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Frank Bernheisel
Frank Bernheisel
Posted 02.22.13
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About those Lawmakers' Workloads

The salary of a Member of the US House of Representatives starts at $174,000 and goes up based upon seniority and assignments. Oh, and it is adjusted for cost of living annually. This works out to $$14,500 per month.

In 2013, through the end of February, according to the House calendar: ( the House will have been in session with work scheduled for fourteen (14) days. So, for the work in the first two months of 2013, each member of the House will receive at least $1,035.71 per day for their work.

Looking at their work load for this week, where they are working five days, we find the schedule below. These all look like important items and a few even address the budget and Sequestration. However, many other issues such as guns, immigration, climate change, etc, seem to be missing -- maybe that is happening behind closed doors.

Be that as it may, I count 43 items that the 435 members were to address, most of which is done in committees. There are twenty standing committees and members are allowed to be on more than one.

I can see that they all are really busy and I am sure that the rest of their time is devoted to research on the issues.

Monday, February 11, 2013
Hearing: H.R. 273 --To eliminate the 2013 statutory pay adjustment for Federal employees

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Business Meeting: Oversight Plan for the 113th Congress

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Hearing: U.S. Direct Assistance in Afghanistan: Ensuring Transparency and Accountability
Business Meeting: Oversight plan of the Committee on Agriculture for the 113th Congress and other organizational matters
Hearing: Honoring the Commitment: Overcoming Barriers to Quality Mental Health Care for Veterans
Hearing: The Congressional Budget Office's Budget and Economic Outlook
Hearing: A New Perspective on Threats to the Homeland
Hearing: American Energy Outlook: Technology, Market, and Policy Drivers
Hearing: Impacts of a Continuing Resolution and Sequestration on Defense
Hearing: "The Future of the NLRB: What Noel Canning vs. NLRB Means for Workers, Employers and Unions"
Hearing: Influenza: Perspective on Current Season and Update on Preparedness
Hearing: Hearing entitled "Bailout, Bust, or Much Ado About Nothing?: A Look at the Federal Housing Administration's 2012 Actuarial Report"
Hearing: Satellite Video 101
Hearing: The Federal Role in America's Infrastructure
Hearing: State of the Small Business Economy
Hearing: Perspectives on the Future National Security Environment
Business Meeting: Committee Organization and Rules: Open in secure spaces, may close

Thursday, February 14, 2013 Happy Saint Valentine's dayt
Hearing: Oversight Hearing -- Embassy Security (Closed)
Hearing: Camp Announces Hearing on Tax Reform and Charitable Contributions
Hearing: Budget Hearing -- National Nuclear Security Administration Weapons Activities
Hearing: The Crisis in Mali: U.S. Interests and the International Response
Hearing: The State of Environment: Evaluating Progress and Priorities
Hearing: Increasing the Functionality of Post 9/11 GI Bill Claims Processing to Reduce Delays
Markup: Markup to adopt the Committee's Oversight Plan for the 113th Congress
Hearing: Oversight Hearing on "The Past, Present and Future of the Federal Helium Program" and Legislative Hearing on H.R. 527
Hearing: Advanced Cyber Threats Facing Our Nation -- Open
Hearing: Our Nation of Builders: Manufacturing in America
Hearing: Framework for Building Partnership Capacity Programs and Authorities to Meet 21st Century Challenges
Hearing: "Raising the Bar: How Education Innovation Can Improve Student Achievement"
Hearing: "Sequestration: Examining Employers' WARN Act Responsibilities"
Hearing: SGR: Data, Measures and Models Building a Future Medicare Physician Payment System
Business Meeting: Billions of Federal Tax Dollars Wasted Annually by New York's Medicaid Program
Hearing: Exploring GAO's High Risk List and Opportunities for Reform
Hearing: The Effects of Rising Energy Costs on American Families and Employers
Hearing: Unintended Consequences: Is Government Effectively Addressing the Unemployment Crisis?
Hearing: Applications for Information Technology Research and Development
Hearing: Oversight of the Committee on Rules for the 113th Congress

Friday, February 15, 2013
Hearing: Assessing DHS 10 Years Later: How Wisely is DHS Spending Taxpayer Dollars?
Hearing: The Role of the States in Protecting the Environment Under Current Law
Hearing: Operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the National Airspace System: Assessing Research and Development Efforts to Ensure Safety