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Greg Duncan
Greg Duncan
is a freelance writer based in the Montreal region. He is particularly keen about good food. In his day job, Greg is the executive director of the Quebec Community Newspapers Association.

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Posted 03.13.02


Pizza with pizzazz

What makes good pizza?

Good crust, great sauce, excellent cheese, and a large variety of toppings. The ability to choose any combo and size and the choice of eating in or having it delivered makes this popular food item a North American staple.

Pizza Pronto on Montreal's West Island offers up pizza that will find you throwing away the competitors menu. This outlet serves up hot pizzas as fast as you can say pepperoni. On a visit this past week I brought in the whole family to sample the restaurants full range of delights.

Owner Majed Amad told me that he has been in the business for a number of years and that he played a part in the introduction of two-for-one pizza in Montreal. A team of ten drivers coming and going at a fast pace as they delivered to customers in the region confirmed that this place is popular. Two for one is the current good value, but Majed tells me that he has plans for expansion and that customers are requesting single pizzas tailored to their individual tastes.

One can dine in here and the place is bright, cheery and friendly. A good place for a lunch -- I recommend that busy workers in the area pop in. Customers should stop by for a slice or two or choose chicken wings and a poutine if they wish. My family sampled everything on our visit.

A Four Seasons pizza with spinach, mushrooms, onions and broccoli delighted. It was proclaimed our favorite. A Québécoise was absolutely loaded with pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms and extra cheese. The Napolitaine was sampled as a test of simplicity. Plain sauce and cheese with no toppings proved that pizzas are made just right here. The large Napolitaine disappeared as fast as you can say pronto. The traditional deluxe arrived with its usual toppings of green pepper, mushrooms, onion, bacon and pepperoni.

We liked the crust and regretted that we did not try the seafood pizza that is popular with customers. Next time. My daughter and her companion relished the poutine and my son exclaimed that the sauce was "awesome."

Our order of chicken wings was accompanied by a tasty dipping sauce and entirely devoured. Gulps of appropriate sodas helped us in our quest for a classic pizza experience.

There are great family deals here and the aforementioned two for one offering can't be beat. Where else can you order two large, three topping pizzas with four cans of Pepsi for $17.99 Cdn? If you decide to pick up this order you'll get six sodas. Now that's pizzazz!

Pizza Pronto is located at 3484, Sources Boulevard in Dollard Desormeaux. Telephone -421-7421 for fast and free delivery.