Why I Get Up At 4 AM Every Day

Posted 2.4.19
Dr. Sean Mahoney

HINESBURG, VT | I am asked almost daily, "What time do you get up in the morning?" When I answer 4 a.m,, most people tell me they could never do that. I didn’t always get up that early either. I used to be a 6 a.m. guy and would sleep in on the weekends.

What changed? About 7 years ago I wanted to finally write the book I had been carrying around in my head for so long and needed to find the time to get it done. Like most people, I felt like my time was 100 percent used up between my family, work and business, exercise and house chores.

Where would the extra time come from? The only answer was to create more time in the day. So I started getting up 30 minutes earlier each day until I got to 3:30 a.m. and stuck with that until I finished my first book. Since then, 4 a.m. is my sweet spot and it is easy to stick to once the habit is developed.

The amount of "work" I get done in those extra 2 hours every day is staggering. Do the math and you will find that this creates the equivalent of 17 40-hour workweeks each year. If you were to get up just one hour earlier it would add 8.5 full workweeks to your year.

What do I do with this time?

Some of it is invested in myself and that has paid the biggest dividends. Before anything else -- I mean no e-mail, social media, work to-do-lists -- I sit in a comfortable glider rocker and, with the house completely still, fire up my meditation app and spend the next 15-30 minutes in meditation. I will usually choose between guided meditations on gratitude, loving kindness, forgiveness, or happiness.

After this I start the coffee machine and then open a document on my laptop entitled; I am...

This is a very advanced goal-setting strategy that I learned from a business and life coach that is unlike any goal setting I had ever done (having been a student of setting goals since my early college years, I thought I was a master).

This document is about 40 pages long and details the many things I am intending to become, do and create in my life. These first two items of my early mornings are non-negotiable. I haven’t missed them once since I added them over 12 months ago.

After this I move into whatever I have on my priority list. I’m writing this piece on life productivity at 4:35 am along with a cup of awesome dark roast black coffee.

Do you want to completely change what you accomplish in the next 12 months? Maybe you want to learn a new language or start a business. You could teach yourself a new job or career skill -- Udemy is an amazing resource for inexpensive on-line courses in almost anything. You are limited only by your imagination.

I’m Dr Sean Mahoney, a 12th generation Vermonter making my home in the Burlington, VT area. I am a chiropractor with practices in Colchester, Williston, and Waitsfield and I write on health, human performance. and anti-aging.


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