

You could also ask him if he minded if you arranged an entire week off from work for him. Of course, you'll have to talk to his boss and tell him or her how much Dad deserves it, along with that raise. Bosses are good people who listen to kids I think.

In fact they have to deal with such requests every day and they would appreciate your concern about Dads working conditions. Just go to www. and you won't have to actually talk to anyone. I know that's preferable at your age.

Here is a simple recipe for a snack that Dad will drool over. It might make a nice lunch or dinner after you've done all your chores around the house.

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

(The following ingredients are enough for one sandwich so you will have to double the recipe if you want to make two sandwiches.)

I/4 pound cooked eye of round beef roast, trimmed & thinly sliced
1 thinly slice onion
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 slices processed cheddar cheese
1-tablespoon milk
1 submarine sandwich roll

Heat meat until warm in microwave on microwave safe plate. (Approximately 25 seconds on high.) Cover with foil and set aside.
Fry sliced onion on medium heat in fry pan and oil until soft.
Add meat and heat through.
Meanwhile, tear the cheese into small pieces.
Place in a saucepan with the milk.
Gently melt while stirring over low heat.
Warm up bun in microwave for eight seconds.
Slice bun into two halves and spoon meat and cheese sauce onto one half of bun.
Serve with chips and ice cold root beer.